As you complete different puzzles you will unlock many daily and weekly quests. You pick up the quests from Dead Simon in the reception room.
You will only be able to pick up quests if your character is level 65 or over.


Freeze Pleeze

This daily is available after you have completed the Sudoku puzzle.

It’s a very easy daily, tho quite time consuming..

This makes it a good daily to start off with as it takes quite a bit of time to get your 20 snowballs and by the time you have finished, your dungeon should be full of rats to kill!

Inside the Sudoku room, you need to pick up the ‘strange containers’ these will give you 4 different temporary abilities. For the daily, you need to throw snowballs at the Pesky Boglings 20 times.

Twinkle Twinkle

This daily is available after you have completed the laser shape puzzle.

The Twinkle Twinkle daily is very easy, this daily takes place in the laser shapes puzzle room.

Doing the daily requires the activation of only 12 orbs!

Starting with the 4 orbs on the bottom..

Then take the tunnel to get to the top
platform and do the middle 4 orbs..

And finally the last 4 orbs at the top.

This may all seem daunting and confusing at first.. but with some practice you will be able to find these orbs easily and do the daily in very little time.

Walking around the platform a few times, changing your view angle may help you find the right orbs at the beginning.

Here is the video guide for the twinkle twinkle daily..

Dungeon Run Challenge

This daily is available after completing ALL the puzzles in solo mode.
This daily is considered easy, as long as you have the right spec!
The route for the dungeon run is as follows..

The Rat Hunter add on will show the route on your map while you complete the challenge. (New for October 2023)

The first and most important thing you will need for the dungeon run daily is a good running spec, you will need a spec with a few passive speed buffs along with a few increase speed abilities. You can see spec suggestions on the Toks Specs page.

The second thing you need to do to prep for your run is to go through the dungeon and complete the Glass Maze puzzle and the Math Maze puzzle. Completing the Glass Maze will allow you to speed run through it a second time without having to follow the route to pull levers. Completing the Math Maze means you can just run straight through the middle of the maze and pull the lever on the exit door, before completion there is no lever to pull on the exit door.

As a rogue I use a special spec especially created for running around in Toks dungeon. It has loads of speed boosts, both passive and active. The spec also allows me to drop a memory capture point, which I use at the glass maze and in the dining room. (I havn’t done this in the video)

Here is a video of the dungeon run using this spec..

At the beginning of the video I have opened up the soul tree so you can see which spec was used and which abilities are most important.
Don’t use a flash forward ability before a checkpoint as the checkpoint may not register, always use after a checkpoint.

Pyramid Dash Challenge

This daily is available after completing the pyramid puzzle.

This is a race to complete just the traps section of the pyramid.

If you fall or are just too slow then you can wait for the 2 min timer to run out and it will reset to let you try again (you do not have to abandon and re-pick-up the quest!)

You may need to untick and re-tick the quest to your quest stickies so you can see the timer again.

Again you will need a very fast running spec, but also a lot of practice to do this one quickly enough!

Boglings Denied

This daily is available after completing the Sudoku puzzle.

This daily involves completing the Sudoku puzzle without allowing any Boglings to reach the centre and ‘change’ the puzzle

This daily was considered far too long and stressful for me to do on a daily basis, but of course it is entirely up to you which dailies you want to include in your grind.

The best way to do this daily solo is to go into Toks, complete the snowball daily first, while picking up snowballs you will also be picking up the ‘loaded die’ – In your first few runs you will want to make sure you have at least 5 of the loaded die, in later runs you may be able to get away with just 3, tho i always stock 5 just to be safe 🙂

Then you will need to go back to reception and reset the puzzle by pulling the lever next to Simons desk (you can ofc do all your other dailies first, and kill all the rats that have spawned!)

Once the dungeon has reset, pick up your Boglings denied daily and make your way down to the Sudoku room, don’t walk too close to the door before you are super ready to start as even being just outside the door can trigger things inside to start happening.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a Sudoku solver for this puzzle/daily.. you can download the in game soduko solver addon here, or you can use an online one here.. or you can download an app for that on your mobile phone/tablet.

When you are ready to proceed, enter the room, pop open your add on or grab your tablet/phone/second screen and start plugging in the numbers.. Use the loaded die to keep the Boglings at bay.

It is easier to see the whole gameboard + the incoming Boglings if you ctrl+U to remove your UI. You will need to keybind the loaded die ability to do this, make sure you grab the ability from the temp ability bar, not drag the die from your bags to your bar.

Nom Nom

This daily is available after completing the Pacman puzzle.

The aim of this daily is to complete the Ppacman/Munch Maze 3 times in a row with no mistakes.

If you are super good/quick at the Munch Maze then you will find the time to reward ratio of this quest is quite good. But you would need to be able to do the 3 in a row on your first try, otherwise you may as well be rat hunting!

Here is the Munch Maze walkthrough video..


There are 2 weeklies available in Toks..

Oooo Shiny

This weekly is unlocked after you have completed the Pyramid puzzle.

For this weekly, you need to go into the Pyramid puzzle room and find a chest of shiny things.

The chest can spawn in many many locations throughout the pyramid room. You do not need to complete the Pyramid puzzle each week to allow you to find the chest, you only need to complete the pyramid puzzle once to unlock the weekly quest.

I have taken screenshots of many of those locations – click here to view!

Once you find your chest, port back to dead Simon to hand in the quest and he will reward you with your very own chest of shiny things! This chest contains artifacts! Always at least one relic, one epic and one rare artifact, it is VERY useful for completing the sets in Toks. So much so that you should be doing this weekly on every alt you have if you plan to go the whole hog and complete all the artifact sets in Toks. More information about this is on the Toks artifacts page.

If you are completing this weekly on alts make sure you send the chest to your main character BEFORE you open it!


A nice easy weekly, kill 50 rats as you walk through Toks dungeon. Don’t forget to loot them!

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