Hunt 1

During Phase 1 of the event, you can pick up the 3 ‘Hunt 1’ Scavenger hunts as well as the ‘Capture them all‘ quest. During Phase 2 there will be another 3 Scavenger hunts to pick up, Hunt 2.

The scavenger hunts are split into sections for each continent/expansion the hunt is in.
Currently there are 3 zoned scavenger hunts; Mathosian, Empyrean and Planar (Nightmare Tide).

Each complete scavenger hunt is a series of quests/challenges in different zones. You will receive 1 summerfest friendship bracelet and 100 merit badges when you have completed each full scavenger hunt. You will also get a summerfest party basket from the Mathosian and Planar hunts.

The scavenger hunts that you pick up in the main cities are like ‘meta quests’. Once you pick them up you will then have to go to each individual zone to pick up the zone quest. The meta quests are picked up up in Meridian/Sanctum, Tempest Bay and Margle Palace (info on the main page of summerfest guide).

NOTE: These pages are very long with lots of information.. If you need a particular quest you can use the links to each zone in the Quick Guide or use [CTRL+F] and type in the quest/zone you need to search for it.

Quick Guide

This quick guide is just to refresh your memory and provide locations for those of you who know what the quest is all about.
You can click the name of the zone or just scroll down for the detailed guide if you need a little more explanation or more waypoints!!

FreemarchPucker up – Jacob is at /setwaypoint 7041 5340
SilverwoodHylas needs a hug – Hylas is at /setwaypoint 6587 2490
StonefieldTroll Treasure – Behind ‘Thingars’ tent at /setwaypoint 5586 4667
Gloamwood Find the tree of wisdom in Gloamwood – The tree is in the standing stones area – Locations include… – /setwaypoint 5023 2711 – /setwaypoint 4964 2700 – /setwaypoint 4929 2725
Scarlet Gorge Human barrel ride – Jump over the edge hitting as many of the gold rings as possible on the way down.
Scarwood Reach Plant trees in Scarwood Reach – Area just to the west of Keenblade Mill – You can also look along the path to the south of this area.
Moonshade HighlandsSwim with the fishes – Swim through all the underwater rings without coming up for air.
Droughtlands Creepy crawlies – Get inside the underground caves – Head to /setwaypoint 8263 7154
Iron Pine PeakThe missing mountaineer – /setwaypoint 3369 1454
ShimmersandDeliver ice cream in Shimmersand – Shimmersand at /setwaypoint 7701 7641
StillmoorTake a lap around Stillmoor – Ride a full lap around Stillmoor.

Cape Jule I’m falling for Jule – Green rings on the waterfalls which you need to jump through.
City Core Smarter than the average bogling – 1 – /setwaypoint 7293 8447 – 2 – /setwaypoint 7386 8397 – 3 – /setwaypoint 7383 8457 – 4 – /setwaypoint 7268 8466 – 5 – /setwaypoint 7254 8433
Eastern Holdings A simple bean – Some locations are.. 1 – /setwaypoint 8042 8444 – 2 – /setwaypoint 8713 7547 – 3 – /setwaypoint 7865 9630 – 4 – /setwaypoint 7785 7396 – 5 – /setwaypoint 9491 8423
Kingsward A game of chicken – /setwaypoint 5558 8255 + /setwaypoint 4751 9104
Ardent Domain Fire in the sky – 1 – /setwaypoint 5619 9393 (right next to the quest giver) – 2 – /setwaypoint 5268 9594 (on the bridge) – 3 – /setwaypoint 5997 10411 – 4 – /setwaypoint 5284 10281 (at the very top) – 5 – /setwaypoint 4824 9744 (on top of the dome) – 6 – /setwaypoint 6120 9123 (on the slanted roof)
Ashora Chasing the rainbow – Treasure chest near water in Ashora – /setwaypoint 4535 6071 + /setwaypoint 2115 6014 + /setwaypoint 2050 7210 + /setwaypoint 2294 8641 + /setwaypoint 2978 7173 + /setwaypoint 3067 7284 + /setwaypoint 3521 6713 + /setwaypoint 3860 8253 + /setwaypoint 4042 8075 + /setwaypoint 2296 7514
The Dendrome Grill master – Craft 12 hot dogs + 6 steak kabobs + 10 crystalfish burgers
Kingdom of Pelladane Talk yourself horse – /setwaypoint 7530 4874 + /setwaypoint 7764 5392 + /setwaypoint 7780 5248 + /setwaypoint 7644 5226
SeratosSkull rain – Collect a mystic skull – /setwaypoint 11642 6061
Morban Danse macabre – Find a group of dancing dead guys – /setwaypoint 12894 6769 + /setwaypoint 13511 6516 + /setwaypoint 13062 6437 + /setwaypoint 12549 6998
Steppes of Infinity Super charger – Collect a positive and negative charge – Locations include.. – /setwaypoint 15649 7740 + /setwaypoint 16175 7184 + /setwaypoint 16467 8544 + /setwaypoint 16874 6507 + /setwaypoint 14702 8307 + /setwaypoint 16505 5881 + /setwaypoint 17004 8355 + /setwaypoint 17246 7533

Goboro Reef Sausage party – Kill a big shark then use some ingredients to craft sausages! – Try to find him all along the path at around /setwaypoint 3451 5430
Draumheim Endless summer – Find a hidden beach party – /setwaypoint 6054 6875 + /setwaypoint 6286 6746 + /setwaypoint 6388 7234
Tarken Glacier Stay frosty – Find a hut = /setwaypoint 5859 2561 + /setwaypoint 3859 2874

The Great Mathosian Scavenger Hunt Part 1

11 Challenges to complete in Mathosian zones.

First pick up the meta quest from…

Meridian – Sylver Valis: /setwaypoint 6194 5189

Sanctum – Shyla Starhearth: /setwaypoint 7417 3122


Pucker up

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6444 4638

Go to /setwaypoint 7041 5340
Jakub is in the cave under the little hill, drop down into Smiths Haven and then enter the cave.

Select Jakub and type /kiss in the chat.

Wait about 10 seconds for his ‘reaction’!

You will be turned into a skeleton! You can remove the transmorge by right clicking the blue debuff that is counting down, otherwise the effect will last 30secs then drop off by itself.


Hylas needs a hug.

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6643 2840

Go to /setwaypoint 6587 2490

Target Hylas and type /hug in the chat.

You need to move quite close to Hylas, like you are actually hugging him! If you are close enough then he will start talking in white /say chat..

Wait about 10 seconds for the quest to tick off.
The quest completion is not shared.. everyone in group will have to hug Hylas.

Note: If Hylas isn’t there, it’s likely someone else just hugged him, you can wait a few seconds for respawn, or switch shards.


Troll Treasure

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4513 5074

The treasure is located behind ‘Thingars’ tent at /setwaypoint 5586 4667

The quest completion is shared if you are grouped up.


Find the tree of wisdom in Gloamwood

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4073 2769

The tree is in the Standing Stones area of Gloamwood. It is a large tree, different to all other trees in the area.. mousing over the tree will make the tree light up slightly and your mouse cursor will turn into a hand.

Locations include…
/setwaypoint 5023 2711
/setwaypoint 4964 2700
/setwaypoint 4929 2725
The tree appears to be up all the time on each shard, but changes location when someone clicks it.
It is always around the Standing Stones area.
The quest completion is shared if you are grouped up.

Scarlet Gorge

Human barrel ride

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 3748 2691
He is right at the top of the cliff face, so take the Riverfell portal to get to him

Jump over the edge hitting as many of the gold rings as possible on the way down. If you don’t get 10 in your first try (super grats if you do!) then go back up one level and keep jumping through the last ring repeatedly til you finish your 10.

The last gold ring at /setwaypoint 3822 2799 is very easy to repeat to get 10.

The rings are shared within a group if you are within line of sight, so if you are going down as a pair or more, go slow and jump together.

You can also drop down near the lover’s leap location /setwaypoint 3683 2709, this is a straight drop all the way to the bottom and it is very hard to get all ten rings at once!

Scarwood Reach

Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 3460 3891

For this quest you are given a reactive ability.

Go to the area just to the west of Keenblade Mill.
You can also look along the path to the south of this area.

Here you will find tree stumps with mushrooms growing out of them..

Go near the tree stump and use your reactive, your reactive will light up when you are close enough, a pretty tree will grow where the tree stump was.. If you are stood very close to the tree stump then the game may port you away a few meters to make room for the tree!

Specific locations include..

/setwaypoint 3767 3811
/setwaypoint 3722 3924
/setwaypoint 3722 3900
/setwaypoint 3796 4087
/setwaypoint 3705 4120

The shared credit for this quest is a little odd, in a group of 2 you will get 2 credits each for each single click.. so group up if you can!

Moonshade Highlands

Swim with the fishes

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6531 1586

The aim of this quest is to swim through all the underwater rings without coming up for air. When you pass through a ring it will disappear and the next ring will appear a short distance ahead of you, if you cant see it, check behind you to make sure it registered when you went through the last ring. There are a few rings that are very close to the top of the water so be extra careful to stay underwater with those ones.

Doing this quest with an underwater mount may seem faster, but you will be more likely to have the ring not register your character when you pass through as you will be going much too quickly.
It is best to swim unmounted, pause for a few seconds inside each of the rings till it disappears, this shows that it has registered your presence!
Don’t rush it, you have plenty of time to complete the quest.


Creepy Crawlies

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 7448 6224

There are two entrances to get inside the underground caves, /setwaypoint 8293 7216 and /setwaypoint 8149 7199
Once underground, head to the larger cavern at /setwaypoint 8263 7154 and find a sparkly larvae pile, there are a few locations for the larvae scattered around this cave or through the tunnels.
Don’t forget you can switch shard if you are having difficulty finding one!

Iron Pine Peak

The Missing Mountaineer

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 3790 1861

You will find the mountaineer at /setwaypoint 3369 1454


Deliver ice cream in Shimmersand

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4490 1699
Next to the Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak.

This is a timed quest with 8 mins to complete. It starts in Iron Pine Peak and finishes in Shimmersand. You are allowed to take portals and mount up… you can also get a friend to summon you to the correct location!
This quest begins in Iron Pine Peak near the Chancel of Labors at /setwaypoint 4489 1701.
When you pick up the quest you will get a pretty pink circle all around you and a debuff to tell you are carrying melting ice-cream!
You can see how much time you have left to complete the quest on your quest sticky.

It finishes in Shimmersand at /setwaypoint 7701 7641

When you pick up the quest in IPP, take the Chancel of Labors portal to the Fortunes Shore portal in Shimmersand and then mount up and race to the finish.

There are a few different routes to get to the finishing point..

Once there, speak to Zerato the ice-cream lover, he will take the ice-cream off your hands and complete your quest.


Take a lap around Stillmoor

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 2254 3020

For this quest you need to ride a full lap around Stillmoor.

You can open up your in game map to see the route. When you go to the waypoint on the map the next waypoint will appear, there are 4 waypoints in total that take you all around the Stillmoor map and then bring you back to near the starting position.
There is no timer for this quest.

The Great Empyrean Scavenger Hunt Part 1

11 Challenges to complete in Storm Legion zones.

First pick up this meta quest from Tempest Bay near the plaza portal
at /setwaypoint 13015 11590 – on top of the pillar! You can reach the NPC from the ground, no climbing involved.

Cape Jule

I'm falling for Jule

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 7487 11579

In the Mephitis Bog area of Cape Jule there are loads of small waterfalls.
When stood at the top of these waterfalls looking down you will see green rings which you need to jump through.

Green rings will give you 5 points towards the quest. Reach a total of 20 points to complete the quest. The rings will disappear for about 1 min after you have jumped through them, so either wait for respawn or switch shard and do the same ring 4 times, or find 4 different rings.

The clear/white rings are for a separate zone cheevo, they wont count for this quest.

There is a ring right next to the quest giver, other locations include..
/setwaypoint 7691 11291
/setwaypoint 7979 11319
/setwaypoint 7726 11664

City Core

Smarter than the average bogling

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6663 9449

Go to the bogling village at around /setwaypoint 7291 8427
There you will find lots of little bogling huts.

Inside one of these huts will be a small picnic basket for you to pick up. Just keep checking all the houses and switching shards til you find one and pick it up.

Known locations are… (there are more in the other huts).

1 – /setwaypoint 7293 8447
2 – /setwaypoint 7386 8397
3 – /setwaypoint 7383 8457
4 – /setwaypoint 7268 8466
5 – /setwaypoint 7254 8433

Eastern Holdings

A simple bean.

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 8542 9510
On the hillside, not inside the cave.

Around the zone are small mounds of toxic soil.

some locations are..
1 – /setwaypoint 8042 8444
2 – /setwaypoint 8713 7547
3 – /setwaypoint 7865 9630
4 – /setwaypoint 7785 7396
5 – /setwaypoint 9491 8423

When you plant the bean a beanstalk will grow. When it has fully grown you can climb it to collect a few artifacts, don’t forget to check for twisted artifacts too!


A game of chicken.

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4687 8502
Right next to the Academy portal.

There are 4 main locations for this quest.
(1) /setwaypoint 5558 8255 – among some rocks near the Armory portal.
(2) /setwaypoint 4751 9104 – up against the walls in the Menagerie.
(3) /setwaypoint 6870 7763
(4) /setwaypoint 6053 7905 – up against the walls of the armory

The locations each have 4-5 birds nests, some of these will be empty, some will have feral cockatrice birds nesting inside them.
You need to target the cockatrice birds and emote them with /chicken (just type /chicken into your chat bar).

This will make the bird run away and leave an egg for you to pick up.
Do this 6 times and pick up 6 eggs to complete the quest.
Don’t forget you can switch shards to find the birds if all the nests on your shard are empty.

Ardent Domain

Fire in the sky.

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 5626 9438
Near the Turnis River Bunker portal

You need to find 6 glowing blue orbs around Ardent Domain and right click them to set off fireworks!

Locations include…

1 – /setwaypoint 5619 9393 (right next to the quest giver)
2 – /setwaypoint 5268 9594 (on the bridge)
3 – /setwaypoint 5997 10411
4 – /setwaypoint 5284 10281 (at the very top)
5 – /setwaypoint 4824 9744 (on top of the dome)
6 – /setwaypoint 6120 9123 (on the slanted roof) – thank you Chenics

Don’t forget to check all shards once you are at the location.


Chasing the rainbow.

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 3982 8288

You need to find a treasure chest near water in Ashora.
As Ashora is a desert there isn’t much water around!

The chest is reported to spawn at the following locations.
1 – /setwaypoint 4535 6071
2 – /setwaypoint 2115 6014 – on top of lilypad
3 – /setwaypoint 2050 7210
4 – /setwaypoint 2294 8641
5 – /setwaypoint 2978 7173
6 – /setwaypoint 3067 7284
7 – /setwaypoint 3521 6713
8 – /setwaypoint 3860 8253 – closest to questgiver
9 – /setwaypoint 4042 8075 – also close to questgiver
10 – /setwaypoint 2296 7514 – thank you nemesis prime

Don’t forget to check all shards once you are at the location.

Depending on your graphics settings, you may be able to see the rainbow above the chest..

The Dendrome

Grill Master

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4027 5491
Up the stairs/ramp inside the building.

Ingredients you will need are:

36 Lean Steak – These can be farmed from the Sicklehorns in Stonefield, just keep making a full circle around Far Mine Loop, killing all the Sicklehorns as you go and looting them. Switch shard when they are all dead! Use a character with the butchering skill to increase your loot (though you don’t need butchering to loot steak from the corpses)

10 Lesser Crystalfish — These are fished up from shallow waters in Gloamwood and Stonefield.

And a few cheap vendor mats — 12 sea salt, 12 ground spices, 16 mixed vegetables and 10 dough

If you already have the completed food in your bags then the quest will autocomplete as soon as you pick it up.

You need to craft..
12 hot dogs (survival level 45)
6 steak kabobs (survival level 60)
10 crystalfish burgers (survival level 50)
These are all cheap recipes available from the normal survival trainer.

If you havn’t levelled survival high enough to craft these then you can always buy the items from the auction house or trade with a friend. Survival is however one of the easiest and cheapest skills to level up!

Kingdom of Pelladane

Talk yourself horse

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 7816 5004

There are a few horsies around the Cirkbo Plains area, most of them are inside the barns. Talk to the horses (right click them) and eventually you will find one that talks back!

Locations for talking horses include:
1 – /setwaypoint 7530 4874
2 – /setwaypoint 7764 5392
3 – /setwaypoint 7780 5248
4 – /setwaypoint 7644 5226

If there isn’t a talking horse at the barn you visit, first check all the shards, then check another spot and check all the shards there too, bear in mind there will be lots of ‘non-talking’ horses who will simply reply with ‘neigh?’ to you.
There will only be one talking horse up at a time on each shard, once that horse is found by a player it will disappear and  respawn in another location.


Skull Rain

Quest giver is on top of the hill at /setwaypoint 11505 4447

You need to collect a mystic skull.
Take the portal to go to the Puss Swamp
Go to the area around /setwaypoint 11642 6061
Around the lake are floating white orbs called stormsparks..

When you kill and loot the stormspark you will receive a static charge.

The static charge will go straight into your quest items loot bag, you need a static charge to be able to use the launch pads, you may need to kill 2 or 3 stormsparks before you loot a static charge.
Now you will need to find the launch-pad..

The launch pad location is

/setwaypoint 11642 6061

Clicking on the launch-pad will launch you into the air (be aware that it will take up to 20 secs between the click and the launch, so stay still and wait once you have clicked).

You will land on top of a mushroom or a rock where there may be a skull to pick up.

The launch-pad appears to have many different landing spots, so if you don’t find a skull on your first try, kill another stormspark and try the launch-pad again to land in a different spot. Maybe try 5 launches and then switch shard to try again.

If you find a skull at the landing spot then YOU NEED TO GRAB THE SKULL QUICKLY!!! as you will be ported back down to the launch pad location after 10-15secs.

There are some skull locations that can be jumped to without using the launch pad method..

you tube video by serpentine

you tube video by sabero12

These jumps will be much easier if you use the Opie or Jetpack mounts!

I prefer to skip the whole ‘jumping platforms’ entirely by looting the skull found at the Seratos puzzle. You need to have completed the Seratos puzzle beforehand (or at least the artifact set and book) to be able to get up to the puzzle (domino entrance is at /setwaypoint 11341 6190) the skull itself is on the rocks near the puzzle at /setwaypoint 11323 6214
I often leave an alt up there for a few days and teleport guildies/friends up to the location for an easy skull loot.


Danse Macabre

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 13985 6262
He does wander this area a little but not too far.

The aim of this quest is to find a group of dancing dead guys and have a dance along with them!
If you speak to the quest giver, he will give you a clue where to find the dancers..

If you reach the location too late, there will be a dead tired dancer there to give you hints about the dancers next location.

You may find that switching shards at this point will show the dancers at the same spot on a different shard.

Once you find a group, simply stand with them and type /dance in chat..

Locations include..

  1. /setwaypoint 12894 6769 – Dead Pass
  2. /setwaypoint 13062 6437 – Inside the Seviva Mansion
  3. /setwaypoint 12549 6998 – Ruined fort in Black Strand
  4. /setwaypoint 12993 6170 – Cemetery
  5. /setwaypoint 13511 6516 – Crossroads in Dead Pass

When you dance with the dancers, you will be turned into a skeleton dancer!

Steppes of Infinity

Super Charger

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 16617 5708
Near the Vengeful Sky Portal.

You need to collect a positive and negative charge, you will gain 2 reactives, one positive and one negative.

When you reach the location (List below), there will be a platform high up in the air. Right on top and in the middle of the platform is a small rod. The rod will be either Positive or Negative. Use the oppposing reactive to jump onto the platform and grab the rod.

To check which rod is up there you can try to mouseover it first, you will need to get high enough (climb a nearby rock or slope), to hover over the rod with your mouse, the mouseover will tell you if the rod is positive or negative. This will require some clever camera management to be able to hover over the rod, so just clicking each reactive in turn for a trial and error test can often be quicker.

If the rod is positive you should use the negative reactive, if the rod is negative then use the positive reactive.
You need to stand on the floor a small distance (5-15 metres) away from the platform and use your reactive.
When you hit the reactive it will shoot you up in the air, if you are positioned correctly then you will land on the platform, being too close or too far away will miss the platform, again trial and error is required here! If you use the wrong ability then you will be thrown backwards.

Try zooming in on your mini map and placing a waypoint where you are stood, then hit your reactive. If you miss the platform then go back to your waypoint and adjust your position accordingly, make a new waypoint and try again.

Credit is shared, so group up if you can!

If you have searched the whole map for one polarity and keep getting the wrong one then start collecting them anyway to clear the map and try to get the right one to spawn.

Locations include…

1 – /setwaypoint 15649 7740
2 – /setwaypoint 16156 7178
3 – /setwaypoint 16467 8544
4 – /setwaypoint 16874 6507
5 – /setwaypoint 14702 8307
6 – /setwaypoint 16505 5881
7 – /setwaypoint 17004 8355
8 – /setwaypoint 17246 7533

The Great Planar Scavenger Hunt Part 1

3 Challenges to complete in Nightmare Tide zones.

First pick up the meta quest from Margle Palace in Draumheim
at /setwaypoint 5723 5625

Goboro Reef

Sausage Party

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 3844 6512 – Ghar Station Mem

For this quest you need to kill a big shark then use some ingredients to craft sausages!

The ingredients you will need are:

60 Brisket – This is the meat that drops from animal mobs in plane of water zones – These can be farmed at /setwaypoint 5197 6573 near Ghar Station Rosh in Draumheim. Kill the ‘yellow’ dreambound livestock. Drop rate of brisket is very good and they respawn fast! A quick 5 min farm gave 38 brisket on a char with butchering maxed. So around 10 mins of farming for the 60 you will need.

30 Merpho – Common fish from shallow water in plane of water zones.

30 Zirthan Dreamleech – Common fish from deep water in plane of water zones.

You can find the shark patrolling around the Gyel Fortress area in Goboro Reef, use your target macro to find him.
/target shichirin
Try to find him all along the path at around /setwaypoint 3451 5430
He is generally more on the east side, so check there first.

Once you kill the shark, select his corpse and use the quest reactive.
If you find the shark and he is already dead you can still complete the quest, simply select him and use your quest reactive.

If you got the killing blow on the mob, when you craft the sausages your materials may not be lost, if however you come across his corpse (someone else killed him) and use the mats on that then you will usually lose the mats, but your quest will still complete.


Endless Summer

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6059 6567
Use the bouncer at Shadow Scion portal to get there quickly.

For this quest you need to find a hidden beach party!
Go to the Shadow Scion portal in Draumheim and use the bouncer to get up into the water above Draumheim.

Locations for the beach parties are:

/setwaypoint 6054 6875
/setwaypoint 6286 6746
/setwaypoint 6388 7234

Simply swim above the waypoint and drop down from the ocean. If the party isn’t there, don’t forget to check all the shards!

Tarken Glacier

Stay Frosty

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4210 4525

For this quest you need to find a hut that is (oddly) decorated for Christmas!
Locations are:
/setwaypoint 5859 2561 – on the east side of Tarken
/setwaypoint 3859 2874 – on the west side of Tarken
For these waypoints you need to drop down to the hut platform from above.
Sometimes the hut will be there but with no decorations, only when the hut is decorated will your quest complete.
Don’t forget to check all shards!
If there are no huts up on any shard then you can just go afk for 5-10 mins and then check them all again, otherwise come back later.

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