Return to Iron Tomb

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Location: Freemarch
Waypoint: /setwaypoint 6178 4800

There is no Standard mode for this dungeon.
Number of Expert bosses: 4
Level of Expert bosses: 67

Solo at 70?: Yes
All cheevos while solo?: Yes

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this dungeon.
This guide is mainly designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.
If the content becomes ‘relevant’ again then I will expand the boss guides as needed and add more detail.

Note: This guide is for the level 65 Nightmare Tide version Return to Iron Tomb, Click here for the level 50 Mathosian version The Iron Tomb.

Boss 1 - Nightmare Kings - Expert Mode

The fight starts with each king spawning individually for you to DPS down. They will then all spawn together.

Each King has slightly different abilities..

  • Nightmare Humbart — Attacks in melee — Casts ‘Death Rally‘ upon death, this is a small AoE on the floor where he dies.
  • Nightmare Derribec — Attacks from ranged — Casts ‘Soul Needle‘ on the whole party, this is a 10 second DOT.
  • Nightmare Laric – Attacks from melee — Casts ‘Unholy Healing/Mending‘ on himself or the other two kings, this is a heal spell, it can be interrupted! — Casts ‘Guardian Spirit‘ when he dies, this will heal any other king that is still alive.

Kill each king individually, then when all 3 spawn, gather them up on top of Derribec and DPS them down. Be sure to interrupt Laric’s healing spell.
When you have killed 2 of the kings some adds called ‘Ancient Helot’ will spawn, they will keep coming in waves. You will likely be able to ignore them and just keep focusing DPS on the 3rd king.

Nightmare Kings

Boss 2 - Nightmare Fetlorn - Expert Mode

Nightmare Fetlorn has a couple of main abilities.

  • Bone Theft — Will spawn a ‘Fetlorn Remains’ mob for every player in line of sight of the boss, will also snare the players and make them take more damage.
  • Boiling Marrow — Stuns and causes damage. – Can be interrupted.
  • Bone Shield — Lasts 10 seconds – Purge this shield off!

The tank needs to hold Fetlorn near the central pillar while ranged DPS stand near the archway that forms the entrance to the small room. This allows everyone to quickly line of sight the boss when he casts Bone Theft.
Assign a player to interrupt Boiling Marrow and another to purge off Bone Shield.

Nightmare Fetlorn

Boss 3 - Nightmare Ragnoth - Expert Mode

Note: If you get to Ragnoths platform and he isn’t there, go back to the other upper platform and stand close to Vexx, he will then talk a bit and summon Ragnoth for you.

Nightmare Ragnoth has a few abilities to watch for..

  • Tsunami  – A frontal cleave – Ensure only the tank is in front of the boss!
  • Chaotic Rain – A buff on the boss that increases his damage for 12 seconds – Purge this off asap.
  • Soul Cascade – The boss will emote “[Player Name] is going to rain damage to nearby allies!” – This will usually be placed on the tank – After 5 seconds the debuff will explode and kill any nearby players.
  • Torrent of Ragnoth – Cast for 4.5 seconds – At the end of the cast a large AoE bubble will emanate from Ragnoth and kill anyone who isn’t in a safe spot. Players must quickly move to the statue that has an NPC by it casting a safety circle of light. When the AoE bubble passes, all the party will be given a debuff called Torrent of Ragnoth that deals a lot of damage, this debuff needs to be cleansed off.

It is usually the Torrent of Ragnoth debuff that will be devastating to low level groups, so ensure you have a good cleanser, and add a support healer with another cleanse if required.

Nightmare Ragnoth

Boss 4 - Nightmare Totek - Expert Mode

Nightmare Totek has a few abilities to watch for..

  • Shadow Rock – A random (Ranged) player is targeted and a red AoE placed under their feet, after 15 seconds a large rock with smash down into the circle. – Players should move out of the red!
  • Shattering Roar – A debuff placed on the whole party that reduces movement speed – Cleanse it!
  • Ancient Fury – An AoE circle around the boss – Stay out of it.
  • Devastation – A random player is knocked back and takes a bunch of damage – Your healer should be ready to heal them.
Nightmare Totek

Achievements Available

Conqueror: Return to Iron Tomb

Complete all the Return to Iron Tomb cheevos listed.

Rapid Assault: Return to Iron Tomb

Complete Return to Iron Tomb in under 12 minutes and 34 seconds.

Return to Iron Tomb

Kill all 4 bosses in Return to Iron Tomb

Nightmare Kings
Three Ring Circus

Kill the Nightmare Kings.

You In Particular

When all 3 kings spawn again during the second phase, target one of them and kill it within 20 seconds.

They All Fall Down

When all 3 kings spawn again during the second phase, carefully DPS all of them down to very low % and then kill them all within 5 seconds of each other. Be watchful of Laric’s heal spell, be sure it is interrupted!

Nightmare Fetlorn
Rising to the Occasion

Kill Nightmare Fetlorn.

No Harm No Foul

Nobody die!

Not in your Wildest Dreams

Assign a player to interrupt Boiling Marrow.
The spell ‘Boned’ doesn’t appear to exist!

Nightmare Ragnoth
A Trusty Villain

Kill Nightmare Ragnoth.

Side Step

Nightmare Sweep does not appear to be an ability that the boss does anymore, so every kill should grant this cheevo.

No Time For This

Ensure that the player with the Soul Cascade debuff moves well away from the group so they don’t hit other members when it explodes.

Nightmare Totek
Who's Afraid of Whom

Kill Nightmare Totek.

Rocking Totek

When the red circle of the Shadow Rock ability appears, drag the boss into the red circle and allow the rock to hit him!

Totek Annihilation

Kill him quickly!

Caution: Falling Rocks

Ensure the boss is not in the red circles when the rocks land.

Extra Loot Chest
Weep Not For The Chests Unlooted

During the fight, the players should stand next to the tunnel entrance, up the little ramp on the eastern side of the room at /setwaypoint 677 1080
When the rock from the Shadow Rock ability hits the entrance to the tunnel, the boulder covering the entrance will be destroyed. 
Then once the boss is dead, the players can make their way through the tunnel, drop down to the room, and loot the chest.

The chest will appear when someone in the room emotes /cry

Note: The rock blocking the tunnel will only disappear after the boss is dead, not during the fight.

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