Citadel of Insanity

Cheevos found in H > Dungeons > Rift: Nightmare Tide > Citadel of Insanity


Location: Draumheim
Waypoint: /setwaypoint 5173 4830

Number of Standard bosses: 4
Level of Standard bosses: 63-65
Number of Expert bosses: 4
Level of Expert bosses: 67

Solo at 70?: Yes
All cheevos while solo?: You will need 5 people for the cheevo ‘Briefcased’

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this dungeon.
This guide is mainly designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.
If the content becomes ‘relevant’ again then I will expand the boss guides as needed and add more detail.

Boss 1 - Glacieus - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

The boss has a few abilities to watch out for…

  • Coldsnap – A debuff placed on a random player – Reduces movement speed for 10 seconds – Can be cleansed.
  • Deepice Armor – The boss buffs himself with a shield and will not take damage while the buff is active – Remove the buff by dragging him through a Boiling Geyser.
  • Boiling Geyser – A blue bubble that appears randomly in the area – Placing the boss in the bubble will remove stacks of Deepice Armor while adding stacks of Boiling Alive and Boiling Mad.
  • Boiling Alive – Each stack increases the bosses damage done by 10% – A stack is added when the boss enters the Geyser – The buff is permanent.
  • Boiling Mad – Each stack increases the bosses damage done by 3% – A stack is applied every 5 seconds while the boss is in the Geyser – Boiling Mad removes Deepice Armor.
  • Frost Elemental – The boss summons a Frost Elemental add – When the Frost Elemental dies it will drop a frozen core – Only a player being targeted with Froststrike should pick up the frozen core.
  • Froststrike – The boss will target a random player and cast Froststrike. – The cast is 6 seconds long, giving the player enough time to pick up the frozen core – The frozen core will grant the player a buff called ‘Ice Shield‘ – This will protect them from the damage that Froststrike does.

Boss 2 - Cresaphin - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

This boss does not need a specific tank as it will target all players randomly with all the abilities he does. Your tank can go DPS, but you will still want a healer!

  • Growing Strength – A buff on the boss that increases every 20 seconds – Each stack increases his damage dealt by 5% – This can get painful for low level groups!
  • Poisonous Bolt – Cast on a random player. – The player will gain a stack of ‘Poisonous Fumes’
  • Poisonous Fumes – A debuff that deals damage every 3 seconds – Stacks are added every time a player is hit with Poisonous Bolt – Remove the stacks using Hatchling Mucus – Try to keep stacks below 5.
  • Hatchling Mucus – Destroy the egg bundles and they will drop ‘Immature Hatchlings‘ – Click the Immature Hatchlings to cleanse the Poisonous Fumes debuff.
  • Encasing – A random player will be encased in an ‘orb’ and stunned – The other players need to right click the orb to release the encased player. – The orb requires 4 clicks total to be removed.
  • Chitinous Shielding – The boss will be shielded and you won’t be able to interrupt him during the shield – DPS the shield off and then cast an interrupt on the boss to stop the Shield cast.
Trash between boss 2 and 3

Back in the olden days, we would send a stealthed rogue along the path to skip all the trash.
The rest of the group would go to the red circle, up against the wall and /cast last resort
The stealthy player would make their way through the city till they get to the yellow circle, then use Call of the Ascended (mass resurrect) to revive the other players on the right side of the wall!

Boss 3 - Skylla - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

When you start the fight, Skylla will have 5 stacks of a buff called ‘Undying Loyalty’.
You won’t be able to kill the boss until all 5 stacks are removed.
The stacks are removed by destroying the pillars around the circle.
While the pillars are inactive, you should be DPSing Skylla to keep her health as low as possible.

  • Fuel Nightmare Portal – A 13 second channel – Skylla targets a random pillar and tries to open a portal – Everyone must DPS the pillar down before the cast is over – Skylla will heal during the cast – Destroying the pillar will remove a stack of the bosses buff ‘Undying Loyalty’ – If the pillar is not destroyed in time then Skylla will gain a buff called ‘Nightmare Power Portal’, if Skylla reaches 5 stacks of this buff then you lose!

There are a few other mechanics to be aware of..

  • All or Nothing – 5 second cast followed by a 5 second channel – At the end of the channel Skylla will hit all players, the more health she has the harder she will hit! – Keep Skylla’s health low, preferably at 1%, to avoid dying to this.
  • Arresting Contagion – The boss gains a buff that lasts 7 seconds – This deals damage to anyone that moves! – The buff can be purged.
  • Fractured Reality – 8 second channel – Red AoE to move out of, the AoE will either be an inner circle around the boss, or an outer circle around the edge of the area. – At 4 seconds into the cast the red will deal its damage and then switch to the opposite area. – Be sure not to be stood in the red!
  • Infectious Bile – 4 second channel – Cast on a random player – The player will be mind controlled and spawn parasite adds – Another player will need to interrupt the cast to free their friend!

Boss 4 - Corrupted Kondraum - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

Most groups will have the DPS stack in the middle of the area while the tank kites the boss around the edges, this allows the DPS to stay out of the way and out of the bad on the floor!

When the fight starts, Kondraum will have 2 buffs.
— 6 stacks of Corruption of Lord Arak
— 4 stacks of Internalized Organ

— Remove the stacks of Internalized Organ by dragging the boss through the white circles on the floor, one circle removes one stack.
— When all the stacks of Internalized Organ have been removed, Livers will spawn on the floor.
— The amount of Livers will be the same as the amount of stacks of Corruption of Lord Arak that the boss currently has, starting with 6.
— You now have a short time to kill the Livers. Depending on your groups DPS you may decide to try to AoE them all down, or to focus one or two of them.
— After the time is up, the remaining Livers will disappear and the boss will regain 4 stacks of Internalized Organ, and stacks of Corruption of Lord Arak depending on how many livers survived.
— Drag the boss through the white AoE again to repeat the process until all the Livers are dead and then you can kill the boss.

There are some expanding AoE’s on the floor, the group should just stack in the centre and stay stacked, your healer will sort you out.
Low level groups may find this more difficult. They will need to be careful to stay out of another players ‘Torrent of Pain‘ and when the tank gets ‘Trail of Darkness‘ they will want to place the ‘trail’ away from the middle of the room.

Corrupted Kondraum

Neutral Quests

This quest is available for Citadel of Insanity and is for Guardian and Defiant Characters.

Siege of Draumheim

Normal mode Citadel of Insanity
PICK UP: The quest is picked up from Kondraum in Ghar Station Rosh at /setwaypoint 5573 6387
TO COMPLETE: Stop the Siege of Draumheim

Complete the normal mode Citadel of Insanity dungeon.

Hand in the quest to Kondraum in Ghar Station Rosh at /setwaypoint 5573 6387


There are a few ‘City Scourge’ Carnage quests to pick up within the dungeon, these can only be completed once a day.

Achievements Available

All of the tactical boss cheevos can only be completed in the Expert mode dungeon, even when they do not specify expert mode.

Conqueor: Citadel of Insanity

Note: Misspelling of the word Conqueror

Complete all the cheevos in Citadel of Insanity

Rapid Assault: Citadel of Insanity

Complete Citadel of Insanity on expert difficulty within 22 minutes and 48 seconds

Expert: Citadel of Insanity

Complete Citadel of Insanity on Expert Difficulty

Citadel of Insanity

Complete Citadel of Insanity on Normal Difficulty

Oh Snap

Kill Glacieus on Normal Difficulty

Not Too Crabby

Kill Glacieus on Expert Difficulty

Mostly Crustationary

The debuff says it is only cast on moving targets, so standing still may help! Otherwise it’s just pot luck.

Get Crackin'

Kill him really fast!

Oh, Crab! That Was Close!

When you are being targeted by froststrike, pick up the frozen core within 2 seconds of the end of the cast.
It will help to manage the death of the Frost Elemental, so it dies just as the boss starts casting Fropststrike, this way you know the frozen core won’t disappear halfway through the cast!

Note: This cheevo will pop as soon as you have achieved the objective during the fight – You do not have to wait for boss to die.

Breaking the Claw: Assault and Buttery

Take the boss to blue bubbles until he has 10 stacks of Boiling Alive


Kill Cresaphin on Normal Difficulty


Kill Cresaphin on Expert Difficulty


Free another player from Encasing within 1 second.
This cheevo will require you to have 5 players in the dungeon. The players will all need to stack up together.
As soon as one player is encased, all 4 other players need to immediately right click the orb to release them.
Note, the cheevo requires you to be one of the releasers, not the player who is being released.

This cheevo is confirmed working on 9th September 2022

Not-So-Well-Ventilated Area

Allow the Poisonous Fumes to continue to stack up until it is hitting you for half your health.
Stacks are added every time you are hit with Poisonous Bolt, this is random, so be patient!
Do not cleanse yourself with the Hatchling Mucus.
You may want to bring your own dedicated healer for this!

Skylla Killa

Kill Skylla on Normal Difficulty

Skyll Shot

Kill Skylla on Expert Difficulty

Bile Blocker

Ensure Infectious Bile is interrupted quickly! This is a 4 second cast, so you will need to rupt within 2 seconds every time to get this cheevo.

Corrupted Kondraum
Live and Let Liver

Kill Corrupted Kondraum on Normal Difficulty

A Night to be Forgotten

Kill Corrupted Kondraum on Expert Difficulty

Mechanics Schmechanics

Keep the boss out of the white circles until he is at 1% health.

Hail to the King, Baby!

Go up to the throne area and /sit while stood next to the throne, this may take a few tries to get the positioning just right!

Liver Let Die

Gather all the livers and DPS them down quickly! You can use the barrels in the middle of the room to LOS the livers to gather them up, then your DPS can AoE with ease.

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