The Carnival event for 2019 starts on <date> and finishes on <date>.
The phase 2 quests will be available from <date>.


The Carnival world event in rift marks the anniversary of the release date of the game.

As with all world events, I strongly suggest running all the weekly quests on your alts to get a good stock of currency to buy all the things.

The weekly quest during the carnival event is to take part in 50 carnival games. This is much easier done on a Thursday evening straight after the event weekly has reset and everyone will be farming the fresh weekly!

There are daily quests to do to increase your reserves of Carnival Prize Tickets.

Pinata balloons appear in the open world, these drop a variety of different things!

Killing anything Planar related will also earn you glass beads which you can use to buy pretty things.

You can find many beautiful items in the rift store to buy with all the currency you earn.


The currencies for Carnival are ‘Carnival Prize Tickets’, ‘Glass Beads’ and ‘Auroral Doubloon’

These currencies are earned by doing a variety of daily and weekly quests.
You will be able to earn 2 Auroral Doubloons every week by doing the weekly quest (a total of 6 during the whole event) along with loads of glass beads and prize tickets from the various other quests and from killing planar mobs in open world. Your usual token boosts will also boost your glass beads gain; patron, vials, treasure map etc. Token boosts do not work on Auroral Doubloons.

The weekly quest changes each phase on Thursday at 15:30PM server time (EU shards). If you miss a week, you WILL be able to pick up the quest from the missed week and complete it! You can only have one weekly in your quest log at a time tho, so if you start the weeklies on week 3 you can do all 3 in a row.

Auroral Doubloons can also be earned from the special carnival 4 hour minion quests, these are a random and very rare drop and should not be entirely relied upon for the farm! You do not need to buy any of the event minions to make these adventures start popping.. you will also very rarely receive the current lock box from these minion adventures.
Mostly you will receive glass beads, costume unlocks, dimension items, festive food and the occasional pet.

I highly recommend you do the weekly on as many alts as possible and as many of the dailies as you feel up to! This will allow you to buy all the things you want/need from the shop. A lot of the shop items are either region wide unlocks (in the case of costume items) or are bound to account so you can buy from alts and send to your main.

‘Carnival Prize Tickets’ and ‘Glass Beads’ are tradeable between your characters on the same shard. This means you can use your main char to farm them and then send the required amount to your alts for shopping purposes.
Go to the vendor ‘Aleatoria Sendang in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12975 11460
Here you can swap your currency for tradeable token boxes that you then post to your alts for them to open.