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Black Box


As with all Storm Legion puzzles you need to complete an artifact set before you can start.
For the Morban puzzle you need to complete the artifact set called little black book.

This is a level 60 artifact set, you can find all these artifacts while hunting in Morban. They are normal white artifacts.
If you have completed the cheevo ‘it goes to eleven’ then you can access a vendor by clicking any of the Henges who will sell you the artifacts.. However the artifacts are very expensive from this vendor, you are much better off doing a couple of artifact hunting runs in Morban and then finishing off the set using the auction house.

When you hand in the artifact set you will be given a collection of pages from a little black book.

Visit omi in Tempest Bay canals at /setwaypoint 12756 11719
She will tell you that to buy the full book you will need 7 strangely mutated fish

You need to farm the fish in a special pool of water between Ashora and Kingsward, the fish are NOT tradeable, you will need to fish them up yourself, they are bound to account though so you can use an alt to fish them if you need to.
Take the armory portal into Kingsward and head north to
/setwaypoint 5736 7322
Here you can jump over the wall and head straight to the pool of water at
/setwaypoint 5818 7052

It USED TO BE that you would have to wait for a Volan event in Ashora to complete before you could gain access to this pool, this was changed after the Nightmare Tide expansion due to less frequent Volan events.

You will need your ‘track fish’ ability on.. you can find this in your general abilities..

Hover over the schools of fish on your mini-map, you are looking for schools of strangely mutated fish!

Once you find one, go over to it and fish them up! You will get one mutated fish from each school
The Celestial fishing rune will not help you fish any more than 1 per school.
if you can’t see any, try switching shards, if there are none up, fish ONE FISH up from all the other schools of fish (clever, rare etc). This will make them disappear after a minute, then wait for respawn in the hope it will respawn as strangely mutated..
You may be really lucky and get all of them within an hour.. You may be unlucky and fish for hours with no results.. If you aren’t seeing any at all just come back after a few hours or the next day.

You do need fishing level 305 to fish them up.. So if you have never fished before then you will need to start now! You will need to level up your fishing skill in lower level zones until you hit 305.

Once you have 7 fish you can go back to Omi in Tempest Bay canals /setwaypoint 12756 11719 and buy the full book.
Right click the book to collect it.

The storm legion puzzle books are all listed at the top of your book collection on your character screen. You can easily check which books you have.

The book you need for the Morban puzzle is ‘Little Black Book’.
Once you have collected it you can then go to the puzzle location to complete the puzzle.

If you go to the puzzle location and cannot interact with the puzzle then its likely because you haven’t collected this book.

Go through the steps above to find out which bit you are on and then continue from that point til you have the book in your collection.

The Morban Puzzle

Take the black strand portal into Morban and head to /setwaypoint 12604 7352
From here you need to climb up the rocks to the puzzle location, start by climbing up the lighter coloured rocks til you find the Carne to your left, then follow the edge of the cliff around the hidden path on the right til you reach the puzzle.. as shown in the video

The puzzle is a remake of ‘the black box’ puzzle.

Link to full guide on Wikipedia

I highly recommend you read the full wiki guide!

There is also a more in depth guide here
Blackbox guide
That may help you too.

There is a black square box with levers all around it.. Hidden inside the box are 4 balls, you need to figure out where the balls are located.
When you pull a lever it will shoot a laser into the box (you cannot see the laser), the laser interacts with the balls inside the box and lights up a light where the laser exits the box.
By activating the levers in turn you can figure out where the balls are.
When you have figured out the location of a ball, simply click the box where you think it is and a green ball will appear on top of the box.

When you have decided on your locations for all 4 balls, click the lever to the left of the chest that says ‘run resonance test’ when you mouseover it

If you are right, the chest will sparkle and you can loot!
If one or more of your balls is in the wrong place the balls will disappear and you can try again.
The balls hidden inside the box will not change configuration unless you press the ‘reset’ lever to the right of the chest.
So if you have tried a few times with one configuration, you may want to reset the puzzle and see if the next configuration is easier to complete.

I have completed the puzzle 3 different times with different configurations to show you what to do.

Rewards From Farming the Puzzle

On your first completion of the puzzle you will receive the ‘letter from Omi’ dimension item.
If you want to keep farming the puzzle you will receive a randomly coloured orb for your dimension for every completion.

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