Shadow From Beyond

Cheevos can be found in H > Chronicles > Chronicle: Shadow From Beyond

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Number of bosses: 4

Level of Chronicle: 65

Number of players: This is a single player Chronicle.

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this chronicle.
This guide is designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.

When you enter the Chronicle you will be given an instanced quest sticky. Follow the quest objectives to progress through the chronicle and complete it.

The Shadow From the Beyond Chronicle will always pop if you queue for a random chronicle while solo at level 70.

Life, The Cosmos and Everything

Completing most of the cheevos in the Shadow From the Beyond Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Life, The Cosmos and Everything’

Main Quests and Bosses

Talk to the Pelagic Greeter

TO COMPLETE: Walk forward and right click the Pelagic Greeter to talk with him.

Talk to Quintarus - OPTIONAL: Participate in the festivities

TO COMPLETE: Talk to Quintarus.
If you want to, you can stand in the blue circles and dance, drink, or eat cupcakes! This rewards nothing extra.

Survive the onslaught and Kill your enemies x18

TO COMPLETE: 3 portals will appear, kill the 18 mobs that spawn from them (6 from each portal)

Defeat Grumdon

TO COMPLETE: Grumdon will appear in front of the doors to Octus Monastery. Kill him!

This is a nice simple fight.
Stay out the red cones of bad.
Stay out the red circles too.

Main Boss 1
Grumdon, Smash!
Regroup with Quintarus

TO COMPLETE: Go to Quintarus at the entrance to the building and talk with him.

Investigate below the monastery

TO COMPLETE: Follow the light up path in the snow to reach the bouncer at /setwaypoint 4683 2780, then use the bouncer to bounce down to below the monastery.

Continue down the slope til you reach the Oculon Pedestal at /setwaypoint 4690 2718
Right click the Pedestal to do the Investigating!

Kill Thrawn

TO COMPLETE: Thrawn will spawn near where the pedestal was. Kill him!

Interrupt Intimidating Roar so you don’t get mind controlled and run around like a ninny.

Stay out of the fire.. red is bad.

When the Ice falls from above, one of the clerics will create a protective bubble, stand in it!

Main Boss 2
Ice Above, Fire Below
Disable the Explosive Oculon

TO COMPLETE: Right click the Focus Crystal to gain the temporary ability ‘Ascended Power’.
Target the Explosive Oculon and use the Ascended Power ability.
You need to do this 3 times, each time the Focus Crystal will break and you will pick up a smaller piece.

Go to the Rhenke outpost

TO COMPLETE: Head west following the light up path to the bouncer at /setwaypoint 4616 2701
Use it to bounce up and then go to the spot where you can see the camp at /setwaypoint 4462 2720

Defeat the Bloodfire force attacking the camp

TO COMPLETE: Go to the camp at /setwaypoint 4425 2675
Kill all the baddies that are attacking at the 3 entrances.

Talk to Cavalla

TO COMPLETE: Cavalla is stood in the camp at /setwaypoint 4419 2687 Right click to talk with him.

Cavalla and his mates will put 3 coloured orbs on the ground, collect them by walking over them. This will give you 3 temporary ability that will be helpful for the next quests.

Make your way to the Tenebrean Crater

TO COMPLETE: Follow the path north, while you travel you will be given two extra quests to kill the monsters on the way, these quests can only be completed once per day. Use the abilities you gained from Cavalla to help you kill the mobs.

Fish are Friends

Help Rhenke Troopers x8
Kill the mobs attacking the Troopers to help them

The Power of Three

Kill Bloodfire Berserkers and Arcanists x8
Kill the baddies in the area.

Brotherhood of the Rhenke
Triple the Power, Triple the Threat

Complete the two quests and then continue north to the spot at /setwaypoint 4289 2248

Kill Urulynn

TO COMPLETE: Urulynn will have 4 Empowered Oculons around him. The Oculons will buff up Urulynn. When you kill an Oculon it will drop a green circle AoE for a short time, stand in it to receive heals. Kill the Oculons and then kill Urulynn.

Main Boss 3
Jump in the Fire
Investigate the crater

TO COMPLETE: Continue north til you reach the crater at /setwaypoint 4240 2070

Vanish Samekh

TO COMPLETE: Samekh is in the middle of the crater at /setwaypoint 4252 1987

Cosmic Apocalypse – You need to hide behind one of the rocks when she casts this spell or it’s gonna hurt bad. Stay hidden for the full duration of the spell cast.

When the cosmic tears open up, stand near them to be buffed.

This boss is super pretty and very purple.. enjoy!

The loot chest will pop up in the middle of the crater after the boss dies, be sure to loot it!

Main Boss 4
I, Tenebrean

Rare mob

Trapped Under Ice

Killing the rare mob in the Shadow From the Beyond Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Trapped Under Ice’.

Killing the Frenzied Icebug drops a treasure chest that contains Void Stones and PAXP

Frenzied Icebug
/setwaypoint 4266 2551


Collecting all the artifacts in the Shadow From Beyond Chronicle does not grant a cheevo.

Through the Never

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