Tasuil Minion Card Chain

Tasuil Minion Card Chain

A hidden minion questline.

The Tasuil Minion card is earned after collecting a variety of other minions and then completing a long chain of minion missions..

To complete the minion quest chain you will need at least 3 minion card slots, tho it is much easier/quicker with more slots!

All of the missions are found in the 5/15 deck.
If you are using minion sender you dont really need to follow this guide.
Make sure you have an up to date version.
Collect all the cards needed (explained in step one and two below) and spam 5/15 for a few days. Towards the end of the chain while you are spamming minion sender you will notice it will leave some missions uncollected, just let it do this! Keep sending missions using your other slots and it will all complete once it has all the missions it needs to continue.
You will eventually loot Tasuil.

Step One

The first step is to acquire two minion cards..


You can buy the Una minion card directly from the Rift Store, you will find it under Pets > Minions.
You need Friendly Notoriety with the Onir to buy the card.
It costs 300 Void Stones.


Rirnef is earned from the storyline quest “Questionable Allegiance” from Finric in Port Scuddra, Tarken Glacier.
You will need to complete the Tarken Glacier storyline up to this point to receive the card. The first quest in the storyline can be picked up from the Tarken Ascent Portal.

Once you have Una and Rirnef in your deck you will get your first chain missions.
While you are spamming the 5/15 deck for all these missions, you should start farming the minion cards explained below in step 2.
Concentrate on levelling all the minions related to the chain!
Each card tells you which minion to use.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Una Tells You a Rumor
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Tasuil is missing.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Rirnef Searches Tarken Glacier.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Follow the Trail of Fate to Lord’s Hall
20 mins long.

cimmerion NA
waiting for this card

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Search for Dragon Tracks
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Plan a Dimensional Heist.
20 mins long.

Step Two

You now need to collect 6 more minion cards.

Once you have completed this small chain you will start to see ‘teaser missions’ for the other cards you now need to collect. You wont see the teasers for the cards you already own, only for the ones you still need to collect. These missions are not required to complete the chain, they are just gap fillers.

Recruit Ionraic with Amazing Artifacts
Craft a C1-0N3
Capture Pyrestorm With Tasty Tar
Gain Lil Reggie's Trust
Win Over Orlan
Make a Pact with Quaq

You will find the cards in special locations around the world. They are all tradeable, so you may find them on the auction house or can trade them with friends. Some of them are very common while others are not!
Pyrestorm, Orlan, Ionraic, Lil Reggie, Quaq and C1-0N3


The Pyrestorm minion card drops from the Pyrestorm rare in Goboro Reef.
You can find the rare at..
/setwaypoint 4581 7417
/setwaypoint 4128 7523
/setwaypoint 4370 7113
You can find a full guide to the
Goboro Reef rares here.


Quaq is a random loot drop from the Leviathan event in Tyrant’s Throne.
To pop this event you will need around 5-10 people to stand in Tyrant’s Throne for around 10 mins.
The event is easy enough as level 70 players.
The minion is a random drop that can be looted by multiple players from each event.


Orlan is found inside the Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight chronicle. He can be inside the chest (spawns randomly in various locations in the chronicle) or he can drop from the rare mob Blightbeard.


You will find Ionraic as a random drop from Instant Adventure Caches. He is a very common drop so you will likely find some in the Auction House, or even in your guild banks!

Lil Reggie

You will find Lil Reggie as a random drop from Nightmare Rift Caches (any rarity). He is a very common drop so you will likely find some in the Auction House, or even in your guild banks!


C1-0N3 is crafted by an apothecary. The mats are all easy to acquire NMT materials. You can buy the recipe in the Rift Store > Crafting > Apothecary.

Step Three

Level up your cards to level 10

You will now need to level up all of these cards to level 10.
The quickest way to level minions is to use the 1 min adventures and to match at least one stat to the card. Once your 6 special minions are out of stamina you can switch back to 5/15 to get the next set of missions.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Your Team is Assembled! Plan a Party.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Search for the Drowned Halls Sliver.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Case the Drowned Halls.
20 mins long.

2019-05-18 (8)

If you are using minion sender then you will notice your special 6 minions wont go below 5 stamina, this is because minion sender automatically reserves 5 stamina which will be needed for the chain quests later on. You will want to keep this switched on so you don’t get stuck with missions you cannot complete due to no stamina.

After these 3 quest missions you will then get more teaser missions for the 6 cards, encouraging you to keep levelling them to level 10.
You wont see the teasers for the cards already at level 10 or higher. These missions are not required to complete the chain, they are just gap fillers.

Pyrestorm Flies
Bombing Drills
C1-0N3 Drills in Doppleganging
Quaq Swims Laps

Step Four

One for each card.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Heist Team Manugo Party
20 mins long.

When all your special 6 minions are at level 10 you will get one more single chain mission called ‘Heist Team Manugo Party’ and then another 6 single missions, one for each card.
The 6 single cards didn’t start popping for me until Una and Rirnef were both level 10 too.
Make sure you always have at least 5 stamina on your special 6 so that you can complete the missions when they pop. Minion sender will automatically reserve this stamina for you.
I got the Pryestorm card quickly, then the other 5 cards were very very slow, days of spamming 5/15 missions.. I tried using Una and Rirnef as attractor minions, this seemed to work for the C1-0N3 card, but not for any of the others. The last 3 cards all popped while i was specifically avoiding the minions related to this chain. Having spoken to other people, it seems everyone gets ‘stuck’ waiting for at least one of the missions for a few days and then the rest of the missions will come quite quickly after. So if you find yourself stuck for a few days, don’t give up!

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Pryestorm Detonates
Outer Door
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
C1-0N3 Mimics Tidelords Managers.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Lil Reggie Keeps to the Shadows.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Orlan Clogs Corridors with Kelp.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Quaq Swims Through Aqueducts
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Ionraic Goes for the Big Sale
20 mins long.

Step Five

Sets of three.

You will now get 3 sets of 3 missions.
This is the point where you will need to have at least 3 minion slots.
A mission will appear asking to be completed with a specific minion, send that card out but DON’T collect it when it has finished, instead keep spamming the 5/15 deck until you find the pair for this first mission, you can see by the titles that they are paired to each other. When both missions are ‘active’ (either running or finished but not collected) a third ‘finisher’ mission with then appear in your deck, complete this mission to finish the set of 3. You can collect all 3 missions and start hunting for the next set.
Minion sender: If you are using minion sender then you can just spam 5/15 missions without worrying, it knows which cards to keep active and which to collect, just let it do its job!

If you accidentally claim one of these missions don’t worry, just keep spamming 5/15s and they will come up again.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Quaq Cuts Hydraulics while C1-0N3 Impersonates.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
C1-0N3 Impersonates Hydriss while Quaq Cuts Hydraulics.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Guards Tricked Into Dungeon, Door Sealed.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Lil Reggie Lurks in Shadows while Pyrestorm Distracts.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Pyrestorm Explodes a Distraction while Lil Reggie Lurks.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Explosions Cleared the Corridors while Reggie Sulked.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Orlan Lifts Portcullis while Ionraic Cracks the Vault.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Ionraic Cracks the Vault while Orlan Lifts Portcullis.
20 mins long.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Vault Lock Opened, Inner Doors Lifted.
20 mins long.

Loot Tasuil!

Find the mission that rewards Tasuil.

Found in 5/15 Deck.
Rescue Tasuil, Dragon of Telara.
20 mins long.

The last mission in the chain may take over 50 missions before it pops.
At this point you can go back to your normal spamming of 5/15s as there is nothing special that you need to do to get the mission, it just takes time.

1st run : 26 cards
2nd run : 38 cards

All Finished!

Looting Tasuil completes the chain.
However, the chain will now repeat again and again. (With no new loot at the end and you won’t get another minion card.)
If you use minion sender then you will probably not even notice it repeating.
If you manually send your minions then you will need to ensure you always have enough stanima on these named cards to complete the chain, or you will find yourself ‘stuck’ unable to progress.