Current Issues

Zone event lures – We still don’t have lures for the two events linked to carnival.
The World Event 4hr minion missions have not been switched on for any event since the start of 2022
The in game Carnival event tracker shows dates from 2022, just ignore those dates!
Some quests will auto abandon when you switch shard or teleport. This issue, which is common for all world event quests, usually clears itself up within 24hours of the event start.

Timeline for 2024

Carnival will run for 3 weeks from the 21st of February to the 13th of March. There are 3 phases with 3 weekly quests to complete. If you miss a weekly quest, you will be able to pick up the missed quest during the following weeks! You will still need to complete the quests one at a time, you cannot pick up all 3 quests at once.

  • Wednesday the 21st of February at 00:01 AM server time – Event starts, first weekly quest is available to pick up.
  • Wednesday the 28th of February at 00:01 AM server time – Phase two starts, second weekly quest is available to pick up.
  • Wednesday the 7th of March at 00:01 AM server time – Phase three starts, third weekly quest is available to pick up.
  • Wednesday the 15th of March at 00:01 AM server time – Event Finishes.

Daily quests reset at the normal 4am daily quest reset.
Note: The times stated are educated guesses based on past events. It is always best to do the quests as soon as you can, don’t leave it until the last minute!
Note: The event shop should be open for an extra week after the event ends.

New for 2024

It is unlikely that there will be any new items for 2024.
If this changes then I will update this page.
It is unlikely that the 4 hour minion missions will be switched on.

You can see the official announcement for the event here.

Information / Guides

The Carnival world event in rift marks the anniversary of the release date of the game.

2024 is the 13th Anniversary!

As with all world events, I strongly suggest running all the weekly quests on your alts to get a good stock of currency to buy all the things.

The weekly quest during the carnival event is to take part in 50 carnival games. Even low level characters/alts will be able to complete them (minimum level for quest pickup is 10). The weeklies are much easier done if you group up with other players, peak time for this is a Wednesday evening straight after the event weekly has reset and everyone will be farming the fresh weekly!

There are daily quests to do to increase your reserves of Carnival Prize Tickets.

Pinata balloons appear in the open world, these drop a variety of different things!

Killing anything Planar related will also earn you glass beads which you can use to buy pretty things.
Taking part in any of the carnival games will earn you Prize Tickets.

You can find many beautiful items in the Rift store to buy with all the currency you earn, including Wardrobe unlocks.

The Carnival event has a few cheevos linked to it, you can find guides for these on the cheevo page.

The 5th Anniversary Questline can be completed once per character (level 65+).

I'm new here, what do I do?

New players can find the World Events a huge and daunting experience! As the event has grown over the years, the guide has become massive, spanning multiple pages with lots of information. This can sometimes be confusing for newer players, who don’t know how to filter the info and what they should concentrate on first. So I will try to explain here!

Where to go first?

  • Your first stop will be the Docks area of Tempest Bay. Tempest Bay is the capital city of the Storm Legion map. If you havn’t been there yet, then you can take the free portal from Meridian or Sanctum to get to Tempest Bay. The portal is in the Carnival Quest area of Meridian or Sanctum.
  • Once you are in the Docks area, you will find many quests to pick up that each award different currencies. Most of the quests are mini games, you should try all of them! Most players will eventually gather around the game that gives the highest payout for the smallest effort. You can find out all about the different quests on the Carnival Quests guide.
In Freemarch, take the portal at /setwaypoint 6203 5190 to get to Tempest Bay.
In Sanctum, take the portal at /setwaypoint 7432 3145 to get to Tempest Bay.
Head straight to the docks area of tempest Bay in the west. /setwaypoint 12482 11766
Here you will find the carnival weekly quest and lots of repeatable mini games that reward prize tickets.

The Currency Farm..

  • All World events have their own unique currencies that can only be earned during the event. Carnival has 3 unique currencies ‘Carnival Prize Tickets’, ‘Glass Beads’ and ‘Auroral Doubloon’.
  • Prize Tickets and Glass Beads can both be farmed until you have thousands of them. You can see guides for how to farm these two currencies on the Carnival Quests page.
  • Auroral Doubloons are the limited currency. You can only earn a small amount of these during the event. For Carnival, you will earn 2 Doubloons a Week by completing the weekly quest, Clean House at the Carnival. With 3 weeklies available during the Carnival event, you will earn a total of 6 Doubloons per character.
  • There are also 3 artifact sets to collect and hand in, this can only be done once per character, you won’t be able to complete them again next year. These artifact sets are detailed on the Carnival Cheevos page. Handing in these artifacts awards 4 Doubloons per set, 12 Doubloons total.

Shopping Priorities..

  • World Events come with a world event store. This gives you unique items to buy with the currencies you earn that will ONLY be available while the event is running. If you don’t buy the things then you will need to wait another year until the event is running again.
  • Your main priority will always be to get the Earrings for any character you want to eventually raid with. Even if you don’t plan to raid, the earrings are a huge stat boost that will help you with all types of monster killing. The two earrings that you need to buy are detailed in the shopping section of this guide under Gear. Buy the earrings for your class. Stash them in the bank if you are not level 70 yet.
  • FLUFF! There is oodles of fluff available in the event store.. wardrobes, pets, mounts, transmorgs etc etc. Choose your very favourite fluff and aim to buy those.
  • Make a list of all the things you want to buy, calculate the total cost of those items and then work out how many alts you will need to use to be able to buy those things.

Using Alts..

  • So how are you going to buy 2 earrings when you only get 6 doubloons per event and they cost 5 doubloons each? You are going to have to use alts!
  • Most players will ‘main’ a single character in game, and use alts for these kind of farming purposes.
  • Your alt only needs to be level 15 to pick up the weekly quest and earn their own doubloons, getting to level 15 takes less than an hour, so you could have a full army of alts by the end of the event, each having earned their own Doubloons.
  • Get your alt to level 10, then jump in IA til level 15 and then take the portal in Sanctum/Meridian to go to Tempest Bay and complete the weekly quests.
  • You can then use this alt to buy any ‘bound on account’ item, including the earrings, minions, some of the mounts, some of the pets and ALL of the wardrobe. Send the bits you need on your main to your main.
  • It is best to use alts for anything that is bound to account, if you want a particular item that is bind on pickup then you can use your main to buy this.
  • Don’t forget to farm extra ‘copies’ of the 3 artifact sets and send these to your alts too!

Transferring currency..

  • With your alts at level 15 and in Tempest Bay with Doubloons in their pockets, you will find that most items cost Doubloons + Glass Beads/Prize Tickets. You can transfer the Glass Beads/Prize Tickets currencies to your alts from your main. This is detailed below in the ‘Trade your Currency’ section below.

Earning Currency

The currencies for Carnival are ‘Carnival Prize Tickets’, ‘Glass Beads’ and ‘Auroral Doubloon’

These currencies are earned by doing a variety of daily and weekly quests.
You will be able to earn 2 Auroral Doubloons every week by doing the weekly quest, a total of 6 during the whole event, along with loads of glass beads and prize tickets from the various other quests and from killing planar mobs in open world (you can find a guide for farming these currencies on the quests page). Your usual token boosts will also boost your glass beads gain; patron, vials, treasure map etc. Token boosts do not work on Auroral Doubloons.

The weekly quest changes each phase on Wednesday at 0AM server time. If you miss a week, you WILL be able to pick up the quest from the missed week and complete it! You can only have one weekly in your quest log at a time tho, so if you start the weeklies on week 3 you can pick up each quest and do all 3 in a row.

In 2021, 3 new carnival artifact sets were released. Handing in these sets will grant you 4 Doubloons per set, 12 Doubloons total. Each set can only be completed once per character. You can find info about how to farm these artifacts on the Carnival Cheevos page.

Note: The special carnival 4 hour minion adventures have not been turned on for the event.

Auroral Doubloons can also be earned from the special carnival 4 hour minion quests, these are a random and very rare drop and should not be entirely relied upon for the farm, you will also very rarely receive the current lock box from these minion adventures. Mostly you will receive glass beads, costume unlocks, dimension items, festive food and the occasional pet.
Make sure you spend all your aventurine on running as many 4 hour missions as possible during the whole event, do not waste aventurine by hurrying or skipping missions!
You do not need to buy any of the event minions to make these adventures start popping.

Carnival 2021
4 Hour Minion Card Loots

So far during Carnival 2021 I have completed 93, 4-hour Carnival Adventures (2 Accounts, both regions).
I looted 18 Doubloons, 17 Ornate Painted Tuskar Supply Crates and multiples of all the items listed below.

Various Foods
Various Dimension Items
Celebration Bag for Overlords x253

Glass Beads

Wardrobe: Ascended’s Tabard (chest)
Wardrobe: Baton of the Bacchanal (one-handed weapon)
Wardrobe: Broken Bottle (one-handed weapon)
Wardrobe: Carnival Air Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Carnival Attendee’s Fan (one-handed weapon)
Wardrobe: Carnival Celebrant’s Fan (two-handed weapon)
Wardrobe: Carnival Death Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Carnival Earth Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Carnival Flame Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Carnival Life Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Carnival Planar Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Carnival Water Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Chinchilla Avenger’s Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Flower Carnival Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Forest Lord’s Guise
Wardrobe: Harlequin’s Mirth (helmet)
Wardrobe: Ornate Carnival Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Plague Doctor’s Pretense (helmet)
Wardrobe: Radar Mask (helmet)
Wardrobe: Riot Torch (one-handed weapon)
Wardrobe: Sharpened Pitchfork (two-handed weapon)
Wardrobe: Sharpened Saw (two-handed weapon)
Wardrobe: Sharpened Scythe (two-handed weapon)
Wardrobe: Staff of the Jubilee (two-handed weapon)

pet: Akylios Balloon (Bound to Account)
pet: Alfred (tradeable)
pet: Angry Fluffy (soulbound)
pet: Anuxy (tradeable)
pet: Breezy Fluffy (soulbound)
pet: Bubbles (tradeable)
pet: Cliklik (tradeable)
pet: Crucia Balloon (Bound to Account)
pet: Conflagurous (tradeable)
pet: Coradus (tradeable)
pet: Deadwater (tradeable)
pet: Fuzzworth (tradeable)
pet: Greedy Fluffy (soulbound)
pet: Gusto (tradeable)
pet: Kepple (tradeable)
pet: Kipp (tradeable)
pet: Laethys Balloon (Bound to Account)
pet: Lubbytubs (tradeable)
pet: Maelforge Balloon (Bound to Account)
pet: Noms (tradeable)
pet: Regulos Balloon (Bound to Account)
pet: Sola (tradeable)
pet: Wet Fluffy (soulbound)

This is a list of loot from previous years, I will move these up to the 2021 loot as I see them

pet: Dead Fluffy (soulbound)
pet: Greenscale Balloon (Bound to Account)
pet: Moonshadow (tradeable)
pet: Rampant Fluffy
pet: The Tickle Monster
pet: Valmera Cub (Bound to Account)

Use Your Alts!

I highly recommend you do the weekly on as many alts as possible and as many of the dailies as you feel up to! This will allow you to buy all the things you want/need from the shop. A lot of the shop items are either region wide unlocks (in the case of costume items) or are bound to account so you can buy from alts and send to your main.

Trade your Currency

‘Carnival Prize Tickets’ and ‘Glass Beads’ are tradeable between your characters on the same shard. This means you can use your main char to farm them and then send the required amount to your alts for shopping purposes.
Go to the vendor ‘Aleatoria Sendang in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12975 11460
Here you can swap your currency for tradeable token boxes that you then post to your alts for them to open.
Auroral Doubloons are not tradeable.

Money Changer

On the first boat in the Carnival area of Tempest Bay you will find Perdel the Moneychanger – /setwaypoint 12467 11815
Here you can exchange one currency for another.. However the exchange rates are pretty terrible, so only use this if you are on the last day of the event and need just 1 or 2 more beads/tickets and have plenty of the other.
You are so much better off just completing a few quests to get the ones you need.

Pay 5 Prize Tickets for 1 Glass Bead
Pay 50 Glass Beads for 1 Prize Ticket

The Auroral Doubloons can be bought by giving a Pyrite Doubloon. Pyrite Doubloons were rewarded from the weeklies for the first 2 years of Carnival, then they were changed to Auroral Doubloons, this function is here just for player who may have this very old currency still in their bags.


  • The Carnival event for 2023 ran from 22nd of February to the 15th of March
  • The Carnival event for 2022 ran from 13th of April to the 4th of May
  • The Carnival event for 2021 ran from 25th of March to the 22nd of April
  • The Carnival event for 2020 ran from 5th of March to the 2nd of April
  • The Carnival event for 2019 ran from 21st of March to the 11th of April
  • The Carnival event for 2018 ran from 15th of March to the 5th of April
  • The Carnival event for 2017 ran from 30th of March to the 20th of April
  • The Carnival event for 2016 ran from 14th of April to the ??th of April
  • The Carnival event for 2015 ran from 26th of February to 19th of March
  • The Carnival event for 2014 ran from 27th of February to the 13th of March
  • The Carnival event for 2013 ran from 21st of March to the 4th of April
  • The Carnival event for 2012 ran from 22nd of February to the 11th of April


Promo video made by Trion for the 2013 Carnival event.

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