Eastern Holdings

Cheevos found in H > Zones > Storm Legion > Eastern Holdings

Bogling Boggle

You can find a full guide to the Eastern Holdings puzzle here.

How Would You Like Your Mob?

You can find a full guide to the Eastern Holdings rares here.

Estate of Insanity

Start at the bottom of the mountain at
/setwaypoint 8878 8795
Climb all the way up the mountain and onto the wall at
/setwaypoint 8688 8774
Climb onto the vine at
/setwaypoint 8775 8667
Stand on the vine at
/setwaypoint 8818 8694
Run and jump (unmounted) into the water below.

Ascended by Lamplight

To get up to the Strozza North and East ones, you can climb up the hill behind the portal at /setwaypoint 8847 7652 or go up the long way from /setwaypoint 9266 8082


/setwaypoint 8267 8107
Go up the hill at
/setwaypoint 8325 8051

Strozza North

/setwaypoint 8771 7798

Strozza East

/setwaypoint 9050 8056

Strozza West

/setwaypoint 8654 8334
Climb up the mountain at
/setwaypoint 8839 8401
Then drop down onto the building roof.

Commons Central

/setwaypoint 8690 8534
Go back up the mountain from Strozza West and drop onto the roof at /setwaypoint 8732 8421.
Make you way over to /setwaypoint 8755 8472 and drop down.

Commons East

/setwaypoint 8845 8580
Go back up the mountain and drop onto this rectangular rooftop.

Commons North

/setwaypoint 8136 8586
Go up the slope at /setwaypoint 8115 8810
Go across the rooftop and drop down to the correct roof.

Commons West

/setwaypoint 7509 8282
Drop down from the hillside behind at
/setwaypoint 7495 8257

What's in a Name

These are named mobs that also count as a single mob carnage.
You can use a target macro to help find them
target Scourgeclaw
target Rognatt
target Carglion
target Lastro
target Karlent


/setwaypoint 7949 8012


/setwaypoint 8558 8697


/setwaypoint 7511 7579


/setwaypoint 8529 8927
On the top of the buildings, not in the corridor below.


/setwaypoint 8882 8311
Go up the slope at
/setwaypoint 8692 8234
Then across the bridge at
/setwaypoint 8816 8216

Vanishing Vhar

There are two main areas for farming this one.
A group of Vhar just south of the Arkella Estate and another group east of the Arkella Estate. 

Night Terrors

You will get this cheevo during the questline.

Drill Sergeant

Only available for Defiants.
You will get this cheevo during the questline.

The Afluence of Incohol

Only available for Guardians.
You will get this cheevo during the questline.

Bunker Busting

1. Fen Gorge – /setwaypoint 8672 9407
2. Strozza – /setwaypoint 9019 8065
3. Arkella – /setwaypoint 8799 8737
The Arkella bunker is underwater.
4. Ursine Grove – /setwaypoint 7816 7812
5. Southwall – /setwaypoint 8055 8728
6. Reservoir – /setwaypoint 7893 8365

Eastern Explorer

1. Avendrus Estate
2. Reservoir
3. Auroborus Woods
4. Western Commons
5. Villa Orphela
6. Arkella Estate
7. Fen Gorge Bunker
8. Strozza Estate