Intrepid: Hammerknell

Cheevos can be found in H > Chronicles > Intrepid: Hammerknell


Number of bosses: 3

Level of Chronicle: 65

Number of players: This Chronicle can be complete with one or two players.

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this chronicle.
This guide is designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.

When you enter the Chronicle you will be given an instanced quest sticky. Follow the quest objectives to progress through the chronicle and complete it.

This guide is for the level 65 Chronicle ‘Intrepid: Hammerknell’. You can find the guide to the level 50 Chronicle ‘Hammerknell: Runes of Corruption‘ here.

Main Quests and Bosses

Intrepid: Runes of Corruption

This Chronicle is super easy for a level 70, you can kill all the bosses with ease. You may need to make a few runs before you encounter the rare.


A level 70 can easily blitz this boss dead before having to worry about any mechanics.

Click the Rune Vessel in front of Murdantix to start the fight. This will give you a buff called ‘Runic Empowerment‘ that lasts 20 seconds. When the buff wears off, click the Rune Vessel again to reapply it.

Ferocious Pound – A knock back, doesnt hurt much

Demonic Blast – Will hurt if you are low level, be prepped to heal up after.

Soul Trauma – Hurts at low level – Can be interrupted

Painstalker Broodmother

A level 70 can easily blitz this boss dead before having to worry about any mechanics.

Kill all her adds before you pull the Broodmother, or she will use them to heal later on.

Corrupting Breath – Devouring Shadows – Fling – A series of spells that are gonna hurt at low level! They can all be rupted, but are cast in quick succession so you wont get them all, just rupt the one that hurts most!

Rune King Molinar and Prince Dolin

A level 70 can easily blitz this boss dead before having to worry about any mechanics.

Rune Vessels are dotted around the area, click them to buff up!
You should kill Prince first as he will heal King.

Cursed Blows – Rune King will have an Aoe around him and chase you, keep running away from him til it ends.

Frightening Shout – Interruptable

Corporeal Revenants will spawn and heal the boss, kill them!

Upon Completion of the Chronicle you will be given the option to choose a reward of 150 Notoriety for… Atragarian, Ghar, Pelagic Order, Cerulean Rhenke, or Onir.

Rare mob

Intrepid: Prime Time

Killing the rare mob, Valeri Prime, in the Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Intrepid: Prime Time’

Valeri Prime can be found in the large hall to the left of Murdantix.
/setwaypoint 518 492


Intrepid: Looting the Castle

Looting the chest in the Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Intrepid: Looting the Castle’

The chest can be found in many different locations throughout the Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle.
Chest Loots include: Void Stones, and Dream Infusion (PAXP).

/setwaypoint 740 491
At the back of Broodmothers room
/setwaypoint 541 420
In the left tunnel to throne room
/setwaypoint 608 279
In the back of the throne room
/setwaypoint 534 279
In the back of the throne room


Collecting all the artifacts in the Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle does not grant a cheevo.

Hammerknell: Runes of Corruption

Set Type = Normal

The Royal Record of Hammerknell

Set Type = Normal

Sinister Presence

The Haunting of Hammerknell

The Sinister Presence is in the throne room with King and Prince.
/setwaypoint 572 388
Kill the Tormented Runeguard Soldier to spawn the Sinister Presence and then kill it.

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