Personalising your character name


Titles are extra words you can add in front or at the end of your character name.
Titles will display on your overhead character tag, they will not show up in party/raid frames.

Prefixes are displayed in front of your character name
Suffixes are displayed at the end of your character name

Titles are earned by completing cheevos, earning notoriety, levelling up professions and participating in many game activities.

You can find the list of Titles you have earned on your character screen under ‘Titles’

The list is unfortunately not alphabetised and cannot be searched.

I have listed around 580 suffixes and 95 prefixes.

You can buy a last name scroll on the Rift Store that will allow you to make your own suffix!
When you buy the scroll it will be an item in your bags, you need to right click the item and a pop up box will appear asking you to enter the last name you would like.
The last name will appear as a suffix.

There are restrictions on certain words.. keep it clean!


If you have a title that is not on these lists let me know so I can add it!

Below are a list of titles that I know exist but I don’t have enough info about to say if they are prefix or suffix.. if you have one of these titles please let me know so I can add them to the correct list!

Chased By Nightmares
Earned by Defiants and Guardians, Male and Female.
For earning the cheevo ‘Grim Remembrance’ found in H>World Events>Grim Remembrance