City Core

Cheevos found in H > Zones > Storm Legion > City Core

City Knights

You can find a full guide to the City Core puzzle here.

Rare Breed

You can find a guide for the City Core rares here.

Taking Names

These are singular named mobs that count as a singular kill carnage quest too. They are not rare, so should always be up unless respawning from a very recent kill.
You can use a target macro to help you find them, tho they are not that hard to find!
tar prototype
tar blighthoof
tar cankermaw
tar rotmaw

Prototype XII-T7

/setwaypoint 7181 9721
South of City Core in the Public Market area.
Patrols a very small area.


/setwaypoint 7044 8233
North of City Core in the Aqueduct area.
Patrols a very small area on the hillside.


/setwaypoint 6980 9190
Middle of City Core in the Expedition Camp area.
Stand next to the fire.


/setwaypoint 6428 9569
West of City Core in the King’s Corridor area.
Patrols a small area about the size of a rift.

Blighthoof will drop a ‘radiating empyreal power node’ this is used to upgrade a few items from the Adventure dealer (upgrade prefixes from depleted to radiating), these items offer no unique skins and are pretty worthless, so best just to chuck the nodes.

My Way or the Skyway

The skyways are very thin bridges between the buildings in the Public Area.

Skyway 1

Start by climbing the root found at
/setwaypoint 6977 10034
Climb to the top of the root at
/setwaypoint 6911 9998
Jump while mounted over to the top of the nearby building.

Travel across the roof to the northeast tower at
/setwaypoint 7037 9811
Carefully jump over to the top of the wall nearby, this is quite an easy jump, just un-mount and take it slow.

Go to the tower at the end and carefully jump down to land on Skyway 1.
Skyway 1 is the higher of the Skyways you can see below, the lower one is Skyway 2.
Walk along the skyway until your cheevo ticks off, at around /setwaypoint 7108 9827

Skyway 2

From your position on Skyway 1 you can see Skyway 2 below you.
You need to carefully drop down to it.

Stand at /setwaypoint 7088 9833
This is near the tower where you jumped from earlier, but not too close.
Walk off the skyway, dont be mounted!
If you land on the slanted section, just carefully make your way up to the top bit, dont panic!
If you do fall, you can go all the back back up the root to the tower and then jump straight to Skyway 2 from the tower.
Walk along skyway 2 til your cheevo ticks off.

Skyway 3

Start the same as previously, climb the root found at
/setwaypoint 6977 10034
Climb to the top of the root at
/setwaypoint 6911 9998
Jump while mounted over to the top of the nearby building.

Go to the north end of the roof and fall down to the triangular shaped part of the roof below, then head northwest to the third Skyway.

Head over to /setwaypoint 7013 9713
From here you can carefully drop down to the Skyway below. Jump backwards off the building for more control.

Vine Diving

Start at the base of the very large vine at
/setwaypoint 6759 8444
Climb all the way up the top to
/setwaypoint 6686 8425
This is above the deep water below.
It is best to mount up for the jump, then just walk off while mounted.

I Didn't Like What They Were Playing Anyway

Go to the bandstand at 
/setwaypoint 7201 9170
Kill the 4 musicians!

Cannibal Culling

There are 4 main areas where you will find these mobs, as shown on the map.
I find the 2 camps to the south of King’s Corridor to be the fastest areas.

City Tales

You will earn this cheevo at the end of the questline.

City Sightseeing

1. Miran Gate
2. Vaud Tower
3. Public Market
4. King’s Corridor
5. Citizen’s Library
6. Aqueduct
7. Expedition Camp

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