Intrepid: Greenscale

Cheevos can be found in H > Chronicles > Intrepid: Greenscales Blight


Number of bosses: 5

Level of Chronicle: 65

Number of players: This Chronicle can be complete with one or two players.

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this chronicle.
This guide is designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.

When you enter the Chronicle you will be given an instanced quest sticky. Follow the quest objectives to progress through the chronicle and complete it.

This guide is for the level 65 Chronicle ‘Intrepid: Greenscales Blight’. You can find the guide to the level 50 Chronicle ‘Greenscales Blight: The Fallen Prince‘ here.

Main Quests and Bosses

Intrepid: The Fallen Prince

This Chronicle is super easy for a level 70, you can kill all the bosses with ease. You may need to make a few runs before you encounter the rare.

1. Defeat Duke Letareus

The Duke will spawn ‘Cruel Brownie’ adds for you to kill.

2. Defeat Oracle Aleria

The Oracle has two defenders that will turn into werewolves! Kill them and then the Oracle herself will change! Kill her too!

3. Defeat Infiltrator Johlen

Johlen will drop some bombs on the floor.. you should probably move out of them.

4. Defeat Prince Hylas

Prince Hylas does this spell called ‘Wrath’ which you really should move out of if you are low level. No worries if you are level 70 tho as it will just tickle a bit.
if you are lucky then he may turn you into a bunny and you get to be super cute for a few seconds.

When you get him to very low health he will go immune and then shot a big green laser that opens the door to Greenscale’s Lair, how kind!

5. Defeat Lord Greenscale

Kill the 3 adds near the entrance to unwrap Greenscale.

Greenscale will grow plants on the floor, which seems like a nice thing, but they hurt, so you will need to move away from them.
He has very stinky breath, don’t stand in it too long!
Even tho he is quite fat, he can actually fly, so be prepped to use some ranged spells to keep hitting him.

Upon Completion of the Chronicle you will be given the option to choose a reward of 150 Notoriety for… Atragarian, Ghar, Pelagic Order, Cerulean Rhenke, or Onir.

Rare mob

Intrepid: Timber

Killing the rare mob, Blightbeard, in the Intrepid: Greenscale Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Intrepid: Timber’

Blightbeard found at /setwaypoint 539 592

Blightbeard can be found wandering around the Hedge Maze area.
He will sometimes only pop up after a boss is killed, so keep hitting the macro to check!


Intrepid: A-Maze-ing

Looting the chest in the Intrepid: Greenscale Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Intrepid: A-Maze-ing’

The chest can be found in many different locations throughout the hedge-maze or in Greenscales Lair.

Chest Loots include: Void Stones, Dream Infusion (PAXP), and The Minion Card: Orlan.

/setwaypoint 493 594
To the left after Johlen
/setwaypoint 622 549
Round the corner from Oracle
/setwaypoint 551 600
Just south of Johlen
/setwaypoint 580 290
At the back of Greenscales Lair


Collecting all the artifacts in the Intrepid: Greenscales Blight Chronicle does not grant a cheevo.
The artifacts can be found around the hedge maze or in Greenscales Lair.

Greenscale's Blight: The Fallen Prince

Set Type = Normal

A Prison for a Dragon

Set Type = Normal

Sinister Presence

Nightmares of the Fae

The Sinister Presence is in the hedge maze on the left from the entrance, next to the shamblers.
/setwaypoint 522 558
Kill the Tormented Blightleaf Guard to spawn the Sinister Presence and then kill it.

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