Tok Chest Weekly

A list of locations for the shiny chest.
The chest will ALWAYS be inside the pyramid puzzle room, but it can be anywhere inside, on the ground floor, up in the traps, up on the platforms.. and, most shockingly, up above the cage on the the exit area!
In some of these pictures you can see the chest is lit up, this is because I have hovered my mouse over it to light it up so you can see it clearly.
Without mousing over, the chest is rather dull and inconspicuous, there are no sparkles like when shiny hunting 🙁
As you can see here…

The colours of the chest really blend in with the Pyramid room!

Resetting The Chest Location

If you have looked and looked and simply cannot find the chest then you CAN change its location. Going back up to Simons desk and pulling the lever to reset the puzzles will NOT change the location.. Instead you need to exit Toks completely and either wait 15 mins for auto-reset of the dungeon, or right click your portrait and select to reset the instance.

I often do this if I have spent more than 10 mins looking and cant find the chest, or even if I can see the chest up on the platforms and…. would prefer an easier location!

There are likely over 50 locations within the pyramid room that the chest could be hiding in!

You will end up picking up quite a few of these chests (remember you should be doing this weekly on as many alts as possible if you want those artifacts!) so its best if you split up the room in your mind and work through each area separately and always in the same order, so you know which areas you have already checked on that character.

Ffor instance, I would always.. go right upon entering, check all the walls, go up the stairs by the catapults and check the catapults, check the well, check the teleport area, use the teleport, check all the trap areas and look up at the platforms to see if its there, drop down and go check the tents and wagon, check all the left wall, check the bookshelves and lastly check the griffons.

By setting up a route like this I was able to find the chest on 7 chars in a row without getting stuck on which areas I had already checked! Obviously your own route is entirely up to you.

If you plan to do this quest with another player, once you find the chest and one player clicks it, it will disappear and you will need to reset the dungeon and find it again for the other player.

Below you will see screenshots of many of the chest locations, this is not a full list, but more of a hint to help you realise where you should be looking!

Oooo Shiny - Chest Locations

You will need to look down to see this one, on the right side wall near the small stairs, hidden behind the boxes and barrels.

Under the table in the corner, this is a nice easy one to see from far away.

Left side table top shelf in picture

Middle table, bottom shelf in picture.

Bottom shelf in the picture. lit up due to mouseover.

These shelves are along the long wall by the start of the first rope.. Make sure to check all the shelves, there are a few locations here.

You can view a lot of the platform locations from the trap areas, then decide if you want to go through the platforms to get there or if you would rather reset the chest location.

In the pile of rocks at the end of the tents.

This is one of the easier platform locations to get to.

Make sure to check..

..inside all the tents.

On top of the desk in the corner.

The chest is here a lot!

Hidden VERY well in the catapults.

In the planks of wood right at the entrance.. always check here first!

Under the table right next to the teleport button

Near the baskets by the teleport button

Under the ramp leading to the second rope trap, it can also be under the ramp to the first rope trap.

By the pillar and the sword rack on the right side wall.. There are many locations near pillars like this.

Tucked up against the bookcase

There are at least 3 locations around the well.

In the pile of gold up in the traps

Inside the wagon near the tents (at least 2 spots here)

At the end of the benches up in the traps, check all the benches!

Up against the pillars going all around the room

Many different locations up in the platforms, you can see most of the locations from the top area of traps (top of the second rope)

Above the exit cage, you need to climb up here without changing all the dice/numbers so the cage stays intact.
Thank you to Tenax for the picture.

Up on the last platform with the cage.
Thank you to Tenax for the picture.

On the large ‘C’ shaped platform at the top.
Thank you to Tenax for the picture.

Another location in the Catapults

Also, under the griffons, or nestled in the loop of their tails, check all the griffons 🙂

I would like to thank everyone who posted their locations to this forum thread to show us all the way at the start 🙂

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