Tempest Bay

Tempest Bay

Map Key: Crafting Area/Banks/Auction House – CanalsPvP RoomWorld Event Currency ExchangeHunt RoomDocks Plaza

  • Tempest Bay is the main city for Defiants and Guardians for level 50 onwards.
  • The main Plaza portal will automatically unlock for you when you hit level 48. There is also a quest that leads you to Tempest bay from Cape Jule and/or Pelladane.
  • There are 3 portals in the zone.
  • Other points of interest are..
    — Entrance to Storm Breaker Protocol Dungeon – /setwaypoint 12774 11756
    — Entrance to The Comet of Ahnket Raid – /setwaypoint 13275 11564

This guide page is still a work in progress with more quests still to be added!


Tempest Bay Tour

The quest is picked up from Lord Nerat in Plaza Aurentine
/setwaypoint 12947 11576

Visit the places listed

Visit the Academy
/setwaypoint 13109 11533

Visit the Bank
/setwaypoint 12974 11461

Visit the Magazine
/setwaypoint 12996 11695

Visit the Traveler
/setwaypoint 12618 11520

Visit Periga’s Workshop
/setwaypoint 12775 11665

Visit the Dimensional Engineers
/setwaypoint 12764 11595

Hand in the quest to Lord Nerat in Plaza Aurentine at /setwaypoint 12947 11576