Cape Jule Cheevos

Cheevos found in H > Zones > Storm Legion > Cape Jule

Stalking The Jungle

You can find a full guide to Cape Jules Rares here.

Lake Loot

From each chest you will receive a little loot bag with around 1.5plat inside and a gear item worth around 1plat.

Chest of Nunmempeh – /setwaypoint 8027 10327
Chest of Littlebug – /setwaypoint 7081 10526
Chest of Pipsqueak – /setwaypoint 7393 10423
Chest of Feigs – /setwaypoint 6742 11573
Chest of Petals – /setwaypoint 7382 11467
Chest of Malcha – /setwaypoint 8155 11889
Chest of Peri – /setwaypoint 7793 12139

Chest of Nunmempeh
/setwaypoint 8027 10327
Go up the slope starting at /setwaypoint 8075 10431
You will find the chest tucked under a large root in the pool at the very top!

Chest of Littlebug
/setwaypoint 7081 10526
You can find this one at the very bottom of the lake tucked up against a root

Chest of Pipsqueak
/setwaypoint 7393 10423
Resting against the two rocks.

Chest of Feigs
/setwaypoint 6742 11573
In the shallow pool of water.

Chest of Petals
/setwaypoint 7382 11467
Down in the water under the waterfall.

Chest of Malcha
/setwaypoint 8155 11889
Tucked up against the wall in Tulan.

Chest of Peri
/setwaypoint 7793 12139
At the bottom of the pool of sulfur!

Splish Splash

All along the Malluma River are a series of waterfalls.
If you stand at the top of these waterfalls and look down them you should see a faint white circle.
There are 16 waterfalls with these circles on them, you need to find each one and fall through them.
You need to hit the circle on the jump down in order to tick of the cheevo. If you hit the circle correctly then it will disappear from that waterfall. Then at least you know which ones you have done!
It doesn’t matter which order you do them in.

To get to the waterfall numbered 1, climb up the hill/rocks at /setwaypoint 7486 11358 then up the rocks at /setwaypoint 7374 11407

All waypoints below are from the top of the waterfalls.

1. /setwaypoint 7354 11403
2. /setwaypoint 7371 11445
3. /setwaypoint 7488 11584
4. /setwaypoint 7593 11631
5. /setwaypoint 7654 11675
6. /setwaypoint 7726 11668
7. /setwaypoint 7850 11563
8. /setwaypoint 7965 11498
9. /setwaypoint 8109 11604
10. /setwaypoint 7498 11420
11. /setwaypoint 7687 11288
12. /setwaypoint 7780 11303
13. /setwaypoint 7862 11444
14. /setwaypoint 7863 11249
15. /setwaypoint 7977 11320
16. /setwaypoint 8060 11293

Splash or Splat

The TBTS is a broken roadway, there are parts of it all over Cape Jule.
To get up to the right section of the road, climb up the hill to /setwaypoint 7569 11975 and jump on!

Once you are up, travel all the way to the end of the road to
/setwaypoint 7599 11658

You will need to carefully make your way down to the end of the broken support structure.

Then walk off the end (no need to jump) towards the water below.

Three Lions

On one of the ships down in the docks of Tulan are 3 Lion heads. One at the front of the ship and one on each side. You need to climb up on top of the Lion heads to tick off the cheevo.

To get onto the ship, simply jump while mounted from /setwaypoint 8450 12185 (From the raised docks on the right or left side)

The First and the Third Lion are both very easy to get to.

The First Lion
/setwaypoint 8487 12147

The Third Lion
/setwaypoint 8458 12164

The Second lion requires some careful jumping!
If you fall into the water, you get back up from the back of the boat at /setwaypoint 8494 12226

HINT: You can use Opie/Jetpack to make this bit easier!

Start by jumping up the barrels at /setwaypoint 8463 12135
Then jump onto the rope above.
Carefully make your way to the top of the rope

From the top of the rope you need to jump onto the walls surrounding the ship then work your way up to the front.
Move to the front of the Lion at /setwaypoint 8436 12092

Thank you to Dave Johns on the forums for hints to help peeps who just cannot make the jump..

For the last lion climb the rope as per the video but do NOT try to jump for the wall. Continue climbing up the mast towards the crow’s nest, get as tight up under it as possible. it’s a series of small hops to get up there. Turn slightly to your left and you will see a small gap with the deck below, carefully walk of and you should land on the deck and be able to finish the cheevo.
I tried and tried jumping to the wall as the video shows and was nothing but frustration. Using the mast I did it second try.

Playing With Fire

You will find the Mad Arsonist in a little hut at
/setwaypoint 7822 10456

Accept the quest that he gives you and complete it.
The quest is called ‘Wind and Fire’.
You just have to target the Tempest Gales in the area and use the quest item on them.

Once you finish simply hand the quest in and the cheevo will pop.

Touch The Clouds

All around the Hiberna Rainforest are little frogs.
A good spot to start is /setwaypoint 7026 11215
You can find the frogs with a target macro
target frog
When you have one targeted you need to walk up very close to it and /lick

On the first lick you will automatically be put on the quest
‘Lick Froggy, Get Dizzy’
You will need to /lick 7 more frogs to complete the quest.
As you lick the frogs your character will get more and more ‘high’
On the 8th lick.. you will get very high!

While you have the debuff from licking the frog active you will be able to see the position of the next frog marked by a blue beam of light.
You can also just spam your target macro to find them all.
Or switch shards to lick the same frog again!

Put Them Out of Their Misery

Start at Sanco Outpost portal and go through to the Agrippa Rainforest, go round the circle killing all the mobs that count towards the cheevo..

Twisted Vhar
Hulking Mutation
Twisted Rhino

Switch shard when you run out of mobs!

You can use riding chaps and insoles to reduce your travelling times.

Tempest in a Teacup

You will get this cheevo during the Cape Jule questline

Crawling the Cape

1. Felfathom Cays
2. Kelrath Peninsula
3. Mephitis Bog
4. Daemon Loci
5. Malluma River
6. Malluma Basin
7. Scoria Pit
8. Hiberna Rain forest
9. Anima Loci
10. Agrippa Rainforest
11. Cambium Loci
12. Edgestone Ridge
13. Cliffside Vale
14. Tulan Bay

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