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In TOKS you can find artifacts just like artifacts in the open world, beautiful shinies all around the dungeon ready to be picked up!

Pretty much every corner, corridor and puzzle has artifacts scattered about.

You should pick them AAAAALLL up! Each one will give you 3 notoriety with dead Simon just for picking it up!

Some of them will be pages towards your field guide, others will be rat parts and others will be from the 4 old school collector sets.

I have explained all these different types of artifacts below…

Rat Parts

Rat parts can be found by picking up normal shiny artifacts, but the main way to farm rat parts is by killing the rats!

About 2-5 minutes after entering Toks, rats will begin to appear scurrying about on the floor. You can easily target these rats using your macro, and figure out where they are with the add on (see the introduction page if you miss these)

If you have done every puzzle in Toks then you will have access to the entire dungeon and be able to kill every rat that pops.

There are a couple of rats that do unfortunately find themselves trapped in the walls, you will just have to ignore these.

When you first start killing the rats, they will drop artifacts that you need, just equip them til you finish the set. Once you start getting duplicates, you should keep these so you can hand them in to skeleton dude in the reception area. He will give you Tok tokens and notoriety for handing in artifacts! You can only hand in rat parts, there is no point keeping duplicates of any of the other types of artifacts unless you wish to sell them.

When your notoriety is just friendly with Dead Simon, you will only be able to hand in white artifacts, as you go up the ranks of notoriety, you will be able to hand in more of the different types.

Cheap/White/Common — Hand in 10 — 5 Tok Tokens — 25 notoriety
Reasonable/Green/Uncommon — Hand in 8 — 10 Tok Tokens — 50 notoriety
Valuable/Blue/Rare — Hand in 6 — 15 Tok Tokens — 100 notoriety
Treasured/Purple/Epic — Hand in 4 — 20 Tok Tokens — 200 notoriety
Precious/Orange/Relic — Hand in 2 — 25 Tok Tokens — 500 notoriety

As you can see, the relic artifacts are by far the better reward, but of course they are rarer to find than the others. You can see that there are different coloured rats running around Toks, each of the different colours drops different coloured artifacts, it is the lava rat at the end of this picture that will always give you a relic!

Of course, you should keep killing all the other rats too! Just let those artifacts pile up in your bags then go hand them in when you are ready. If you wish, you can save up hundreds of artifacts then use a token vial and a notoriety vial when you hand them all in. I did this myself with a transcendent vial and went from half way through Honored to the middle of Glorified in one big artifact hand in session 🙂

Killing the rats will also give you a little bit of rep and some Tok tokens at the time of killing, so its like a double reward 🙂

Old School Collector

This is a group of 4 artifact sets that can be picked up in Toks dungeon only.
Completing these 4 sets along with the rat parts set will award you a nice cheevo 🙂

The Field Guide

When you begin picking up the artifacts in Toks, you will notice some of them belong to the field guide set..

If you open up your character screen [c] , select ‘artifacts’ on the left hand side and then type ‘field guide’ into the search you can see all the field guide sets (make sure to have ‘all’ selected in the top right drop down menu)

Toks Field Guide – An Introduction
Toks Field Guide – Chapter 1
Toks Field Guide – Chapter 2
Toks Field Guide – Chapter 3
Toks Field Guide – Chapter 4
Toks Field Guide – Chapter 5
Toks Field Guide – Chapter 6
Toks Field Guide – Chapter 7
Toks Field Guide – Chapter 8
Toks Field Guide – Conclusion
Toks Field Guide – Post Script

These artifact sets work very differently to other artifact sets in game. You will start with only being able to pick up the introduction pages. Once you have finished that set AND handed it in (hand in to the normal artifact dude in Tempest Bay – /setwaypoint 12974 11525 – or your Home City), when you are back in Toks you will only be able to pick up the Chapter 1 pages. Completing chapter 1 allows you to collect for Chapter 2 and so on…

It is the last set, the Post Script, that rewards you with Toks field guide.
This special book will then allow you to start with the crafting section of Toks.

The first couple of sets are pretty easy to complete, with just whites and greens to find, a few hours of picking up artifacts from the ground in toks will complete each set.

When you get to around set 7 or 8 it will get much harder with blues and then purples in these sets, you will be very lucky indeed to find them on the ground!

Help is available tho.. for starters, you can BUY all the artifacts from whichever set you are on from skeleton dude..

White (common) Artifacts : 200 Tok Tokens
Green (uncommon) Artifacts : 1000 Tok Tokens
Blue (rare) Artifacts : 2000 Tok Tokens
Purple (epic) Artifacts : 5000 Tok Tokens
Orange (relic) Artifacts : 10,000 Tok Tokens

Obviously buying all the artifacts would get silly expensive. I recommend you at least spend a few days proper hunting before resorting to buying artifacts to finish off sets.. Keep in mind that you will need around 37,000 Tok Tokens spare if you want to do the full crafting..

You will also get these field guide artifacts from the Toks chest weekly. Make sure to open the chest on your main character so you are given the correct field guide pages!

Toks Chest

All of these different types of artifacts can be found inside Toks chest, the reward for the weekly quest to find Toks chest in the pyramid puzzle room. (please see the quests page for info)

The great thing about these chests is that they will always contain at least one relic/orange and one epic/purple artifact.. This is super useful for the last few chapters of the field guide.

All the artifacts from the chest are bound to account, so unfortunately you wont be able to sell on your duplicates (tho you can break them for ribbons or send them to alts)

Because they are bound to account, it means you can send artifacts FROM your alts too!
Using your main char, just buy a second Tok-Box and send it to an alt. Use that alt to do the Rat Maze, Sudoku, Mirror Maze and Pyramid Puzzle. Once that alt has completed those 4 puzzles, it will be able to pick up the weekly to find Toks chest. Once you have done the weekly quest, you can send the chest to your main for opening. You want to make sure you open the chest on your main so you get the correct chapter of field guide artifacts. Then you can use that alt to buy another Tok-Box and send that to another alt and repeat the process.

I had my main + 6 alts farming the Tok chest weekly each week!

If you start doing this, I recommend that you start off by saving up all the chests you find and only opening them when you are past chapter 7, then for each chapter after 7, spend some time farming in toks and filling up the set before opening some chests to see if you get lucky and complete. Don’t forget, it may be more beneficial to buy that last artifact for a set from the skeleton dude rather than open 50 more chests in the hope of getting it!

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