Planebreaker Bastion

Cheevos can be found in H > Chronicles > Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath


Number of bosses: 4

Level of Chronicle: 60

Number of players: This Chronicle can be complete with one or two players.

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this chronicle.
This guide is designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.

When you enter the Chronicle you will be given an instanced quest sticky. Follow the quest objectives to progress through the chronicle and complete it.

Inglorious Bastion

Completing most of the cheevos in the Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Inglorious Bastion’

Completing the Inglorious Bastion cheevo awards you the companion pet: Zit Zot

Main Quests and Bosses

Clean Up Job - Complete the two Quests

When you enter the Chronicle there will be 2 quests to pick up from some guys on the first platform.

  • A Dangerous Device – Picked up from Rawlte – Overload the Planar Televeyer – You will need to do this to get to the last boss.
  • Hive Divided – Picked up from Lia Morness – Kill Architect Soldiers and Augmentors x12 – You will find plenty of these to kill.

Upon Completion of each quest you will be given the option to choose a reward of 100 Notoriety for… Qaijiri, Caretaker’s, Achyati, Survivor’s, Hailol, or Empyreal Alliance.

Hard Mode Buttons

Each boss has a hard mode button. Turn this on if you fancy a challenge.

Switching the bosses to hard mode will complete a Hero’s Bounty quest for each boss. You will be given the choice between 100 Notoriety for… Qaijiri, Caretaker’s, Achyati, Survivor’s, Hailol, or Empyreal Alliance. You will also get 150 Void Stone and 2.5 platinum.

All the tactical boss cheevos can be earned on normal mode or hard mode.

Usurper Esai

As a level 70 you can just blitz this boss down and not have to worry about mechanics.

Grit Blast – A spell that covers the whole platform in bad. Stand in an Entropic Zone to be shielded from it. These are the beams of light/yellow smoke in the hexagons around the edge of the platform. Note: The Entropic Zones with purple around them will be disappearing soon, don’t stand in them!

Kinetic Redirect – A spell that will deal damage to you if you are moving. Stay still!

Burning Earth – Damages you if you are stood still – Keep running!


Defeat Usurper Esai without any players getting hit by Kinetic Redirect.

Be sure to stay still during Kinetic Redirect.

Usurper Derper

Defeat Usurper Esai without any players entering an Entropic Zone.

Bring some extra heals for the Grit Blast phase, don’t go into the light!

Main Boss 1
Bye Bye Esai

Kill Usurper Esai

Super Usurper

Kill Usurper Esai on Hard Mode

Sharad X9

As a level 70 you can just blitz this boss down and not have to worry about mechanics.

Laser Net – A net of lasers will emanate from Sharad X9, they will then slowly turn, you need to move with them to stay in a safe spot. They can go in both directions so pay attention!

Blast Ring – A ring of white/yellow appears under the boss, get in it to avoid damage.

Standard Slug + Heavy Slug – A low level will want to rupt this!

Shut Out Game

Defeat Sharad X9 without anyone being hit by Laser Net or cast time attacks.

To get this cheevo you will need to avoid all the abilities that have cast times..
Laser Net – Stay away from the lasers.
Blast Ring – Get close to the boss.
Standard Slug + Heavy Slug – Be sure to interrupt the Standard slug, this will stop the Heavy Slug from being cast.

A level 70 player can just blitz the boss down before anything is even cast (you may need to rupt one Slug)..

Main Boss 2
X Out the X9

Kill Sharad X9

Mad, Bad Sharad

Kill Sharad X9 on Hard Mode

Tesni the Ravenous

As a level 70 you can just blitz this boss down and not have to worry about mechanics.

Rock Bug adds – Spawn for the duration of the fight, kill them if they hurt you.

Spitting Mad/Toxic Spit – The boss gains a 30 second long buff called Spitting Mad. During the buff duration he will constantly cast Toxic Spit. This casts nasty circles of pain on the floor where you are stood. This is gonna hurt even at level 70, move out of it!

Bug Mounds – Can be destroyed to reduce the amount of Rock Bugs spawning. If players are stood near it when it is destroyed then it will splash them with an anti acid goop. When you kill the Mounds, the boss will get a stacking buff that increases its damage. You will need to balance this carefully.

Acid Splash – Covers the whole platform in acid – If you are squishy then you will need to destroy a Bug Mound to protect you.

Summoning – A large amount of ‘Spawnling’ adds will appear.. this is gonna hurt if you are only little.

Fleet of Foot

Defeat Tesni the Ravenous without any players taking damage from Toxic Spit.

Carefully avoid all the Toxic Circles!

Mounds Abound

Don’t destroy any of the Bug Mounds when fighting Tesni the Ravenous

Don’t DPS down the Mounds.

Main Boss 3
Glutton for Punishment

Kill Tesni the Ravenous

Gnarly Victory

Kill Tesni the Ravenous on Hard Mode

Reroute the Energy Conduit

Continue up the ramp behind the third boss and click the Enery Conduit
/setwaypoint 504 787

Unlock the Barrier Control

Go back down to the platform where boss 2 was. Click the Barrier Control in front of the Barrier.
/setwaypoint 418 883

Overload the Planar Televeyer

Go through the tunnel and into the room where the last boss is. Go across the room and click the Planar Televeyer.
/setwaypoint 221 1081

You do not need to clear the trash on the circle surrounding the last bosses room, however, there may be artifacts along it!

Mistress Inyra

As a level 70 you can just blitz this boss down and not have to worry about mechanics.

Earth Blast – Quarters of the room will be red – Move out of red.

Death Burst – The inner ring in the room will be red – Move out of red.

Death Ring – The outer ring in the room will be red – Move out of red.

Empowering Blobs – Inyra will cast ‘Call to the Planes‘ – A few Empowering Blobs will spawn and head towards her. Kill them before they reach her or they will buff her.

Planar Overload – Inyra will be constantly casting Planar Bolt at you, after a while you will be overloaded, go into an Entropic Zone to remove it before the timer runs out and you explode (not good). The Entropic Zones are much like the ones on the first boss, yellow circles/beams of light, with yellow smoke coming out of them.

Inyra Miss

Defeat Mistress Inyra without any players hit by Earth Blast, Death Burst, or Death Ring.

Stay out the red.

Blob Goblin

Don’t let any of the Empowering Blobs reach Mistress Inyra.

Kill all the Blobs quickly when they spawn.

Main Boss 4

Kill Mistress Inyra

Don't Fear the Inyra

Kill Mistress Inyra on Hard Mode

Upon Completion of the Chronicle (Ensuing Chaos) you will be given the option to choose a reward of 300 Notoriety for… Qaijiri, Caretakers, Achyati, Survivors, Hailol, or Empyreal Alliance.

Rare mob

Fish out of Water

Killing the rare mob, Azoan, in the Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Fish out of Water’.

Azoan can be found in many locations throughout the Chronicle.

/setwaypoint 245 1061
/setwaypoint 577 845
/setwaypoint 289 834
/setwaypoint 492 792


The chest can be found in many different locations throughout the Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath Chronicle. There is no cheevo for finding it.
Chest Loots include: Crystallized Insight (PAXP)

/setwaypoint 212 1086
/setwaypoint 490 839
/setwaypoint 309 837
/setwaypoint 424 911


Collecting all the artifacts in the Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath Chronicle does not grant a cheevo.

Usurper Esai's Top Reasons

Set Type = Normal


Set Type = Normal

Potential Misuses of the Planar Televeyer

Set Type = Normal

Favorite Delicacies of Tesni the Ravenous

Set Type = Normal

Sharad X9
Spare Parts

Set Type = Normal

Mistress Inyra’s Resolutions

Set Type = Normal

Twisted: Tailortects of the Earth Plane

Set Type = Twisted

Twisted: Sharad X9's Relationship Advice

Set Type = Twisted

Twisted: Twisted Tesni's Favorite Delicacies

Set Type = Twisted

Twisted: Collected Works of Esai

Set Type = Twisted

Sinister Presence

Nightmare Breaker

The Sinister Presence is on the same platform as the first boss, he will only appear after the boss is dead.
/setwaypoint 486 933
Kill the Tormented Empyreal Soldier to spawn the Sinister Presence and then kill it.

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