Kingsward Puzzles

Cheevo found in H > Zones > Storm Legion > Kingsward

Quizzical Queens


As with all Storm Legion puzzles you need to complete an artifact set before you can start.
For the Kingsward puzzle you need to complete the artifact set called Queen’s Gambit.

This is a level 60 artifact set, you can find all these artifacts while hunting in Kingsward. They are normal white artifacts.
If you have completed the cheevo ‘it goes to eleven’ then you can access a vendor by clicking any of the Henges who will sell you the artifacts.. However the artifacts are very expensive from this vendor, you are much better off doing a couple of artifact hunting runs in Kingsward and then finishing off the set using the auction house.

When you hand in the artifact set you will be given a collection of pages from Queen’s Gambit.

Visit omi in Tempest Bay canals at /setwaypoint 12756 11719
She will tell you that to buy the full book you will need 8 noisome spores.

You need to farm these spores in Seratos.
Go to the Fetid Plains in Seratos at around /setwaypoint 11423 4233
Here you will find green spores on the ground to collect.

Hint from Silverr
/setwaypoint 11795 4071 turned out to be an excellent spore-gathering point cluster of 4 spawn points (3 on east side of the road at various levels on the hill, 1 across the road)

You need to pick up 80 of these mutant spores.
Remember you can switch shards when you find one and collect it from all shards if its up.

Then go to the vendor at /setwaypoint 11478 4040 to exchange them for 8 noisome spores..

Then you can go back to Omi in Tempest Bay canals /setwaypoint 12756 11719 and buy the full book.
Right click the book to collect it.

The storm legion puzzle books are all listed at the top of your book collection on your character screen. You can easily check which books you have.

The book you need for the Kingsward puzzle is ‘Queen’s Gambit’.

Once you have collected it you can then go to the puzzle location to complete the puzzle.

If you go to the puzzle location and cannot interact with the puzzle then its likely because you haven’t collected this book.

Go through the steps above to find out which bit you are on and then continue from that point til you have the book in your collection.

The Kingsward Puzzle

Take the academy portal into Kingsward and head down to
/setwaypoint 4815 8673
Here you will find a large queen chess piece tucked up next to the building.
Right clicking the queen will teleport you up to the puzzle area.

In the puzzle area is a row of 8 queen chess pieces and a chess board.
If you are finding the chess board difficult to see, try turning down your ground clutter density in your video settings..

The aim of the puzzle is to place all the queens on the chess board so that they cannot be taken by each other.
This means they cannot be in the same row, column or diagonal line.
To interact with the puzzle, simply right click one of the eight queens and then right click the square where you want to place it.
When you pick up the queen it will appear as an item in your bag, you will also take small amounts of ‘heavy’ damage while carrying it!
Switching shard will reset the puzzle and you will drop the chess piece.

There are 92 solutions to this puzzle which you can see here.. eight queens puzzle on wiki
I will use solution 1

This is what it looks like on the puzzle board in game..

And a video of the puzzle solution..


When you complete the puzzle you will receive a small bag of treasure.
It contains a bit of plat, some level 50 gear and a queen chess piece for your dimension