Cheevo found in H > Zones > Rift > Gloamwood

Shield Wall

Route to the Puzzle

Take the Tearfall Run portal into Gloamwood and go all the way to the top of Shadefallen Keep at /setwaypoint 4540 2383
Here you will find a plaque on the wall of the Keep

Click the plaque to teleport up to the top of the puzzle tower
Take the slope down inside the tower to find the puzzle at the bottom

The Puzzle

When you reach the bottom floor of the tower, you will find 9 shields on the wall with red switches all around them

The aim of the puzzle is to arrange the shields so they match the configuration on the middle floor of the tower

Assuming no one has touched the puzzle since the last reset this can be done with just 4 clicks

All 4 clicks are in the lower left side corner
Click 1 – on the bottom row furthest to the left
Click 2 – on the left column at the bottom
Click 3 – on the left column at the bottom (same as click 2)
Click 4 – on the left column in the middle

These 4 clicks will rearrange the shields in the correct way and make the chest appear!

If the puzzle is not in the correct start position you can switch shards or just wait around 5 mins for it to reset