You will find some questgivers in Shimmersand, Meridian and Sanctum, there is also a portal here that takes you straight to Tempest Bay.
You will find most people use the Tempest Bay area for quests as you can pick up most quests here and group up easily.

Tempest Bay

Weekly Quest

Clean House at the Carnival: Week #

The weekly resets every Wedesday at 0AM server time. The Carnival weekly is the same each week, if you miss a week, you can still pick up the quests from the week you have missed.
You will find the weekly quest in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12473 11788

The weekly asks you to complete 50 Carnival Games.

You can play Carnival games all around the Tempest Bay docks area. The Carnival games are repeatable, you can do them as many times as you like!

Winning 50 games is very time consuming to Solo.
Which is why everyone groups up and does BALLOON JUMPING!

You will find the Balloon Jumping quest on the boat towards the rear of the carnival area
/setwaypoint 12461 11844

If you go to this area during busy times (Wednesday evening especially) you will find a lot of people there doing the balloon jumping quest.

The Balloon Jumping quest requires you to jump on 30 balloons, but it will also count any balloon that someone else in your group jumps on. So if you group up, you will complete it much much faster!

With a full group of people you will likely only need to jump once or twice before you can hand the quest in!
Keep your group Public so other people can join when people who finished their quest leave.
Even during quieter times it is quicker to do Balloon Jumping in a small group than repeating any of the other games.

If you find you are falling off the boat alot while jumping (due to lag or other issues) then you may find it helpful to press [ / ] to switch to walking speed so your character moves slower.

The quest giver is easily found
when you hide other players.
During busy times the boat can get quite crowded!
Click a player in the group and click the + above their portrait to join the group. If the group is full then wait or make your own!
Balloon Jumping Etiquette
  • Put your pet away! – If you are playing a spec with a combat pet, dismiss your pet. Often pets get stuck in the area where the quest giver is, blocking the questgiver from interaction, this is super annoying!
  • Dismount! – The size of your character model, and thus the amount of balloons you can pop in one jump, is the same whether you are mounted or not. Your huge elephant mount will NOT pop more balloon, it will just annoy other players and get in the way.
  • Keep the group Public – This is the easiest way to keep the group full and allow peeps to join without fuss.
  • Watch for Leadership – With peeps joining and leaving the group, eventually you may find yourself with group lead, when this happens, ensure the group is still set to public and pass lead to someone else if you dont want it!
  • Pass Assist! – If you are a group leader or an assistant then you can make other players assistant too, this will help with inviting new players into the group without fuss.
  • Don’t be Elitist – This is balloon jumping, not progression raiding. A lot of players have computers that cannot handle the 40 players jumping in a small space and the added strain of the quest updating every half second, these players may not be able to participate very much with the actual jumping. Just be kind, don’t threaten to kick peeps who are ‘idle’.
  • Jump if/when you can – Participate as well as you can with the balloon popping. Especially move out to the edges to pop the balloons away from the crowd near the questgiver! I find it best to pick a spot I can quickly strafe back and forth from, this makes it easier for me to click the questgiver when I’m taking the next quest.
  • Use the Macro! – If people are in the way then just use the macro explained below to interact with the questgiver.
Help with Lag and Targeting

During busy times there will be a lot of players in this one spot. Check your key bindings for the ‘Hide Other Players’ button and use it to help you find the quest giver. If you suffer from a lot of lag then you may find that keeping players held by creating a ‘hide other players toggle’ may help, you can see how to do this on the UI and Settings guide.

You can also create a macro that will target and interact with the questgiver for you..

target Hobert

Thank you to [email protected] for the macro information!

Daily Quests

Frog Wrangling

You will find the quest givers in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12499 11700
There are two questgivers and two areas to do the quest in. This quest is not repeatable like the other Carnival games, you will only be able to do it once per day per character.

Pick up the quest, go into the small fenced off area and right click the frog basket.
This will release the artifact frogs, you then have around 10 seconds to pick up as many frogs as possible.
If there is another player in the fenced area, DO NOT ENTER! This is just going to make it harder for them to pick up their artifacts and you wont be able to do your quest at the same time anyway. If the area is super busy then switch shard.
The amount of artifacts you pick up will be heavily dependant on your lag, with high lag you will get maybe 2 or 3 frogs, with low lag you may be able to pick up 4.

The artifacts that you pick up will be in your rift loot bag.
You will also receive a Frogifact Cache when you hand in the quest, this cache contain between 1 and 3 artifacts.

These artifact sets are very very difficult to complete. The purple (epic) artifacts from these sets are SUPER RARE.
Make sure you do this daily every day on all of your characters for the best chance at looting purples. You can then search the Auction House or trade with other players to finish your sets towards the end of the event.
These artifacts can also be looted from the frogs in the Carnival Instant Adventures.

Carnival Instant Adventures

During the Carnival there will be special Instant Adventures running

You can pick up a Daily Quest to Complete 5 Instant Adventures in return for 25 Glass Beads..
Unfortunately you cant pick up this quest in Tempest Bay, you will need to go back to your home cities..
In Meridian from Sijay Creg at /setwaypoint 6191 5206
In Sanctum from Sijay Creg at /setwaypoint 7433 3128
The special Carnival Adventures have their own queue in the Instant Adventure UI. The Adventures take place in Tempest Bay and you will be mentored to Level 65.

These Adventures are the most fun Instant Adventures in the game!
They are also the most rewarding, with mounts, pets, artifacts and wardrobes to be earned.

Each boss kill will give you a Pinata Prize Bag which has a selection of quality goods inside!

A list of items that I have personally looted from Pinata Prize Bags during Carnival Instant Adventures.
This is nowhere near a complete list, but it should give you an idea of the kind of items that drop.

Prize Tickets
Glass Beads
Carnival food

Artifacts from the Tito’s Trove set.
Celebration Bag for Adventurers (Contains an artifact from the ‘Hero Generation’ set)

Mount: Aurora (Binds to Account)(tradeable)
Mount: Knight Spider (tradeable)
Mount: Nebula (Binds to Account)(tradeable)
Mount: Tindrel (Binds to Account)(tradeable)

Wardrobe: Adventurer’s Hat (helm)
Wardrobe: Ancient Kelari Robe (chest)
Wardrobe: Cape of the Architect (cape)
Wardrobe: Carnival Air Mask (helm)
Wardrobe: Carnival Death Mask (helm)
Wardrobe: Carnival Earth Mask (helm)
Wardrobe: Carnival Flame Mask (helm)
Wardrobe: Carnival Life Mask (helm)
Wardrobe: Carnival Planar Mask (helm)
Wardrobe: Carnival Water Mask (helm)
Wardrobe: Endless Marauder’s Spiked Shoulders (shoulders)
Wardrobe: Endless Skull Helm (helm)
Wardrobe: Puffy Dwarven Toque (helm)
Wardrobe: Sandcovered Muffler (shoulders)

pet: Alfred
pet: Anuxy
pet: Aschbacher
pet: Blue Shell Crab (Bound to account)
pet: Bubbles (tradeable)
pet: Bubo (Bound to account)
pet: Cliklik
pet: Coradus
pet: Deadwater
pet: Fuzzworth
pet: Gil (Bound to account)
pet: Gusto
pet: Happy Seacap (Bound to account)
pet: Kepple
pet: Kipp
pet: Lubbytubs
pet: Moonshadow (tradeable)
pet: Noms
pet: Nugget (Binds to Account)(tradeable)
pet: Sola
pet: The Tickly Monster

When you are finished, stand on the Podium next to the quest giver and use the ‘Open Mic’ temporary ability to finish the quest.

Farming Pinatas

Dotted around Mathosia are hundreds of Dragon Pinatas.
These are shown on the map with balloon symbols.
These pinatas are the best way to farm glass beads. Make sure you mentor down to 5 levels above the pinata to get the maximum amount of glass beads per kill.

You will find other items drop randomly from the pinatas too! You can find a small loot table on the cheevos page.

Shimmersand Rifts

You can pick up daily quests for these rifts from Dantwor Honey-Tongue in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12474 11788 (this is the same questgiver that hands out the weekly quest).

When you pick up the quest the lure will appear in your quest sticky, so you can keep checking back every day til the lure you need is the daily. You can also just buy each lure directly from the vendor (questgiver) to pop them all at once.

Go to the area marked in Shimmersand to open the Rift.
/setwaypoint 7025 6990

These Rifts are various different levels (52 or 65), wait for the mobs to pop and then mentor down to 5 levels above them.
The Rifts are easily done with 5 people, even while mentored. A decently geared level 70 with a good spec will be able to solo them.

There is a cheevo for completing all the Rifts which you can find out about on the Carnival Cheevo guide.

Carnival Games

Memory Match

Picked up in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12509 11714

Match the Colored Orbs 0/5
Awards 8 Prize Tickets

Pull the lever in front of the machine and the watch the lights to learn the order, 5 of them will flash on.
Click the lights in the same order.
Repeat 5 times to complete the quest.

Leaping Grass Tigers!

Picked up in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12497 11716

Win Leaping Grass Tigers
Awards 3 Prize Tickets

In front of the quest giver Is a tall lever to pull, when you pull it, small creatures will start popping out of the dirt piles on the ground. Click the dirt piles quickly to credit the quest. (you will need to click lots of them!)

Grouping up will credit all players, but all the players need to interact with at least one of the dirt piles.

The Race Around the Carnival Grounds

Picked up in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12495 11746

Choose your mount by talking to one of the stabled mounts
Awards 12 Prize Tickets
Timed Quest – 3mins 35secs from quest pick up!

Right click one of the mounts in the stables nearby to choose it. Each of the mounts has a different speed boost ability, you may want to try them all once and then choose which you prefer! (I find the crocnard mount works best)
Once you choose your mount you will teleported above Tempest Bay to do a race along the raised roads. The red circles will slow you down, try to avoid them as much as you can. Use you speed ability on cooldown (drag it to your ability bar for ease of use). Simply hand the quest in at the end of the race track to be teleported back down to the questgiver.

Mini Mounts Racing

Picked up in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12483 11740

Talk to Swift Jack to select a team
Awards 8 Prize Tickets

Speak to Swift Jack again to select your team colour, pick whichever one you like.
Then go stand on the circle that matches the colour you chose.
The game will wait a small amount of time for more players and then the race will begin.
Jump on your circle to give your horsie a speed boost and hope you win!
You don’t have to win to finish the quest, just complete the 6 laps of the race.

Ring Toss

Picked up in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12490 11758

Toss the ring on the seacap 0/8
Awards 3 Prize Tickets

Opposite the questgiver is an enclosed circle with seacaps running around inside.

On your quest sticky is the ability ‘Carnival Rings’ you may find it helpful to drag this to your ability bar.

Move to the edge of the circle and use the Carnival Rings to catch 9 of the seacaps.

The seacaps are moving very fast and erratically, use your ability off cooldown and just keep trying!

Fashion Show

Picked up in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12440 11804

Go Backstage
Awards 12 Prize Tickets

Go to the area behind the stage nearby.
Wait a minute or so for the fashion show to start.
Wait for your name to be called and move to the end of the walkway.

Place Your Bets!

Picked up in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12443 11840

Wait for the wheel of fate to spin
Awards Platinum!

There are 3 quest givers here, each selling differently priced tickets for the roulette wheel.
Spend 20 gold – Win 3 plat 70 gold (low stakes)
Spend 2 plat – Win 37 plat (medium stakes)
Spend 10 plat – Win 185 plat (high stakes)

Select your number by buying the ticket of that number and then right click the ticket to accept the quest and start the ball rolling.
The result is completely random.

Drinking Contest

Picked up in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12430 11831

Drink 15 Pints
Awards 3 Prize Tickets

Pick up the quest then run around the tables drinking pints!
You have just over 2 minutes to drink all 15.. you will get drunk!

You will get lots of strange ‘drunken’ debuffs as you drink. The big tankards count as 3 drinks, so just drink 5 of those to do this quickly.

Balloon Stomp

Picked up in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12462 11846

Pop Balloons x30
Awards 1 Prize Ticket

On the ground around are bright red balloons.
Simply jump on them to pop them and credit your quest.
Grouping up with other players is very beneficial! When other players in your group pop a balloon it will count for your quest too!

Other Quests

Parade Cores

Hand in in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12468 11773
This quest is repeatable, you can go pick up loads of cores and hand them all in at once.

Collect 40 Parade Cores from the parades around Brevane and Dusken.
Awards 10 Glass Beads

Go to parade locations and collect Parade Cores from the ground, then bring them back to this NPC to trade for glass beads.

Dragon Parades are marked on the map by small shield symbols.
They move across the maps slowly, only dropping cores during celebration phases, between flags marked on their routes.

Although the quest specifies Brevane and Dusken, you can collect the cores from any area to hand them in. One of the best spots to farm them is in Fortune’s Shore in Shimmersand.
A parade route goes right through the city here and drops cores as it passes. The cores are the little purple crystals on the ground, simply right click them to pick them up.
If there is no parade going through Fortune’s Shore then switch shard til you find one, it is highly likely that there will be one here on at least one shard.
Sometimes you may pick up a Greater Parade Core, this will open up a quest to hand it in for 5 Glass Beads.

Tales of the Ascended #

Picked up in Tempest bay at /setwaypoint 12474 11787

Open the ‘name of rift’ Raid Rift in Shimmersand
Awards 15 Prize Tickets

On your quest sticky will be the Lure for the Rift, so you don’t need to buy them unless you plan on doing more.
The quest also rewards a Box of Random Artifacts, this seems to only award one random artifact.
Go to the area marked in Shimmersand to open the Rift.
/setwaypoint 7025 6990

Farming Prize Tickets

One of the best ways to farm Prize Tickets is by repeating the race quests. There are two of these to choose from, the one in Tempest Bay and one in Shimmersand.
I prefer the one in Shimmersand as it seems shorter and the red bubbles are much easier to avoid.
This is picked up in Shimmersand at /setwaypoint 6669 6895

When you finish the race and go back to the start you will still be mounted on your chosen mount and wont be able to talk to another mount to start the next race.
You can either click to mount up on any mount you own, which will cancel the quest mount. Or you can set up a macro that cancels the quest mount off..
cancelbuff crocnard
Replace the name with your favourite quest mount.

Farming Glass Beads

The best way to farm Glass Beads is from Pinata popping!
Make sure you mentor to 5 levels above the pinata for maximum beads per kill.
Find a pinata on the map and kill it, then cycle through all the shards and kill it on every shard that it is up, go to the next location and repeat!

You will also get glass beads from a few of the daily quests, killing planar creatures, 4 hour Carnival minion missions and the Carnival Instant Adventures.

Handing in Materials

While farming materials in the open world you will often get an extra material on top of your usual loot.
Foragers: Helium Blossoms
Butchers: Ultra-Thin Hide
Miners: Pumice Stone
You can hand in these extra materials at the Master Carpenter in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12780 11580
Outfitters, Weaponsmiths, Artificer, Runecrafter, Apothecary and Armorsmiths can also pick up a quest from this NPC to craft an item from these materials that can be handed in for more glass beads. You need to use the special craft stations in the area near the NPC to do the craft.
Pick up the quest for the craft you want to do and then go up to the Carnival craft station /setwaypoint 12762 11567 and use the quest item attached to the quest sticky to craft the goods.

5 Year Anniversary Carnival Quest Line

The first quest for the 5th Anniversary questline is picked up from Kwip. You can find Kwip in your home city, or in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12512 11629
This is a level 65 questline.
You can find a full guide to this questline here.