A guide for the Autumn Harvest Weekly and Daily Quests

Do the Weekly Quest on as many alts as possible!
You can then do easy dailies on alts and trade the Ambersap between your alts and main characters.
Quests are picked up in Sanctum or Meridian..

Questgivers in Sanctum
Questgivers in Meridian

In this area you will find questgivers that hand out the weekly and some dailies.
You will also find a variety of Vendors, most of them sell the same items as you will find in the Autumn Harvest section of the Rift Store.
The Mount Vendor is the exception, The mounts found on the Sote are credit only account wide unlocks. The mounts found on the Vendor in your home city are single character mount available to buy with signets. You can see these on the shopping page

If you cant see the questgivers!!! Just move closer to where they are shown on the pictures above. Due to peeps gathering near the questgivers for pinata popping, and that each artifact they drop counts as an entity, the NPCs are regularly disappearing in favor of rendoring players and artifacts. This is shown clearly in this video!

Autumn Harvest Weekly Quest

Fright Night

Awards 7 Autumn Harvest signets!
This quest is picked up weekly from Rollo in ..
Sanctum : /setwaypoint 7420 3106
Meridian : /setwaypoint 6193 5183
The weekly will reset on a Thursday at 15:30 server time during the event.
You will be able to pick up the weekly 3 times during the event, giving a total of 21 signets.

The weekly quest requires you to complete 20 instant adventures in Gloamwood.
The Gloamwood Autumn Harvest instant adventures are a lot of fun 🙂 Silly bosses dressed up perfectly for Halloween and some very silly quests to complete! There is also a chance for random Halloween costume items to drop.

To join the adventure, press [.] or go to activities > instant adventure in your game menu.
Then select the Featured: Spooky Adventures in Gloamwood.
On PRIME  Shard you will need to speak to the NPC near the questgiver with the ‘Autumn Adeventures’ guild tag to join the instant adventures.

Join in with the questing til you have 20 adventure quests completed and then right click your char portrait to leave the group and go back to your home city to hand in the quest.

Autumn Harvest Daily Quests

Pumpkin Patching

Awards 25 autumn harvest ambersap.
This quest is picked up from…
Meridian: Jhonen – /setwaypoint 6200 5181 
Sanctum: Jhonen – /setwaypoint 7416 3099

Then you will need to travel into Freemarch or Silverwood to gather pumpkins.
If you open up your map you will see yellow quest circles/dots that show you the location of the pumpkin patches.


When you reach these spots, pick up 6 pumpkins off the ground.. During busy hours you may need to switch shards or try one of the other locations.

When you have 6, go back to your home city to place the pumpkins on the piles.

You will have the ‘Pumpkin’ ability on your quest sticky.

I recommend you drag this ability to your cast bar for ease of use.

Find a pile of pumpkins and use the ability to place your pumpkins on the pile, you need to stand quite close to it!

Once you have placed 6 pumpkins the quest will auto-complete.

Autumncap Haul

Awards 25 Autumn Harvest Ambersap.
This quest is picked up from Rollo in ..
Sanctum : /setwaypoint 7420 3106
Meridian : /setwaypoint 6193 5183

Collect 8 autumncap fungi.
Autumncap fungi can be found in all Mathosian zones except iron pine peak and stillmoor. They show up as a very sparkly fungi on trees and rocks.
Some good places to farm include..

The palm trees all around fortunes shore in Shimmersand
The rocks and trees in Riptalon Gulch in Shimmersand
In Stonefield Prairie in Stonefield
All along Silkweb Pass in Gloamwood

When you have collected 8 of them, go back to your main city to hand the quest in.

When you hand the quest in you will be rewarded with an ‘Autumnal Pinata’.
The Pinata is an item that you use in open world to drop a Killable Pinata.

Right click the Pinata in your bag, this brings up the hand symbol. Move your mouse to a spot on the ground near your character and place the Pinata down.
Be sure to do this when there are other players around! The areas in Meridian/Sanctum near the event questgivers are a good spot to pop your Pinata!

There are a lot of artifacts! You will generally be able to pick up only 3 or 4 before they disappear. You will also receive one artifact in your rift loot bag when the Pinata pops near you.

Hand of the Harvest

This quest is currently auto-completing – 20th October 2018
It seems to be auto-completing only on the NA shards.

Awards 25 autumn harvest ambersap
This quest is picked up from Atrophinius in the autumn harvest instance

Help Atrophinius’ Minions 0/15
Inside the quest instance are 4 different ‘tasks’ you can complete that count towards this quest
This quest goes much FASTER IF YOU GROUP UP!!! Invite other people in the instance who you see are trying to complete it too and you will all get credit for each action as long as you are in line of sight.
You can pick and choose which tasks you wish to use to credit your quest, you can do a variety of them, or just repeat one over and over.

Once you have credited the quest 15 times the quest will auto-complete.

Task 1 - Kill Frostjacks

The Frostjacks always spawn in the same spot between Atrophinius and the exit portal. When they spawn they will begin to attack anything that is near them including the NPCs.
Killing all 3 of the Frostjacks (you can kill them with one hit at level 70! They have 6k health) will award you 5 points towards your quest, so make sure to kill them if they are up!
The Frostjacks will also occasionally turn you into a snowman if you dont kill them.

Task 2 - Killing Summer Ravagers

The summer ravagers spawn at either end of the instance and then run to the other end, they are very quick!
They spawn as a large group so the best way of killing them is to throw AOE at them.
You will get 1 point towards the quest for each ravager that dies.
Tthey spawn randomly, so you may not get lucky enough to have them up while you are trying to do the quest.
If you happen to see them while you are on the quest, kill them!

Task 3 - Pulling up Liferoots

Liferoots can be found all along the hedgerows.

You pick them up one by one and each one counts as 1 point towards the quest. They do respawn on their own eventually (the rooter boars running around the instance dig them up), but you can help them along by laying ground AOE around the hedges
the aoe’s that will work include…
ROGUES: can use any damaging torrent from tactition, or ‘rain of arrows’ from ranger
WARRIORS: can use ‘mighty blow’ or ‘cornered beast’ from champion soul
CLERICS: can use ‘strike of the maelstrom’ from shaman soul
MAGES: can use ‘burning ground’ from elementalist
PRIMALISTS: can use legendary ‘raze’ from predator soul or ‘icy cleave’ from berserker

Task 4 - Kicking Compost Crawlers back into their den

This is the slowest and most painful way to credit your quest
crawling around the instance are ‘compost crawlers’. when you get close to one, you will gain a reactive that will allow you to ‘kick’ the crawler back to its den (the den is the small cave shown in the picture to the right)

This takes a lot of time and is much more ‘luck’ than ‘skill’ based.. The crawlers will often miss or overshoot the target, will get stuck on the various logs/fences/hedges, and of course will randomly just walk in the wrong direction making life more difficult for you!

Getting a compost crawler into the den will credit 3 points.
If you find you are killing the crawlers rather than kicking them (!!!) it is likely to be an issue with an equipped item that has a proc to deal damage when you cast a spell/ability, check your eternal weapons, trinkets, essences etc!

The Rift Closing Quest

Awards 25 autumn harvest ambersap.
This quest is picked up from Atrophinius in…
Meridian: /setwaypoint 6202 5183
Sanctum: /setwaypoint 

Close rifts of a certain element 0/2
This quest has a different title depending on the element of rift required to close (frost warning for air, irrigation regulation for water etc..)
Simply go out into the open world and close rifts of the correct element that grant XP, mentor down for lower zones!