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Chain of Command

You can find a full guide to the Pelladane rares here.

Paratroop Without a Chute

In the Ruins of Tammark, climb on top of the buildings starting at /setwaypoint 8191 5443
Jump off while mounted from the small rectangular roof section at
/setwaypoint 8146 5495

The High Ground

Start by going to the very edge of the camp in Glacio Mountains at
[1] /setwaypoint 7307 4301
Drop down and back up again til you reach the grassy patch at
[2] /setwaypoint 7193 4270
Climb up and to the north til you reach the dip at
[3] /setwaypoint 7230 4146
(Picture taken from this spot)

Follow the hill crest on the left side till you reach
[4] /setwaypoint 7328 4150
From here take a sharp left up the rock and then a sharp right at the top and follow the crest again (as shown in the pic above)
You will pop the cheevo just at the end of this rock
[5] /setwaypoint 7377 4152

I Don't get the Point

For this cheevo you need to reach the tip of a very pointy rock!
You will need to climb up one of the broken roads and then jump onto the rock.
Go to /setwaypoint 7668 4654
Jump onto the roof of the building and then onto the broken road.
Travel along the road heading west towards the rock.

From the end of this road you can see the pointy rock just below you.
You need to carefully jump off the road onto the rock.
Position yourself right at the end of the metal support beam on the right.
You should aim for a spot about halfway up the top section of the rock, not the very top!
This will give you a good landing area and then you can just walk up to the top once you are there.

You may find using a slower mount will help you land correctly.
I ended up using a 90% speed mount and then just ‘walking off’ while mounted rather than jumping.
Also make sure you are pressing ‘back’ when you land, to avoid going forward as you land or even bouncing.


I started off recording this cheevo by tagging the scarecrows one by one and detailing each co-ordinate…
But then i realised that if you switch shard you can tag the same scarecrow multiple times.. 
So its unlikely you will find this cheevo much of a challenge!
You will find the scarecrows in the ploughed fields in the middle of the zone.
As a starting point, you can find the first one at
/setwaypoint 7791 5278
You need to be touching the scarecrow for it to tick off your list, you will see it ‘activate’ when green smoke appears at its base.
Then you can switch shard to tag that one multiple times then go find the next in the next field.

Playing Sheep Dog

For this cheevo you need to complete a quest to collect 10 lost sheep. You need to collect all 10 at once to pop the cheevo. You will also receive a ‘sheep dropping’. These are used to access the City Core puzzle.

Head over to pelladane to /setwaypoint 7831 5377
Here you will find a poor farmer who has lost all his sheep! He has a daily quest for you to collect up his lost sheep.
Unlike most daily quests you don’t need to finish the storyline in Pelladane before you can pick it up, so don’t worry if you havn’t done the quest line here yet.
When you pick up the quest you will be given a reactive called ‘Shepard’s Collar..

I recommend you drag this reactive down to your cast bar where it will be easily accessible.
Also, make yourself a very simple macro /target lost

To get the cheevo and a sheeps dropping you will need to complete the quest in one go, meaning you will need to find all 10 lambs and bring them all back in one go. You need to do this quickly as you can only have a lamb following you for a few minutes. You CANNOT change shard while collecting lambs, you will lose all your lambs when you switch. When you have 10 lambs you hand in the quest AT THE BARN not at the questgiver! The barn is at /setwaypoint 7771 5396 (marked on your map just outside the area where you collect the sheep) it will help to waypoint this before you start. You will not be dismounted while casting the ‘shepard’s collar’ ability, so stay mounted up if you can 🙂

Mount up!!! use you target macro to target the nearest lamb, ride over to it, use the ability, target the next one, go to it, use ability etc, count them til you have 10 then take them straight to the barn for hand in.

Here is a short video of it..

You will notice that just before entering the barn I paused to allow the sheep to catch up, this ensures all 10 enter the barn at the same time so you get the reward. I also collected more than 10 as I picked up a few extras on the way to the barn just in case!
At this point you can just hand the quest in, however, you can also abandon the quest and repeat it another 4 times til you have 5 sheeps droppings, this is the amount you need for the City Core puzzle.

Brief Donkey... Errr Sheep

Speak to Azeno Mallonga at
/setwaypoint 7939 4922

I will leave what happens as a surprise..

The cheevo will pop after your brief conversation!

No Substitute for Victory

There are many Storm Legion soldiers scattered around the zone.
I find the best place to farm them for this cheevo is the Aurentine Palace in the north of Pelladane
/setwaypoint 7679 4820

Victory in Pelladane

You will get this cheevo during the story quest line.

Pelladane Recon

1. Ferric Harbor
2. Sundried Trenches
3. Cirkbo Plains
4. Aurentine Palace
5. Dolcega Valley
6. Glacio Mountains
7. Aurora Maelstrom
8. Quarry of the Architects
9. Fort Mazamar
10. Ruins of Tammark
11. Thunder Hills