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Going Dotty

You can find a full guide to the Seratos puzzle here.

No Escape

You can find a full guide to the Seratos rares here.

Camp Falls

Portal into Necropolis and take the teleporter at
/setwaypoint 11032 5001
This will put you near the top of the waterfall that you need to jump from at /setwaypoint 11125 5045
The jump is very easy, you just need to do a good run up and be mounted to ensure you miss the rocks.

Rat Daddy

At /setwaypoint 11478 4039 you will find Ezael, the vendor who will sell you the rat caller.

The rat caller costs 100 Mutant Spores, this is a special type of currency!

You need to farm these spores in Seratos.
Go to the Fetid Plains in Seratos at around /setwaypoint 11423 4233
Here you will find green spores on the ground to collect.

You need to pick up 100 of these mutant spores.
Remember you can switch shards when you find one and collect it from all shards if its up.
When you have 100, go back to the Vendor and buy the Rat Caller to pop the cheevo.

The vendor also sells Noisome Spores, which you will need for the Kingsward Puzzle.
If you dont want to keep the Rat Caller item then you can sell it straight back to the vendor and get the 100 mutant spores back, you can then use these to buy 8 of the Noisome Spores for the puzzle!
If you do want to keep the rat caller item then you will need to pick up another 80 mutant spores for the puzzle.

Thirsty Skull Dance Party

Up in the cliffs surrounding Necropolis are a variety of buildings built into the rocks.
Go up the slope at /setwaypoint 11045 4914
Travel all the way to /setwaypoint 10824 4753 where you will find the entrance to the Thirsty Skull tavern.

Inside the tavern you will find plenty of NPCs
Select the NPCs and use /dance to dance with them
Some of them will start dancing with you!
You need to get 12 NPCs dancing at the same time, so you may find it useful to create a dance macro so you can change targets and hit the macro quickly to get everyone dancing!

Seratos Sightseeing

All around Seratos are some beautiful sightseeing spots. They are all very easy to get to, with no jumping skills required! Some of them are pretty far from portals though.

Dead Beach

/setwaypoint 9303 3519

Glacio Mountains

/setwaypoint 8701 3993

Light House

/setwaypoint 11553 3869

Dead City

/setwaypoint 11116 4987

Pus Falls

/setwaypoint 12170 6777


/setwaypoint 11111 3454

Hard Graft

You will likely kill the Grafted Horror when you are doing the series of quests from the Nug Village. One of the quests requires you to pick up items from the cave where the Grafted Horror lives.
However you may have avoided him, as he is a nasty nasty mob for someone still leveling!
You can find the cave at /setwaypoint 11000 3474
The Grafted Horror will path just outside the cave a small way down the path and back again

Jungle Beat

A nice spot to farm these is Lala’s Point.
This is to the south east of Necropolis and is easily accessible by the teleporter at
/setwaypoint 11032 5001
Here you will find lots of Grazers and their calves to kill.

Dousing The Firestorm

You can find a good group of them in a settlement just north of The Crawl portal around
/setwaypoint 9784 3887

You can also find some of the firestorm mobs near the Eternal Assault portal
In the area around
/setwaypoint 10026 4996

Above and Beyond

In the large cavern beneath Necropolis you will find the Crypt Rats.
Take the tunnel at
/setwaypoint 10883 4813
Go down into the crypt and kill 100 of the Rats.
The rats are quite large!

Psychic Meltdown

You will get this cheevo from the Seratos storyline.


You will get this cheevo from the Seratos storyline.

It's not that Dark

1. Behemoth Graveyard
2. Camp Talon
3. Cydrel’s Rest
4. Darkrun Wreckage
5. Fetid Plains
6. Mired Convoy
7. Necropolis
8. Ruinous Passage
9. The Crawl
10. The Eternal Assault
11. The Hollow
12. The Pus Swamp
13. The Stormbreach
14. Valley of Bones
15. Lala’s Point