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Guides for V-Rising

On 17th May 2023 a little game I fell in love with received a big update!
The secrets of Gloomrot has added a bunch of new content and systems!
While playing the Beta I realised just how much had changed. A lot of the info and guides already out there for V-Rising would now just be plain wrong. So, as a guide writer, I am tentatively creating a guide that is focused on the Gloomrot expansion and the changes that have happened.
The guide will grow and flesh out as I play the game more, I only started it halfway through the Beta!
Happy Blood Sucking!

Link to Patch Notes for Gloomrot Xpac – blog.stunlock.com

Link to pretty release page! playvrising.com

Common Q&A for Gloomrot Expansion

Where is my old server?

Q: My old (Pre-Gloomrot) server is no longer on the list of servers! Where is it?
A: If your old server was an ‘official server’ hosted by V-Rising then it is gone.

If your old server was a private server hosted by yourself or a friend then you can still access it by loading up the old game using steam.
Click the settings cog on the game page and select preferences. Choose the Beta tab and select the build ‘0.5.43954_Hotfix13’. Your game will update with the old build and you can hit play, then continue your old saves.

Return to this menu again and select ‘none’ to switch back to the current build after!

New Weapons

Q: How do I craft the Greatsword
A: Kill the V called ‘Tristan the Vampire Hunter’. The recommended level for this is 44.

Q: How do I craft the Pistols
A: Kill the V called ‘Jade the Vampire Hunter’. The recommended level for this is 57.

Q: What about the Legendary Weapons
A: Kill the V called ‘Raziel the Shepherd’. The recommended level for this is 57. You will then be able to create an Ancestral Forge. This can be used to restore shattered weapons that you loot around the world. Restoring these weapons take high end crafting mats. The weapons are different quality/levels depending on where you loot them from. They all have extra stats and bonuses compared to normal crafted weapons.
In Gloomrot North there is now a Treasure Hunter vendor that will sell Shattered Legendary Weapons for 1 Onyx Tear per roll. This was added between beta and live, so not much info on this yet.


Q: How do I acquire and equip Jewels?
A: Jewels will be looted from random mobs and inside chests as you level through the game. To equip them, open up your spell book, select the spell and then click to choose/equip a Jewel. 

  • If you don’t already have a Jewel equipped to a spell, then you can equip it by just right clicking the Jewel in your inventory.
  • Kill the V ‘Raziel the Shepherd’ (Level 57) to unlock the Jewelcrafting Table, allowing you to craft Tier 2 Jewels.
  • Kill the V ‘Mairwyn the Elementalist’ (Level 70) to unlock the recipe to craft Tier 3 Jewels.
Curse of the Forest

Q: How do you get rid of the debuff in Cursed Forest that hides the map in mist?

A: Kill the V called ‘The Old Wanderer’, he walks around in the forest, you will need to rely on the blood trail to track him. Once he is dead you will then have the recipe unlocked for the ‘Shroud of the Forest’ cape. This is craftable from your character’s crafting screen, no need to hurry back to your castle! It costs 200 Pristine hide, 200 Plant Fibre and 20 Ghost Shroom, all of which can be quickly farmed while in the Cursed Forest area. With the cape equipped, you will no longer have the Cursed Forest debuff. Make sure to take it with you whenever you want to farm in the Cursed Forest in the future!

Charging Batteries

Q: How do you charge Depleted Battery?

A: In Stormdrain Hills, Gloomrot North, you will find Lightning Harvesters. Stand in front of the Harvester and press E to open its menu. Click the ‘Charged Battery’ button. The harvester will charge Batteries in groups of 10, so you will need at least 10 batteries in your bags to work the Harvester. After you have charged the set of 10 batteries, remove the charged items from the Harvester. The Harvester will then become overloaded and you won’t be able to use it again for a short time (a few minutes).

Equipping Bags

Q: How do I craft and equip bags for my character?

A: You will need a Leatherworking Station, this is unlocked when you kill the V ‘Lidia the Chaos Archer’ (Level 30). Lidia will also unlock the ‘Small Bag’ recipes for you, this is the small Gem, Herb, and Research bags. You can craft one of each and then one extra of one of them to fill all 4 bag slots until you get the coin bag from the V ‘Bane the Shadowblade’ (Level 47).

Horse Go faster?

Q: How do I make my horse go faster? Space doesn’t work!

A: Horses now have a proper ability bar. The default key for ‘go faster’ is E. When you Dominate your horse, the Space bar will be a leap forward.

Dominating a Horse

Q: How do I dominate a horse!

A: You will need to follow the main questline of the game until you reach the quest ‘A Castle reaching the Sky’. To complete this quest you will need to upgrade your Castle Heart to level 4. This will unlock the Form: Dominate Mount. You can use Dominate Mount to turn any horse into a Vampiric Steed. This horse will become yours alone, no one else can ride it!
Find the horse you want, then use your vampire Power: Dominate Mount. Use the R button to target the mount and capture it. The mount is now yours! Press CTRL again to exit the Dominate Mount power and continue play as normal.. that horsie is now yours forever!

  • Your horse will no longer need water.
  • You can summon your horse from anywhere on the map by entering the Form: Dominate Mount again and then hitting R to recall them.
  • If your horse dies, you can still recall them from death using the same method!
  • You can craft a saddle for your horse at the Leatherworking Station, this will increase your horse’s speed and acceleration.
  • Max horsie stats (Before Saddle) 11 Speed ~ 7 Acceleration ~ 14 Turn
Building Stairs

Q: How do I build stairs and a second floor?

A: Stairs can be placed anywhere within your territory, but you will want to make sure there is space for the first upper floor tile. When you have placed your stairs, walk up them til you are near the top and then you should be able to place the first floor tile or your next level easily.

Placing that second floor when you have rooms below can be a bit more tricky as the roof gets in the way. Select your floor tile and hover over the area in front of the stairs. You will notice you cannot see the preview of the floor as it is hidden by the roof, however you can see that the magic emanating from your hand will turn blue instead or red when you have the tile in the right place.

Deleting Stairs

Q: How do I delete stairs?

A: Try this checklist!

  • You cannot delete a staircase if that is the only way/route to get to the next floor. Either create another staircase to join the next floor to the one below, or delete all floor tiles that are on the next floor.
  • The staircase can’t be touching any walls or pillars. This is the most annoying rule and will hopefully be fixed at some point! You will need to delete any joining walls or pillars until the staircase has nothing touching it!
  • Don’t be stood on your stairs while you are trying to delete them.
  • Note: The error message that shows is always ‘Cannot break path to ground’ even if it is a random pillar joining your stairs that is preventing you from deleting!
5G - Ghostly Horses

Q: What are these ghostly horses on the paths?

A: These are players horses that have died and not been resummoned yet. 

How to get into the Silver Mine

Q: The entrance to the Silver Mine is blocked off by a gate, how do I get in now?

A: To get into the Silver Mine, go up the path on the right side (shown in red on the pic). This path is now an entrance only, you need to drop down at the end and you will not be able to get back up.
When you are finished farming your silver, to get out of the Silver mine you need to walk all the way through the mine to the southern part where the gate is. Walk up to the gate and hold down F to open it.
Beware of Sir Magnus the Overseer, wait for him to path away from the gate if you are not ready to kill him yet!

Other changes to note


There are now three tiers of coins (currency), Copper, Silver, and Goldsun.
These coins can be used at a variety of vendors around the world. The vendors are now static, having made camp and set up a shop instead of wandering around on the paths. The vendors are human, but have decided that all money is good money, so will take your vampire coins! Note, some of the vendors are not quite as shady as others and will still require the human disguise before trading with you.

The most important update here is that the vendors actually sell useful items now! This includes specific research books! You can also buy flower/plant seeds, and specific gems.

You can also craft coins! Using the new Fabricator, you can craft; copper coins with copper, silver coins with iron and silver, and goldsun coins by combining silver coins with gold.

With coins being so useful now, you may think you will be needing a lot of silver resistance brews! But fear not! One of the new bags is specific for carrying coins, and any coins stashed safely in the coin bag will not apply the silver debuff to you.

Spend your copper in the Shady merchants Camp in Farbane Woods.
Spend your Silver in the Dunley Farmers Market in Dunley Farmlands.
Spend your Goldsun in the Brighthaven trade District in Silverlight hills.
There are also a few smaller camps scattered around, I will likely make a full list of these once live is up!

Paper Press

Crafting paper, Scrolls, and Schematics is now much cheaper to do.


The land claiming system has had a big change!
When you place your heart down on a plateau or clearing, you will now claim that entire territory, not just the few squares your heart/floor is sat on! Once your heart is down, no one else will be able to build their hearts in your territory.
You can see the Territories on the map, red ones are taken, white ones are free to claim and blue ones are yours already!

Floor Tiles

The floor tiles that you have to build on with each heart level has greatly increased. You will need floor tiles to make castle rooms to give your structures the buffs they need to craft/refine more efficiently. However, you can build a lot of stuff in your territory without claiming the floor beneath them. This mostly applies to garden plots/items. In the garden, you wont have to claim every square of land to be able to plant flowers, if you leave some of it ‘wild’ then you can better use those floor tiles in your actual castle.
Heart Level 1 – Servant Coffin = 4 — Floors = 40
Heart Level 2 – Servant Coffin = 5 — Floors = 100
Heart Level 3 – Servant Coffin = 6 — Floors = 180
Heart Level 4 – Servant Coffin = 7 — Floors = 260
Heart Level 5 – Servant Coffin = 8 — Floors = 420

On private servers the tiles can go up to 600!



We can now build multi-Floor castles!
Floor tiles you place on your upper floors will still count towards your heart limit.
You can build on the ground floor, go one up to a first floor and then go up once more to a second floor. This is the limit. Making 3 floors total. On territories with height differences, this then becomes 4 floors!

On a private server this limit can be increased to up to 6 floors.
If you forgot to change this setting on your private server, you can add it in!
Select your server on the list and click ‘Go to Directory on the right side’, this will open up a folder on your PC with the save game info in it. Open up the file (with notepad) called ‘ServerGameSettings’. In here you will see all the adjustments you made to your server when you created it.
You will want to find the section where it describes what is unlocked for each level of your Castle Heart.
Add the modifier “HeightLimit”: 6 to each level, so it looks like this screenshot.
If you find this difficult, or the heart levels are not already split out nicely and OMG the brackets! You may find it easier just to create a whole new private server with the settings you want, then go into that servers settings file and copy the whole thing and paste it into the file for the server you want to play on, replacing all the data for the new settings.

Improved Gardens

Gardens have had a lot of new items added to them, with Hedges and planters being my favourites!

Planting flowers/seeds has been changed. You can’t just pop them directly into the ground anymore, you will need to first place a ‘Garden Plot’ for them to be planted in.
The plots come in many shapes and sizes, starting with just a small mount of earth and leading on to fancy raised stone beds. These stone beds can be placed inside! So you can now have rows of Blood Roses adorning your corridors if you wish!
Plots can be placed on any land within your territory, even land that hasn’t been ‘claimed’ by a floor tile.

The decorative Planters have also been re-worked. You will notice in the build menu that you will now have to place the planter down and then add the plant to it. With a few different coloured planters and then a small variety of plants to go inside them, this opens up more combo possibilities without overloading the building menu. But it can take some getting used to, with some players trying to place the plants without first placing the planter!

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