Pacman - Solo

Entrance to Pacman

Otherwise known as the munch maze…

The Pacman Puzzle has a difficulty level of ‘omg this hurts’

This is a replica of the old style super original Pacman game, with a nasty twist, you cannot see where your char is in the maze and you cannot see where the ghosts are!

Thankfully, there is help! the rat catcher add on (see the introduction page for details) has a map of the puzzle that shows you which pellets you have picked up already. This is super handy for sorting out your route. The R in the bottom right corner is a button to reset the pellets after a failed attempt.. which you will have lots of to begin with, just keep at it 🙂

To the right is a map of the puzzle, with the routes of the ghosts drawn on, they will follow these routes when you activate the lamp in that corner.

So when you run over the lamp on the red spot, the ghosts will all move to the red corner and start running along the red line until the lamp burns out. Its the same for the blue, purple and yellow lamps, once you switch them on (by running over them) the ghosts will move to that corner and run along the line. When the lamp burns out, the ghosts will leave their path and start spreading out through the maze, so you want to be activating the second lamp just as the first burns out, this way you stay in control of where the ghosts are.

The trick, is not to be anywhere near the corner where the ghosts are following their path.

A map of the Pacman Puzzle with the Ghost routes drawn on

The route i use, is to semi-clear the blue corner first, then activate the blue lamp and go up to the red corner, clear that, activate the red lamp, then go to yellow corner, clear that and activate the yellow lamp, then purple corner, clear that and activate the purple lamp then finish off the blue corner and go for the middle to finish.

Here is the video of me doing that..

Obviously the quicker you are running the better! see the Toks Specs page for tips on running faster.

Here is the route on the map..

This is just one route.. there are many routes that will work! Use the route that you find easiest to remember.

Pacman Puzzle - Duo

In Pacman duo, its exactly the same puzzle but one player is in the maze collecting the pellets and hopefully avoiding the ghosts, while the other player is on a glass platform above the maze and is pulling levers that control the lamps that attract the ghosts.

In each corner of the glass platform is a lever that will activate the lamp directly underneath and make the ghosts run to the lamp and start running around following the line.

Because of this, you can have a lot more control of where the ghosts are in respect to the player.

So player 1 goes up to the glass platform, Player 2 goes down into the maze and starts at the green square.

Player 1 will have to pull the starting lever up top and then run straight to the first lamp lever at yellow.

Player 1 can pull the Yellow lever which allows Player 2 to clear all the pellets in the blue corner

Player 1 then pulls the purple lever while Player 2 clears all the pellets in the red corner

Player 1 then pulls the blue lever while Player 2 clears all the pellets in the yellow corner

Player 1 then pulls the red lever while Player 2 clears all the pellets in the purple corner and rushes to the exit.


I find the 2 player way much easier for the ’50 wins in a row cheevo’, Belch.
This cheevo is.. time consuming.. and probably heart attack inducing.. good luck!
When attempting this cheevo you will need to complete the munch maze 50 times in a row without any fails.. you will not be able to leave the instance at all between tries!
You can attempt to do this by yourself in solo mode, this is a more difficult way to do it, but at least no-one will hear you scream!
You can also train with a friend and get gud, this is likely your best bet.. just make sure its a very good friend!
If you are lucky you may find a pro runner who is willing to run the gauntlet for you while you just pull levers up top. This is still a co-ordinated effort and you will not be able to slack, those levers need to be pulled with accuracy! Most of the people who offer this service are very good at what they do and will ensure you get your cheevo. Be aware that this is a premium service with a premium price, be prepared to pay thousands of plat or a couple of rex.

If you would like to spend a couple of REX (price may vary) for someone to help you complete the 50 runs, contact Varuge@faeblight

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