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Extinction Distinction

You can find a full guide to the Steppes rares here.

Sky Diving

Head towards the Vengeful Sky area, but turn right before the entrance to go around it instead /setwaypoint 16543 5995
Head towards the bottom of the slope at /setwaypoint 16780 5966
Start climbing up the mountain at this point.
There are many different ways to make it up.. just be persistent!
The peak you are aiming for is at
/setwaypoint 16649 5695
The elevation here (middle number when you type /loc) is 1076
From this spot, mount up and do a running jump into the water below.

Deep Learning

Take the Zerzala portal into Steppes and head over to the entrance of the Arcanum Conservatory at /setwaypoint 15434 7187

Go down into the tunnel, find the junction and turn left. This will take you into a tunnel that is filled with water. You need to follow this tunnel all the way down.. its very long! (as long as you keep swimming you shouldn’t need any underwater breathing pot for this, the tunnel isn’t long enough for you to die).

While you are down here you may want to collect the soap needed for the Ardent Domain Puzzle.

To Infinity

This cheevo will pop at the very top of the stairs leading up to the Planebreaker Bastion Raid portal.
/setwaypoint 17253 7599


You will find loads of these mobs all around the Infinity Gate area.
/setwaypoint 17023 7574

Storming Out

There are 2 decent spots where you can farm these..

Inside the two forts in the middle of the map.

Inside the Infinity Holding Facility on the east of the map.

Nixtoc Defender

You will get this cheevo during the questline.

Caretaker Conscription

When you have finished the storyline in steppes you will open up the Dailies that can be picked up from Zerzala.
Each day you will be able to pick up 4 random dailies from the list above, so it will take you a few days to complete them all!

That Wasn't Infinite

1. Zerzala
2. Arcanum Conservatory
3. World’s End
4. Shivered Bluffs
5. Camp Skyburst
6. The Infinity Gate
7. Static Vale
8. Vengeful Sky
9. Fort Antapo
10. Fort Brevo

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