Infernal Dawn

Cheevos can be found in H > Chronicles > Infernal Dawn: Laethys


Number of bosses: 3

Level of Chronicle: 60

Number of players: This Chronicle can be complete with one or two players.

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this chronicle.
This guide is designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.

When you enter the Chronicle you will be given an instanced quest sticky. Follow the quest objectives to progress through the chronicle and complete it.

Over There

Completing most of the cheevos in the Infernal Dawn: Laethys Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Over There’

Completing this cheevo awards the Snizzips companion pet.

Main Quests and Bosses

The Longshot Goodbye

Pick up the quest ‘Not by a Longshot’ at the start of the Chronicle.

Kill 10 Dreaded Longshot mobs throughout the Chronicle. You will find most of these around the platforms leading to Rusilas ship.

Upon Completion of the quest you will be given the option to choose a reward of 100 Notoriety for… Qaijiri, Caretakers, Achyati, Survivors, Hailol, or Empyreal Alliance.

Monitron Done

Pick up the quest ‘Monitron On’ at the start of the Chronicle.

Click 7 of the Monitrons along the paths to activate them. You will be given an option for what you want them to turn into. I prefer to choose the healing option as it is quick and simple.

Upon Completion of the quest you will be given the option to choose a reward of 100 Notoriety for… Qaijiri, Caretakers, Achyati, Survivors, Hailol, or Empyreal Alliance.

Keeping in Touch

At the entrance to the Chronicle is a Communicator Console. Click it to pick up the quest ‘Keeping in Touch’.
The quest asks you to click the 3 other Communicators, one on each boss.
The communicators will show you boss tactics and information.

This quest is only available on your very first run of the Chronicle.

Switch the Bosses to Hard Mode by pressing the red buttons near the entrance to each boss encounter.

Maklamos the Scryer

A level 70 player can just blitz this boss down and ignore all the mechanics.

Crystalline Missile – The boss will prep a missile of a certain colour. You need to go stand in the crystal that matches the colour to avoid taking damage when he fires the missile.

Quartz Blast – Avoid this spell by line of sighting the boss behind one of the crystals.

Juggernaught Activation – As the boss health lowers he will summon his Juggernaughts to heal him. When the Juggernaughts are activated they will begin casting ‘Returning Power’ which has a 5 second cast time. This should be interrupted before it can finish casting or the boss will heal.

Jugger Not!

The 3 Juggernauts are in a triangle around the boss.

This cheevo is easy enough as a level 70, you can just blitz the boss down before he summons any Juggernaughts.
Otherwise, you will need to switch to the Juggernaught as soon as the boss starts summoning one, then rupt the first cast of Returning Power when it is nearly finished, then hope you have the DPS to kill it before the second cast finishes, this is much easier with 2 people!

Take Cover

Line of sight the boss behind a crystal when he casts Quartz Blast.

Main Boss 1

Kill Maklamos the Scryer

Mak Attack

Kill Maklamos the Scryer on Hard Mode

Rusila Dreadblade

To activate the boss you will need to destroy the ‘Heart of the Dread Fortune’, this is a floating crystal in a bubble shield on the deck of the ship.
Grab a ‘Barrel of Dragons Breath’ and take it to the heart. Use the ability to drop the barrel on the heart and move away while it explodes!
The sheild will now be down so ytou can DPS down the heart. Low level players may need to remove the sheild twice to be able to destroy the heart fully.
Once the heart is destroyed, Rusila will attack!

A level 70 player can just blitz this boss down.

Outer Wrath – Stand near the boss to avoid damage.

Inner Wrath – Stand away from the boss to avoid damage.

Repeating Shot – Interruptable or you can line of sight her.

Rusila’s Fist – Purple circle on the floor – Move out or get launched!

Thousand Cuts – Buzz saws that emanate out from Rusila – Move away to make it easier to avoid them.

Buzz Saws – Constantly moving about on the ships deck – Sharp things hurt.

Lava Pools – Don’t stand in the bad.

Adds – So many adds! Try to splash some AoE about so you don’t get overwhelmed. You can destroy the hatches using the barrels if it is too many for you.

The Fist and the Fury

Stay out of the purple circles and stand near the boss during Outer Wrath.

Buzz Off, Saw

The Buzz Saws follow the lines in the ships deck. Stand in a big gap! be careful of Rusilas ‘Thousand Cuts’ ability too, move out and give yourself time to avoid.

This cheevo awards the wardrobe: Rusila’s Swashbuckling Tricorn

Main Boss 2
Down with the Ship

Kill Rusila Dreadblade

Rusila Killa

Kill Rusila Dreadblade on Hard Mode


A level 70 player will need to be careful! This boss has two phases and can be bugged if you go too quick!

Walk into the middle of the room and Laethys will make his entrance.
This first version of Laethys will need to be brought down to 30% health and then you must STOP DPS. If you kill this version then it will bug out the Chronicle.
This first version will disappear and the real Laethys will emerge! Feel free to blitz this one down.

You will be a given a temporary ability called ‘Distract’. This is an interrupt spell which you can use if your role doesn’t have one. You can just use your own rupt spell if you prefer.

First phase

Flare – Hurts a bit, can be rupted.

Golden Breath – A frontal cone, best to move out of it.

Red circles on the floor – Move out the bad!

Second Phase

Tail Lance – Purple circle on the ground, move out or get stabbed!

Auric Evocation – A shower of gold from the bosses hand, stay out the way!

Laethic – Get on top of the piles of gold or take lots of damage!

Slam – Laethys will slam his arm down in different directions – Move out the way!

Get Away From There!

During second phase, if you go behind Laethys then 2 ‘Rear Guard’ adds will spawn and they hurt. Don’t do that!

The Tail End

Get out of the bad circles!

Main Boss 3
Laethys Down

Kill Laethys

Slay this Leathys

Kill Laethys on Hard Mode

It’s Bugged!

If you do accidentally bug out the boss then you can leave the Chronicle (use soul recall or another teleport) and then re-enter the Chronicle using the normal Chronicle queue (you don’t need to reset the Chronicle, this won’t work anyways!). When you re-enter the boss should have reset, go slow this time!

Upon Completion of the Chronicle (The Golden Worm) you will be given the option to choose a reward of 300 Notoriety for… Qaijiri, Caretakers, Achyati, Survivors, Hailol, or Empyreal Alliance.

Rare mob

I Can't Watch

Killing the rare mob, the Watcher, in the Infernal Dawn: Laethys Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘I Can’t Watch’

The Watcher can be found in many locations throughout the Chronicle. He is up quite often, so shouldnt take too many runs before you find him.

/setwaypoint 1572 1478
/setwaypoint 1359 1476
/setwaypoint 1090 1437
/setwaypoint 892 1350


There is no cheevo for looting the chest. The chest can be found in many different locations throughout the Infernal Dawn: Laethys Chronicle.
Chest Loots include: Crystalized Insight (PAXP)

/setwaypoint 1566 1489
/setwaypoint 1292 1481
/setwaypoint 1571 1472
/setwaypoint 899 1240


Collecting all the artifacts in the Infernal Dawn: Laethys Chronicle does not grant a cheevo.
Artifacts can be found all around the Chronicle and also drop directly from the bosses.

Rawlte’s Favorite Flowers

Set Type = Normal

Infernal Dawn: Laethys

Set Type = Normal

Dreaded Personal Effects

Set Type = Normal

Predictions of Maklamos

Set Type = Normal

Reagents of the Gilded Sages

Set Type = Normal

Preserved Earth Plane Remains

Set Type = Normal

Maklamos’s Pet Rocks

Set Type = Normal

Hoarded Coins

Set Type = Normal

Notes about the leadership of Infernal Dawn

Set Type = Normal

Twisted: Laethys's Scarlet Collection

Set Type = Twisted

Twisted: Rusila’s Techno Arsenal

Set Type = Twisted

Twisted: Carcera’s Animal Disguises

Set Type = Twisted

Sinister Presence

Infernal Dreams

The Sinister Presence is on the platform leading to Rusila’s ship..
/setwaypoint 1576 1468
Kill the Tormented Longshot to spawn the Sinister Presence and kill it.

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