A quick walkthrough of the main questline of V-Rising

Completing the questline will guide you through the game, unlocking many of the items you will need along the way.

Main Questline

Collecting the Remains

Quest 1

  • Leave the Crypt
  • Collect Bones x30

Go through the crypt, up the stairs and through the door. Smash vases on the way to collect a few materials.
Outside there are skeletons to kill, this is your main source of bones.
When you have 30 bones, hand in the quest by hitting the claim button next to the quest.

Unlocks Recipe: Bone Sword + Bone Ring

Wielding the Sword

Quest 2

  • Open the Inventory
  • Craft a Bone Sword
  • Craft a Bone Ring
  • Slay enemies using Bone Sword x3

Open up your character screen by pressing TAB.
Click the crafting tab at the top.
Click the Bone Sword recipe to begin crafting it. It takes 10 second to craft.

The Bone Sword will hop straight onto your ability bar.
Each ability bar slot has a number, push this number on your keyboard to select the item in the slot. Then spam your left mouse button to slash away at those baddies!
Slay 3 enemies using the sword.

Craft the ring in the same way you crafted your sword. The ring will be automatically placed in your equipment slot on your character screen, as you don’t already have a ring there.

Unlocks Perk: New Spell Slot

Mastering Magic

Quest 3

  • Hit enemies using Shadowbolt x2

You should have Shadowbolt automatically equipped in your spell slot R. Use it to hit a couple of enemies.
Shadowbolt is a Blood Magic spell. You can see it in your spell book by pressing J.

Unlocks Perk: New Spell Slot

Defensive Measures

Quest 4

  • Counter enemy attacks using Blood Rite x2
  • Find a way out of the Graveyard

Blood Rite is another Blood Magic spell.
It should be automatically allocated to your ability bar with a shortcut of C.

Agro an enemy and when they attack you, press C to activate Blood Rite.
Blood Rite will protect you from attacks for 1.2 seconds, however you cannot attack them either!
Use the ability twice to credit the quest.

Continue north to find the gate out of the Graveyard.
When you press F to enter Farbane Woods, you will be able to choose between two starting positions. The game may recommend one to you, but it doesn’t massively matter which you choose.

Unlocks Recipe: Boneguard Vestment

Hides of the Wild

Quest 5

  • Craft Boneguard Chestguard
  • Craft Boneguard Leggings
  • Craft Boneguard Gloves
  • Craft Boneguard Boots

Craft these items using your Character Screen crafting page and then equip them (They should auto equip). You will need bones and Rugged Hide, so you will need to venture out into the real world and kill some animals!

Unlocks Recipe: Bone Axes + Bone Mace

Into the Woods

Quest 6

  • Craft Bone Axes
  • Craft Bone Mace

Craft the bone axes and Bone Mace from your character crafting screen. 
It is likely you have picked up some rats and/or hearts, so be aware of which spot on your bar your new weapons land on, and switch them around by dragging.

Unlocks Recipe: Vermin Salve


Quest 7

  • Collect Wood x300
  • Collect Stone x300
  • Kill living beings to drain their Blood Essence x50

Equip your axes by pressing the number button they are assigned to, stand in front a tree and click click click!
Equip your mace by pressing the number button they are assigned to, stand in front a rock and click click click!
You don’t have to use these specific weapons to farm materials, but using them will increase your yield per hit, making it faster.

You will also need to kill a bunch of creatures to farm the 50 Blood Essence. you usually get at least 5 Blood Essence per kill, so this shouldn’t take you too long.

Unlocks Blueprint: Castle Heart

Lord of Shadows

Quest 8

  • Use the Map to discover ideal Build Locations
  • Toggle the Build Menu
  • Construct and interact with a Castle Heart

Find yourself a free territory on the map. Go to the territory and stand inside of it.
Press B to open up the build menu, select the castle heart and pop it on the floor inside the territory. You will need 30x Blood Essence and 240 Stone to place your heart. You should already have these.
Exit the build menu and interact with the heart. You should drag the rest of your Blood Essence into the hearts storage, this will keep your heart alive for a while!

Note: if you are playing as a group then only one of you need to build the heart, the others can then interact with that heart to get credit. This is the same for all ‘build and interact’ quests later down the questline.

Unlocks Blueprint: Foundations & Walls


Quest 9

  • Expand your domain by placing Floors x3
  • Protect your territory by placing Palisades x3

You can now start your path towards building your huge castle!

Press B to open up the build menu again, select the Rough Floor and build 3 squares of rough floor around the heart. You will likely need to destroy nearby tree/rocks/ruins to make room.

Press B again and select the Walls tab. Place down a few Palisade walls, build yourself an enclosed area to keep out the animals!

Unlocks Blueprint: Shelter & Storage


Quest 10

  • Place a Wooden Coffin
  • Place a Small Chest
  • Place a Mist Brazier

Place down a Coffin, a Small Chest, and a Mist Brazier.
All of these can be found in the various tabs of the build menu. 
Your layout will depend on the territory you own and your own preferences.
Place a few more floor tiles to expand and build.
Your castle will grow over time!

You may need to pop out and farm some more materials to be able to build all of these.

Pop some bones in the Mist Brazier, it will then create a mist that will protect you from the sun. Remember to turn it off at night time so you don’t waste your bones!

Unlocks Blueprint: Basic Crafting & Refinement

Getting Ready for the Hunt

Quest 11

  • Construct and interact with a Sawmill
  • Construct and interact with a Simple Workbench
  • Increase your Gear Level by Crafting stronger equipment to level 20

Build a Sawmill.
Place some of your harvested Wood into the sawmills storage and the Sawmill will automatically start turning them into Planks.

Use the Planks to build a Simple Workbench.
Interact with the workbench and you will see a nice list of new items to craft!
Craft yourself a set of Plated Boneguard gear. The gear will be placed in the Workbench’s Container, be sure to grab it and equip it!
This will bring your gear level to 14.

You will also want to upgrade at least one of your weapons to the Reinforced Bone version.
This will bring your total gear score to 17.

You should also craft the Blood Bone Ring.
This will bring your total gear score to 20.

As you level through the game you will learn to craft many more materials and thus unlock higher tiers of gear and weapons. Ensure you check regularly that you are wearing the best gear possible!

Unlocks: Blood Tracking

Blood Hunt

Quest 12

  • Track a V Blood carrier by using the V Blood menu
  • Uncover knowledge and power by drinking the blood of a V Blood carrier

Open up the V Blood menu by pressing K.
Here you will find a list of all the V bosses in the game. You will also be able to track a blood trail to their location. This is most useful for the Vs which walk around. You can find a full list of the V bosses and their locations on the V bosses page.

The first V to kill is Alpha the White Wolf.
Select Alpha the White Wolf and then hit the ‘Track Blood’ button. Note: Under the V bloods level it will tell you a general direction to go in, use this info too!
You will now be able to see a wispy trail of blood emanating from your character in a certain direction. Move some distance in that direction and then watch the trail again to see if the direction changes. Using this method you can move closer to the V blood until you find them.

When you have killed your V boss, stand next to it and hold down the interact button to drink its blood. This will then tick the V off the list and unlock all the things associated with that V.
Alpha the White Wolf unlocks the Wolf Form, allowing you to change into a wolf and move faster!
Press CTRL to open your Vampire Power menu and select the Wolf Form to use it.  

Unlocks Blueprint: Mirrors

Thirst for Power

Quest 13

  • Hunt additional V Blood Carriers x3
  • Discover new spells and use the Spellbook menu to equip a spell

Before you rush off to die, it is best to have a look at the other Refinement Stations you can build. Farm up some Copper and craft yourself a new weapon to bring up your gear level a little.

When you are ready, open up the V Blood menu again and track a new V Blood. Kill two more V Bloods to bring your total to 3, the level 20 ones should be killable for you. Note: You cannot kill the same one multiple times to credit the quest.

You should have looted some Spell Points from the V Bloods that you have killed. Open up your spellbook using J. Here you will see the spell points you have earned in the middle of each circle of spells. There will be a line pointing to the spells you are able to unlock with the amount of spell points that you have.
Find a new spell that you like the look of and click it to unlock it, spending your spell points. Drag the spell down into one of your 4 spell slots to equip it.

Later in the game you will be able to reset your points and spend them in different ways, so don’t worry too much about getting this right first time!

Unlocks Blueprint: Research desk

The first book in the library

Quest 14

  • Construct and interact with a Research desk

Build yourself a Research desk then interact with it.
Out in the open world you will find books and paper, you can bring these back to the research desk to discover new items to craft and build.

Unlocks Blueprint: Castle Relocation Heart

On your own for a bit!

The previous quests have been mostly a step by step guide, directing you to kill baddies, upgrade your gear and build your first few items in your home.
You are now free to explore the map as you want, kill enemies and gather resources.
If you are a little stuck with what to do next…

  • Ensure you have built all the refining machines that you can and keep them running.
  • Craft the best gear that you can.
  • Open up the V Blood menu [ K ] and go kill the next V on the list.
  • Raid bandit camps and settlements for loot. Be sure to grab any books/paper, and look out for treasure chests, these often contain materials above your level so you can start stockpiling.
  • Unlock new recipes at the research desk and use them!
  • Expand your castle, build rooms for each craft type, see the Building guide page for more detail.
  • Note: You will still very much be in the Farbane Woods area.
Expanding my Domain

Quest 15

  • Discover a way to refine hides into Leather
  • Upgrade the Castle Heart to level 2 and interact with it.

Upgrading your heart will take 12 Copper Ingots and 12 Leather.
Use the Furnace to refine your Copper ore into Ingots.
You will need to kill the V Blood: ‘Keely the Frost Archer’, to unlock the Tannery and refine your Rugged Hide into Leather.

Once you have the materials needed, go back to your Heart and click to upgrade.

Unlocks Blueprint: Castles Foundation & Walls

Building a Castle

Quest 16

  • Complete a Castle room by laying down floors and constructing Stone Castle walls around it to generate a roof.

To build your Castle walls you will need Stone Bricks.
You will need to build a Grinder to refine Stone into Stone Bricks. The Grinder requires Whetstones to build, you may have already looted some from chests or general rampaging through towns and settlements. If not, then you will need to up your vampire game, it’s time to go pillaging and looting! A great spot to farm Whetstones is the Bandit Armory just to the north west of the Copper mine in Farbane Woods.

When building your first castle room, ensure every bit of wall surrounding the room is stone not palisade, and make sure every floor tile is claimed with flooring, either rough flooring or the castle floors will work.
Your room will need a door! and you may need to walk into the room to tick off the quest.

Unlocks Blueprint: Castle Waygate


Quest 17

  • Construct and interact with a Waygate

Find the Waygate in your build menu, under Production > Teleporters. To construct your waygate you will need to collect 100 Blood Essence, 20 Gem Dust, 12 Stone Bricks, and 4 Grave Dust.
These are still pretty easy mats to gather.
When you have built your Waygate you will be able to use it to teleport to any of the other Waygates on the map.
In late game, you can build mini bases in out of the way locations and pop a waygate there to allow you to get there quickly when needed.

Unlocks Blueprint: Stone Coffin

Lord of the Manor

Quest 18

  • Bind to a stone coffin

Time to rid yourself of that cheap wooden box and sleep in style in a gloriously padded stone rectangle.
The Stone Coffin will cost you 12 Stone Bricks, 4 Grave Dust, and 2 Crude Amethyst.

Unlocks Blueprint: Servant Coffin

Time to Move?

Some players may want to move to a more northern location before they start really fleshing out their castle.
This will give you an easier time bringing materials back to use if your server doesn’t allow teleporting with materials.
You can use the Castle Relocation Heart to make this move easier, find out how to Relocate on the Gameplay page.


Quest 19

  • Construct and interact with a Blood Press
  • Construct and interact with a Servant Coffin

Building your first Servant Coffin is an important milestone in a Vampires death. Creating an army of Servants to farm materials for you while you lounge in your throne is one of the many Vampire perks to enjoy! But before you can start building your army, you will need to create space for them to sleep.
To build your Servant Coffin you are going to need 12 Planks, 8 Copper ingot, and a single Greater Blood Essence.
The Planks and Copper are easy enough, it’s the Blood Essence that you will need to farm for.
Start by building yourself a Blood Press. The Blood Press will process blood and hearts.
You will see that the recipe to create a Greater Blood Essence requires 4 Unsullied Hearts. Hopefully you have a few of these in your bags already, if you don’t have enough, then it’s murder spree time!

Unlocks Form: Dominate Human

Army of Darkness

Quest 20

  • Use Dominate Human to convert a human into a Servant and interact with the Servant.

Head out into the world, find yourself a human! Get them to low health and then use the form Dominate Human to Dominate them. To do this, use right Ctrl to open up the Powers menu and select Dominate Human, then use R on the human, press it once and then wait for the spell to take effect, don’t spam it!
Bring your Human home and then interact with the Servant Coffin to pop him in there.
after a while you will be able to interact with the servant coffin again to wake up your slave.
Click the slave to interact with them, don’t forget to give them a cool name!

Unlocks Blueprint: Castle Throne

Broaden Horizons

Quest 21

  • Discover a way to unlock Iron Smelting
  • Explore the world beyond Farbane Woods

Iron Smelting will be unlocked when you kill Quincey the Bandit King.

Head north out of Farbane Woods to explore the world beyond.

Unlocks Blueprint: Music Box

Blood on Tap

Quest 22

  • Discover a way to unlock Prison Cells
  • Tap the blood from a prisoner

Prison Cells will be unlocked when you kill Vincent the Frostbringer.
Build your prison cell then head out into the world to capture yourself a human using the Dominate Human ability, you have already done this when capturing your servant.
You will want your prisoners to have decent blood, as you will be able to drain their blood into bottles and then drink it when needed. Your first prisoner may not be perfect.. but soon enough you will have a row of 100% cages, like a shelf of fine wines.
Be sure to feed your prisoner to get their health up before you start drinking them dry!

Unlocks Blueprint: Prison Flooring

Throne of Command

Quest 23

Command your servants from the Castle Throne.

Build yourself a Throne!
You will need Iron to build the Throne, which will involve crafting a weapon of at least level 12 to be able to mine the iron.
If you don’t have a level 12 weapon yet, then you will need to go farming for the books or paper to research one.
You can also try your luck at the Vendors, who may have the recipe book you are looking for!
While you are farming, be sure to build an extra few servant coffins and look out for more high level humans to drag home and enslave.
By this point you should be starting to farm in the southern parts of Dunley Farmlands. Here you will find the Iron Mine.

When you have built your throne, sit on it! From here you can select an area of the map to send your servant to. Try to match the areas difficulty with your servants level for the best results. Improve your servants gear to be able to send them to higher level areas.

Unlocks Blueprint: Crypt Flooring

Reign Supreme

Quest 24

  • Upgrade the Castle Heart to level 3 and interact with it

To upgrade your heart to level 3 you will need; 24 Glass, 8 Reinforced Plank, and 1 Greater Blood Essence.
Although you will have been collecting small amounts of glass while farming in Dunley, you may want to go and kill Grethel the Glassblower (Level 50) to be able to make lots of it.

Unlocks Blueprint: Eye of Mortium

An Eye into Mortium

Quest 25

  • Construct and interact with the Eye of Mortium

The Eye of Mortium will require Scourgestone to build. You will need to kill Leandra the Shadow Priestess at level 47 to be able to create Scourgestone.

The Eye of Mortium will allow you to see the timer for Rift Incursions, these are a new type of World Event, suitable for players of mid to high level, depending on the Rifts difficulty level.

Unlocks Blueprint: Jeweller’s Chamber Flooring

A Castle reaching the Sky

Quest 26

  • Upgrade the Castle Heart to level 4 and interact with it.

This quest is a huge leap forward. Upgrading to level 4 will take a lot of progression through the zones, killing the Vs on your list, upgrading your gear, and expanding your castle into a fully functioning home.

To get your heart to level 4, you will need 12 Radium Alloys. You will get these when you are farming in the Gloomrot area, but before you can get there, you will need to progress through the rest of Dunley Farmlands and into the Ruins of Mortium, killing the Vs up to level 58 and increasing your gear level as you go.

Once you are ready you can start on the level 60 V Bosses in Gloomrot. It is Ziva the Engineer (Level 60) that will give you the recipe to craft the Radium Alloys in your Furnace.

To make the Radium Alloys you will need some Sludge Filled Canisters. Craft the Canisters in the Fabricator, which was also unlock ed by killing Ziva the Engineer. The Canisters come ready filled with Sludge, there is no need to fill them yourself!

You will also need a Primal Blood Essence. These can be crafted on the Blood Press using 3 exquisite hearts, which should now be dropping from these higher level Vs.

Unlocks Form: Dominate Mount

Nightfall Steed

Quest 27

Subdue a Horse using Dominate Mount

You will find the Dominate Mount ability in your Vampire Powers. This is the wheel that pops up when you hit the left CTRL button.

Go out into the world to find yourself a nice horse! Dunley Farmlands is the best area to find horses, you will find some around the various farms, and also at the horse race track to the west.
Mount the horses you find and then push TAB to open your inventory, as you are mounted you will also see your mounts inventory. Here you can see the horses max speed, Acceleration, and Rotation Speed. Try to get the best numbers you can find for these 3 stats.
The Max horse stats (Before Saddle) are 11 Speed ~ 7 Acceleration ~ 14 Turn

You can Dominate any old horse for now and then keep checking horses that you come across to see if you can replace it with a better one.

Find the horse you want, then activate your vampire Power: Dominate Mount. Face the horse and use the R button once to target the mount and capture it. The mount is now yours! Press CTRL again to exit the Dominate Mount power and continue play as normal.. that horsie is now yours forever!

  • Your horse will no longer need feeding.
  • You can summon your horse from anywhere on the map by entering the Form: Dominate Mount again and then hitting R to recall them.
  • If your horse dies, you can still recall them from death using the same method!
  • You can craft a saddle for your horse at the Leatherworking Station, this will increase your horse’s speed and acceleration.

Unlocks Recipe: Vampire Horse Saddle

Vampire Empire

Quest 27

  • Upgrade the Castle Heart to level 5 and interact with it

To upgrade your heart to level 5 you will need;
Dark Silver Ingot x12
Power Core x4
Primal Blood Essence x1

To create the Dark Silver Ingots, you will need to farm the Silver Mine in the north of the Silverlight Hills area. You should aim to be at least level 66 for this, so you can kill Sir Magnus the Overseer on the way out.

The power Cores will be craftable on the fabricator after you have killed Voltatia the Power Master, this is a level 77 V Boss. To craft the cores you will need charged batteries. You have likely already picked up some depleted batteries on your travels around Gloomrot. Information on how to charge them can be found on the gameplay page.

Unlocks Blueprint: The Eye of Twilight

Soul Stones

Quest 28

  • Construct and interact with the Eye of Twilight.

You will find the Eye of Twilight in your building menu under Dominance.
You will need to craft 4 Gold Bars to be able to build it. These are created by combing Gold Jewellery and Sulphur in the Furnace.
The Eye of Twilight marks the Soul Shards on your map,

Unlocks Blueprint: Imperious Wall Panels

Lord of the Night

Quest 29

  • Drink the blood of Dracula

Dracula is the final V Boss, You can find him in his castle, on the eastern edge of the Ruins of Mortium area.
You will need a Blood Key to enter the Castle, you will be able to craft this after killing Lord Styx the Night Champion.
Dracula is level 90. The fight has many stages and mechanics, you will need your very best gear!

Unlocks Blueprint: Throne of Darkness

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