River of Souls

Cheevos can be found in H > Chronicles > River of Souls: Chains of Death

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Number of bosses: 3

Level of Chronicle: 50

Number of players: This Chronicle can be complete with one or two players.

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this chronicle.
This guide is designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.

When you enter the Chronicle you will be given an instanced quest sticky. Follow the quest objectives to progress through the chronicle and complete it.

During the Chronicle you will be disguised as an Endless Cultist. You will have a buff called ‘Essence of the Endless’ that will apply this disguise. You cannot remove it.

This guide is for the level 50 Chronicle ‘River of Souls: Chains of Death’. You can find the guide to the level 65 Chronicle ‘Intrepid: River of Souls‘ here.

Main Quests and Bosses

In Service of the Soulstream

This Chronicle is super easy for a level 70, you can kill all the bosses with ease. You may need to make a few runs before you encounter the rare.

Dark Foci

Gather the power of the Dark Foci x3

Find the 3 Dark Foci and click the Dark Energy crystals in front of them to gather their power.
The 3 Foci are marked on the in game map. They are the yellow stars on the map above.

Ithluk the Corrupted

A level 70 player can easily kill this boss without having to worry about mechanics.

The boss will bring up some adds, kill them! They will explode when they die, dealing damage to anyone nearby.

Tychus Ranthar

A level 70 player can easily kill this boss without having to worry about mechanics.

Kill his two adds and then blitz him down!
He will throw you around a bit.

Deliver the power to Plutonus

Walk up to the circle where Plutonus is (Red star on map above) and stand there while he does his big long speech.

Deliver the Soul Imprints to Alsbeth

Continue across the bridge to Alsbeth and stand near her to deliver the Soul Imprints.
There is quite a bit of chatter before the next boss arrives.

Be sure to right click Alsbeth and talk with her when asked to.

Note: If you walk to Alsbeth too quickly then it may not progress the quest properly. Go back out to the other side of the bridge and enter Alsbeths area again to progress the quest properly.


A level 70 player can easily kill this boss without having to worry about mechanics.

At 50% health Gaurath will fly up into the air and barrage the platform with purple circles. Keep moving to avoid them until he lands again then DPS him down.

At 10% health he will become immune and Alsbeth will come along to have a chat with him (and send him to Regulos!).

Speak with Alsbeth

Right click Alsbeth to talk with her.

Free Zereph

Click Zereph to set him free and reveal to Alsbeth that it is you, an ascended! in disguise!

Escape through Zereph's Portal

Go through the portal that appears behind Zereph. This will take you back to the Chronicle entrance where you can loot another reward chest!

You will get small amounts of Order of Mathos notoriety for every mob you kill.

Rare mob

Putting Down the Prowler

Killing the rare mob, Sinthis, in the River of Souls: Chains of Death Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Putting Down the Prowler’

Sinthis can be found wandering around in the area just south of Plutonus.
/setwaypoint 772 998
Sinthis does not have the rare symbol on his head.


Planar Plunder

Looting the chest in the River of Souls: Chains of Death Chronicle will grant you the cheevo ‘Planar Plunder’.

The chest can be found in many different locations throughout the River of Souls: Chains of Death Chronicle.
Chest Loots include: Random gear, and artifacts.

/setwaypoint 760 904
Before the slope up to Plutonus.
/setwaypoint 671 782
Just east of Ithluk the Corrupted
/setwaypoint 725 1063
Near the vendor, Darath
/setwaypoint 728 761
In the circle around Gaurath


River of Souls: Chains of Death

Set Type = Normal

The Soulstream

Set Type = Normal

Collecting all the artifacts in the River of Souls: Chains of Death Chronicle does not grant a cheevo.

The Merchant

Darath Vrugen

Sometimes there will be a merchant up at /setwaypoint 728 1068

He sells a ‘Blood of Regulos’ drink, suitable for level 50s to regain health.
He also sells a ‘Square of Carpet Soiled by Galenir’ – This item is just fluff and not worth anything. It is not used for anything.

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