Call to Action

The call to action events are small events where you farm currency by doing dailies.
The currency is shared across all the events and is used to buy different mounts and other items.
These events run every 2 weeks, generally lasting Friday to Sunday.
The running order is usually; Mech, Hellbugs, Unicorns,  then Budgies.

Event Loots

Items that drop from all the Call to Action events.

Guardian Crest Cape
Bristling Bundle

While the Call to Action events are active any zone events in the call to action zones (listed on the specific lure for the event) will have a chance to drop Call to Action loot.

The items below have been looted by me personally, there are many more items on offer!

Currency: A random chance to loot Legion Datagrams (30-60).
Currency: You may have a random Chaos Mote drop!
Costume Bundle: Bristling Bundle
Costume Bundle: Fine Bundle
Costume Set: Classic 1-Handed Weapon Set 01 – 14
Costume: Corsair’s Helm
Costume: Defiant Crest Cape
Costume: Guardian Crest Cape
Costume: Luxurious Cape
Costume: Prowler’s Cowl
Costume: Riot Torch
Costume: Sharpened Pitchfork
Costume: Sharpened Saw
Costume: Watcher’s Helm
Lesser Experience Vials – 15%
Lesser Token Tablets – 15%
Pet: Stormy (From Budgies event)

Many new Dimension items
This is the Knotted Moonshade Elm
Classic 1-Handed Weapon Set 07
Chaos Mote
Fine Bundle

Events can also drop six different useable items. Read the tooltip text on the items to figure out who to use them on! Using the items will pop Legacy cheevos which reward titles as detailed below.

Use 50 of: Dysmorphic Infuser – Title: Hazardous
Use 50 of: Empty Barrel – Title: Barrel Tosser
Use 50 of: Water Orb – Title: The Water Bomber
Use 25 of: Rhubarb Pie – Title: Rhubarb
Use 50 of: Friendly Gift – This one doesnt give a title
Use 75 of: Dirt Clod – This one doesnt give a title

A list of dimension items looted by myself..

Abyssal Cult Statue Left
Altar with Red Runner
Arcane Globe in Stand
Barber Chair
Barber Table
Bas-relief, Carwin Mathos
Bas-relief, Mathosian Duchess
Bas-relief, Zareph Mathos
Defiant Projector Module
Dwarven Statue, Warrior
Guardian Stepping Stone
Iron Circle Bench
Iron Circle Chair
Iron Circle Statue Right
Kelari Puzzle Piece
Knotted Moonshade Elm
Large Arcane Hanging Candelabra
Medical Satchel
Stepping Stone
Tall Iron Circle Chair
Treasure Cache


Call to Action events used to run back during the Storm Legion and Nightmare Tide expansions.
Each event was completely separate and came with its own currencies.

During the summer of 2018 the events had not run for around 2 years. The Devs decided to update them and bring them back. They combined all the old currencies to a singular one called ‘Chaos Motes’. This means you can now do dailies from all the different Call to Action events to earn small amounts towards whichever items you want.

Other Small Events

Grim Remembrance
I don’t yet know if this will be turned into a Call to Action event, we shall wait and see!