The Vendors stock will refresh every hour, giving a new list of items to choose from.

Little bits of Data and info.

Castle Heart Levels and Upgrades

All numbers for default settings.
Heart Level 1 – Servant Coffin = 4 — Floors = 40At level 1, max blood gives 2d 18h 40mUpgrade with 12 Coper ingot, and 12 Leather.
Heart Level 2 – Servant Coffin = 5 — Floors = 100At level 2, max blood gives 5d 13h 25mUpgrade with 24 Glass, 8 Reinforced Plank, and 1 Greater Blood Essence
Heart Level 3 – Servant Coffin = 6 — Floors = 180At level 3, max blood gives 8d 8h 5mUpgrade with 12 Radium Alloy, and 1 Primal Blood Essence
Heart Level 4 – Servant Coffin = 7 — Floors = 260At level 4, max blood gives 11d 2h 44mUpgrade with 12 Dark Silver Ingot, 4 Power Cores, and 1 Primal Blood Essence
Heart Level 5 – Servant Coffin = 8 — Floors = 420At level 5, max blood gives 13d 21h 23m 

Vendor Stock

There are 2 vendor locations in Farbane Woods, they both sell items from the same lists, but may stock different items at different times, so it is worth checking both!

In Farbane Woods, and Gloomrot North, the Vendors are a bit shady, so they will happily trade with vampires!
In Dunley Farmlands, and Silverlight Hills, you will need to use your Vampire Powers to disguise yourself as a Human. You will get this power after killing Bane the Shadowblade, Level 47.

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