Ardent Domain

Cheevos found in H > Zones > Storm Legion > Ardent Domain

Short Circuit

You can find a full guide to the Ardent Domain puzzle here.

Prey To Play

You can find a full guide to the Ardent Domain Rares here.


You will need to do this cheevo in order to prep for the Eastern Holdings zone puzzle.
Make sure you keep the dolls, don’t destroy them! Follow the directions on the puzzle page.
You need to collect these dolls in the Cassana Estate area of Ardent Domain.


/setwaypoint 5841 10671
This doll is very easy to get to.
You can use the plant in front of the building to jump up to the roof or drop down from above.
You can also use a jumping mount such as Opie or the Jetpack.


/setwaypoint 5834 10546
This one is much more difficult to get to!
You need to go all the way to the top/back of the estate and then work your way down jumping along the buildings.


/setwaypoint 5790 10414
This one is easy to get to, start at the base of the root/plant at /setwaypoint 5721 10459 and climb up til you are level with the building ledge, then jump onto it 🙂


/setwaypoint 5877 10650
This is an easy jump down from the top of the estate.


/setwaypoint 5965 10616
this one is slightly difficult to get to.
the trick is just to walk off the building while mounted.. Don’t jump! Also, using a 150% mount that doesn’t scale up is a good idea, so you don’t overshoot the mark.


/setwaypoint 6021 10532
This is another difficult one, a bit of clever jumping 🙂

Once you have picked up the 6th doll you will earn the cheevo ‘m’doidoi’

If you have picked up the dolls before you will not be able to pick them up again as they will disappear!
If you have accidentally deleted a doll, don’t despair!
There is doll at /setwaypoint 5860 10725 right at the top of Casana Estate that you can click to ‘regain’ any lost dolls. 

Pew Pew Pew

You will need to do this cheevo in order to prep for the Seratos zone puzzle.
When you complete the cheevo and read the book you will be given a blob of ectoplasm, you can repeat the cheevo til you have 3 blobs of ectoplasm so you are prepped for the puzzle.

Take the Soros Estate portal into Ardent Domain and head over to /setwaypoint 4565 10042 in the Temple of Thontic.
Follow the tunnel down into the building.

In the main room are a lot of benches facing an alter

On the 3rd bench along the front is a red book..

When you approach the book, it will disappear and move to another bench. You don’t need to click or interact with the book in any way, just get close to it.
You need to keep chasing the book around, running up to it as quickly as you can whenever it changes position. If you take too long to get to the next position then the book will reset.
Eventually it will end up at the alter at the front of the room, once it is here you can click the book to pick it up.. This is a very long cast time, you will need to make sure you have killed all the bad guys in the room so they don’t rupt you while you are picking up the book.
You can do this mounted for extra speed, or wear insoles.

The book will always move to the different benches in the same pattern/order.. the order is…

Once you have visited all 16 benches the book will appear on the alter at the front..
Go to it as quickly as possible and right click to loot it.

Be aware that if the bad guy respawns while you are looting the book then you will be rupted and will have to kill him and try to loot the book again.

When you loot the book you will receive a blob of ectoplasm. You will also get the cheevo ‘Pew Pew Pew’.
The book will reset and you can repeat the process 2 more times to get a total of 3 blobs.

If you are SUPER QUICK then you may be able to loot the same book twice or even 3 times, each time you loot it you will get a blob. You will see in the video that i looted the same book 2 times.

Heady Heights

You need to climb the mountain at the back of the Temple of Thontic til you reach
/setwaypoint 4774 10516
This is quite an easy mountain to climb with no real jumping needed.

More Vine Diving

From the Cassana Estate portal head down to the lake at Witch’s Thicket.
Find the large vine that starts at 
/setwaypoint 6133 9816
Climb the vine a short distance to
/setwaypoint 6170 9808
From here jump while mounted toward the water in a south-east direction.

What Witch

You will likely complete this cheevo while you are doing the questline.
If you didn’t, just find the witch at Witch’s Thicket at 
/setwaypoint 6292 9768
Kill her and loot the Witch’s head quest item.

Right click it to get the quest then go hand it in at Turnis River Bunker to collect your cheevo!

Cats and Dogs

You can pick up the ‘Mongrel Control’ carnage from the barghests all around /setwaypoint 5402 9242
‘Cat tamer’ is a normal quest that you can pick up after doing just the first few quests of the story questline in Ardent Domain. The quest is picked up from Annalisa Stuzzi at /setwaypoint 5734 9393 in the Turnis River Bunker. The quest involves catching 10 feral cats.

You will likely complete both of these quests during your normal questing activities in Ardent Domain.

False Benefactor

You will get this cheevo from completing the Ardent Domain questline.


In the Temple of Thontic area are two graveyards full of undead zombies to kill. 
You can also find quite a few undead around the lake to the north.

Nature Walk

1. Temple of Thontic
2. Turnis Valley
3. Soros Estate
4. Auditorium Carnos
5. Cassana Estate
6. Witch’s Thicket
7. Dawnkeeper Vale
8. Storehouse Cassana