Two player Chronicles can be queued for, but most players will just solo them at high level.
Queuing solo for a random Chronicle at level 70 will always pop the Shadow from the Beyond Chronicle. Queuing duo for a random Chronicle at level 70 will put you in any of the duo level 65 Chronicles.

Queuing for a random Chronicle gives you an extra 5 platinum at the end, if your character is level 70.

Most Chronicles do not have an open world entrance.
You enter the Chronicle by queueing for it from the Chronicle menu.
The default keybinding to open the Chronicle menu is [ J ]

Macro for all the rares

A macro with a target for all the rares in all the chronicles. Spam it while in a Chronicle to help you find the rares!

target Valeri Prime
target Blightbeard
target Sinthis
target Lung Feeder
target The Watcher
target Azoan
target Frenzied Icebug
target Gormotro

Level 50 Chronicles

Level 60 Chronicles

Level 65 Chronicles

Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight, Intrepid: River of Souls, and Intrepid: Hammerknell used to all be level 60. They were reworked into level 65 Chronicles for the Nightmare Tide expansion.

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