Morban Cheevos

Cheevos found in H > Zones > Storm Legion > Morban

Black Box

You can find a full guide to the Morban puzzle here.

The Elusive Obvious

You can find a full guide to the Morban rares here.

Seriously, That Was It?

From the Camp Cyclone portal take the road up towards the Stormhold and veer off to the right just before you go through the entrance.
You need to jump off the cliff into the water from
/setwaypoint 13885 7320
Mount up and do a good run up to pick up speed before jumping off.
My alt managed to pop the cheevo even though she hit the cliff on the way down so you dont need to be too accurate, but the faster the better!

The Fall of House Senviva

It is likely that only one or two of these mobs can be up at one time, so if the one you want isnt there it will help to go kill the others and then come back and check again. You can also switch shards to check which ones are up there.
You can use a target macro to help find them..
target Archduke Dren Senviva
target Archduchess Orabella Senviva
target Jozefan Senviva
target Lucijo Senviva
target Koralu Senviva

Archduke Dren Senviva the Fell

The Archduke paths in a large circle all around the Senviva Estate.
He can move in both a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.
Does not drop a quest item.

Archduchess Orabella Senviva

/setwaypoint 13383 6482
Gives quest item Orabella Senvivi’s Wedding Ring

Jozefan Senviva

/setwaypoint 13000 6253
Gives quest item Jozefan’s Bandana.

Lucijo Senviva

/setwaypoint 12721 6543
Gives quest item Lucijo’s Splintered Shield.
Jump onto the wall nearby and attack him from range to pull him out of the tower.

Koralu Senviva

/setwaypoint 13034 5954
Gives quest item Koralu’s Spell Book.

Storming Stormhold

1. Main Stairway – /setwaypoint 14027 7303 (outside)
2. Training Hall – /setwaypoint 14375 7340 (inside)
3. Vault – /setwaypoint 14410 7319 (inside)
4. Library – /setwaypoint 14378 7392 (inside)

5. Teleport Control – /setwaypoint 14445 7328 (inside)
6. Barracks – /setwaypoint 14394 7282 (inside)
7. Upper Courtyard – /setwaypoint 14572 7256 (outside)
8. Construct Conversion – /setwaypoint 14626 7345 (inside)

The Main Stairway leads up to the entrance of the Stormhold at /setwaypoint 14027 7303

Some of the locations can be found inside the Lower Stormhold, entrance at /setwaypoint 14292 7344
The Training Hall is the main square room where you enter /setwaypoint 14375 7340
The Vault is in the corner of the main square room at /setwaypoint 14410 7319
The Barracks are in a room to the left, entrance at /setwaypoint 14378 7311
The Library is at the top of the stairs at /setwaypoint 14378 7392
Teleport Control is upstairs in a side room, entrance at /setwaypoint 14419 7344

Outside you will find..
The Upper Courtyard at /setwaypoint 14572 7256

Then you will need to go into the Upper Stormhold at /setwaypoint 14571 7293
Go down the tunnel and the first room you enter is the Construct Conversion at /setwaypoint 14626 7345

Scold the Shapers

Following a horse-shoe shaped curve around the north of the shapers citadel you will find loads of ‘bone minion’ mobs. These are easily farmed towards this cheevo.
You can also find many shaper mobs in the Den of Kwell.

Calming the Storm

A good spot to farm for this is inside the Stormhold area.
Farm the 2 camps near the entrance to the Lower Stormhold and you can go down inside the Stormhold and find the mobs there too.

Mother Said Nug You Out

You will get this cheevo after completing the questline in the Nug Village found at /setwaypoint 13447 7521
You will need to have completed the Nug Village quests found in Seratos first – These quests start at /setwaypoint 10917 3519

Explosive Ending

You will get this cheevo by doing the questline.
The first chapter is part of the Seratos storyline.

Second Time Charm

You will get this cheevo by doing the questline.

No More Morban

1. Dead Pass
2. Arlan’s Challenge
3. Forest of Flesh
4. Den of Lezui
5. The Northern Ruins
6. Den of Kwell
7. Black Strand
8. Stormhold
9. Shapers Citadel
10. Brink of Angoro

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