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Ashoradly Dead

You can find a full guide to the Ashora rares here.

That Had Better Not Be A Mirage

Climb up the rocks near the lake til you are at
/setwaypoint 1796 7180
Then walk off the rock into the water while mounted.

Video starts from the Arjuros portal

Five Fathoms Deep

Swim all the way down to the deepest part of the lake in the Majeric Tower area.
/setwaypoint 2079 6036

Burning Ants

Near the border between Ashora and the Dendrome you will find quite a few bases full of Architect scouts. These mobs all count towards the cheevo. 
/setwaypoint 3483 6506
/setwaypoint 3892 6300
/setwaypoint 4231 6215

You can also kill the groups of scouts that you will find at the taken over border control points.
At the border control points you can also pick up a daily to kill 60 of these scouts. You need to mentor down to 65 for the scouts to count towards this quest, but you don’t need to stay mentored down if you just want to finish the cheevo.

While killing the ‘Ants’ you will likely pop a few legacy cheevos. 
You will also pick up a large number of fluff items..
Pile of Dust: Turns you into a dusty tornado
Architect Technological Marvel: Puts a layer of sand over your character
Phial of the Aeakened: Turns you into a large beast
Sorvas’s Scout Field Generator: Turns you into an Architect (ant)
Achyati Prophet: Activates a small role-play beside you where an Achyati Prophet will appear, say a few words and then travel home through a portal.
Architect Grub: Places an Architect larva at your feet.

You can also loot the ‘writ of the defender’ which gives you the title ‘bug hunter’.

Achyati Mojo

The easiest place to do this is at the K’rom’s Fortress portal.
at /setwaypoint 2985 6741
You will find a healing crystal that looks like a flowering plant.
Right click it and you will gain a reactive ability to place the crystal. Click the reactive and select a spot on the ground next to you to place it. This will pop the cheevo.
You can also find these crystals and/or turrets at the border control points along the Dendrome-Ashora wall.

The Fragment of Kaaz'ra

This was a zone event unique to Ashora.
It was unfortunately removed from the game.
The cheevo for completing it should be moved to Legacy at some point!

Biofoundry Containment

After the completion of the Volan zone event ‘Dreams of Blood and Bone’, the Biofoundry area of Ashora will be available for you to quest in.
The area is open for 2 hours after the events completion, this is plenty of time to complete the short series of quests that you will find there.
The Volan event itself is solo-able by a level 70 character and has a lot of cheevos connected to it that mostly involve using the leap pads in the area at the correct time (when they turn orange).
You can gather a group of people in Ashora in the hopes that the event will pop, or you can buy a fatestone from the rift store to pop the event manually (credits only).

Frontier Fortifications

You can pick up a selection of these dailies each day from the K’rom’s Fortress portal.
This cheevo starts as 10 dailies completed, then goes to 50 and then 250.

Questing for the Qaijiri

You can pick up a selection of these dailies each day from the Nurjak Vostra portal.
The selection is random and it will take you a few days to complete all of the ones listed for the cheevo.

Desert Knowledge

1. Arjuros – /setwaypoint 2929 6521
2. Optheron – /setwaypoint 3070 7743
3. Arjuros – /setwaypoint 2769 6757
4. Enytharis – /setwaypoint 2374 5989
5. Jurota Lakes – /setwaypoint 3735 6524
6. Karthan Hills – /setwaypoint 2578 8269
7. Kelthenas Basin – /setwaypoint 4783 6571
8. Majeric Tower – /setwaypoint 2102 6180
9. Broken Marsh – /setwaypoint 3854 8155
10. Optheron – /setwaypoint 3007 7276
11. Valley of Iron – /setwaypoint 2328 7246
12. Valley of Iron – /setwaypoint 2311 7520

Ashora Explora

1. Majeric Tower
2. Arjuros
3. Akelthix
4. Valley of Iron
5. Karthan Hills
6. Jurota Lakes
7. Enytharis
8. Optheron
9. Vizeya
10. Karthan Stockade
11. Builder’s Causeway
12. The Biofoundry
13. Passage of the Seer
14. Broken Marsh
15. Nurjak Vostra
16. Mount Hejir
17. The Qaiyat Fej
18. Kelthenas Basin