Glacial Maw

Cheevos found in H > Dungeons > Rift: Nightmare Tide > Glacial Maw


Location: Tarken Glacier
Waypoint: /setwaypoint 4652 2427

Number of Standard bosses: 4
Level of Standard bosses: 64-65
Number of Expert bosses: 4
Level of Expert bosses: 67

Solo at 70?: Yes
All cheevos while solo?: You will need at least 4 players to get the Akvari XIII cheevo.

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this dungeon.
This guide is mainly designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.
If the content becomes ‘relevant’ again then I will expand the boss guides as needed and add more detail.

The Trash Before Boss 1

The trash between the entrance and the first boss is super annoying, with pulls and stuns!
There is a route where you can avoid agroing most of the trash.

A level 70 player can just blitz their way through all the trash without losing much time.

Boss 1 - Shigoroth - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

There are a few abilities to watch out for..

  • Rending Exhalation – A channel of breath on the tank that will kill anyone who it touches. Tank should face the boss away from the group.
  • Red Bubble on Tank – This is a knock up/back ability. Stay out of it if possible. 
  • Blue Explosions – There will be little blue bubbles around every so often. Stay out of them.
  • Biting Snowstorm – This is a 20 second channel from Shigoroth. The entire raid needs to continue moving during this until the end. If you stand still, you will take damage (approx. 20K a tick). 4 adds will also spawn (Skeletons). The tank needs to pick these up ASAP as they will kill anyone whom they aggro to if they aren’t the tank. 
  • Dust to Dust – Shigoroth will turn the adds into eggs. These eggs will explode and deal AOE damage after approx. 5 seconds. Healer be ready. 

Boss 2 - Apotheon - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

There are a few abilities to watch out for..

  • Summon Razorice – Summons an ice shard that will move toward a random player and deal large damage to anyone close to it. Simply avoid these Ice Shards.
  • Zone of Cold – Big blue AOE that the boss will constantly put down at his feet that deals a moderate amount of damage and snares anyone inside. Simply move out of it. This can sometimes LoS the healer to the tank. Healer can reposition themselves.
  • Melee cleave – The boss will periodically cleave anyone in melee range for 20-30k damge. This makes playing melee here a bit of a pain. It is perfectly healable, though.
  • Apotheons Concentration – Apotheon will emote “Let me think” and will go completely immune to damage. The Frozen Geysers scattered across the area will then become attackable. DPS should all pick the same one and quickly nuke it down. Standing on the dead crystal will grant a reactive ability to jump onto his back and nuke his concentration (Which only has about 264k health). Once his concentration has been broken this phase has been completed. This will only happen if DPS is low. 

Boss 3 - Toknoth - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

​There are a few abilities to watch out for..

  • Devour – Toknoth will randomly pick one of his eggs and devour it healing himself for a very very small amount. You can simply ignore the egg and continue to burn the boss.
  • Impregnate – Toknoth will randomly impregnate a member of the party. This deals heavy damage to them over 6 seconds. The healer needs to be ready to heal the target of this debuff.
  • Spawn of Toknoth – A spawn of toknoth will spawn after Impregnate expires on a target. The tank just wants to pick them up. They deal roughly 2k damage per hit, so they aren’t a major concern and should be ignored by DPS.
  • Izbithus Digestion – Large poison ground AOE that deals heavy damage every tick. It’s always cast directly underneath the boss, so if all the DPS are playing ranged specs then only the tank should have to worry about moving out of this.

Boss 4 - Cosmologist Mann - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

On this fight you fight both the Heart of Izbithu, and Cosmologist Mann.
You can attack either target first.
At certain health thresholds the one you’re attacking will put up a shield and you will need to switch to the other target.
The fight will go as follows… A resembles the target you attack first and B resembles the target you attack second.
Target A: 100 – 75%
Target B: 100% – 50%
Target A: 75%-25%
Target B: 50% – 0%
Target A 25% – 0%.
It doesn’t matter which one you kill first, but killing each of them first in 2 separate runs gives you both cheevos.

Cosmologist Mann Mechanics
  • Chilling Gaze – Will place a blue frost beam on the ground that follows a random player. Players will need to move out of this fast.
  • Icy Grip – Interruptible – Grips all players in, deals 35-40k damage and snares them for several seconds. This should be the tank’s focus to interrupt.
  • Frost Bite – 5 second cast. Frost Bite instantly kills anyone that isn’t in the blue safe zone. The blue safe zone also provides a 12 second buff that will significantly increase damage output, so it’s quite essential that everyone gets into it as quickly as possible.
The Heart of Izbithu Mechanics
  • Acid Fling – Cast by the Heart of Izbithu. Flings a small pool of Acid toward a random player. This ability is interruptible, but there is pretty much no need to interrupt it.
  • Soul Storm – Cast by the Heart of Izbithu. Deals increasing damage to the raid over several seconds. This ability is interruptible and should be the interrupt focus of all the DPS. It’s not essential that it gets interrupted, but it will help out the healer quite a bit.
Cosmologist Mann

Neutral Quests

This quest is available for Glacial Maw normal Mode and is for Guardian and Defiant Characters.

Maw of Oblivion

Normal mode Glacial Maw
PICK UP: The quest is picked up from Cyberneticist Frekker in Ghar Station Tau at /setwaypoint 3688 3994
TO COMPLETE: Stop Cosmologist Mann.

Complete the Glacial Maw dungeon on normal difficulty.

Hand in the quest to Cyberneticist Frekker in Ghar Station Tau at /setwaypoint 3688 3994

Achievements Available

Conqueror: Glacial Maw

Complete all the cheevos in Glacial Maw

Expert: Rapid Assault - Glacial Maw

Defeat all the bosses in Glacial Maw on Expert Mode within 20 minutes

Expert: Glacial Maw

Defeat all the bosses in Glacial Maw on Expert Mode

Glacial Maw

Defeat all the bosses in Glacial Maw on Standard Mode

Leap of Faith

Can be completed in Normal Mode.

Go to the edge of the cliff at
/setwaypoint 503 1047
Be careful not to get too close to the edges of the rest of the cliff or you will be launched off at the wrong spot!

At the right spot you will see sparkles on the ground at the edge.
WALK off the cliff at this spot to land on a floating platform beneath. If you overshoot the platform, try walking backwards off the cliff next time to slow down more.
Stay on the platform until the cheevo is credited.

I See Peril

Kill Shigoroth on Normal Mode

On Thin Ice

Kill Shigoroth on Expert Mode


Can be completed in Normal Mode.

This is a frontal cone aimed towards the tank. Ensure that only the tank is in front of the boss. The rest of the group should stack up tightly behind the boss.


Kill Apotheon on Normal Mode

Apotheon Both Houses

Kill Apotheon on Expert Mode


Can only be completed in Expert Mode.

Kill him quickly!

Akvari XIII

Can only be completed in Expert Mode.

You will need a player to stand on each of the monsters heads, 4 in total (Red circles).
The players kill the Ice Shards on the heads at the same time to summon the Akvari Legion.
You can then drop down to group up at the yellow circle and kill the Akvari Legion as they come out of the creature.

All Smiles

Kill Toknoth on Normal Mode

Colon of the Beast

Kill Toknoth on Expert Mode

Tik Tok

Can be completed in Normal Mode.

Kill him quickly!

Cosmologist Mann
I Heart Mann

Kill Cosmologist Mann on Normal Mode

I Mann Heart

Kill Cosmologist Mann on Expert Mode


Can be completed in Normal Mode.

Target Cosmologist Mann during the fight and use /laugh

Puttin on the Ritz

Can be completed in Normal Mode.

Start DPSing the Heart first during the fight.

Doing Science

Can be completed in Normal Mode.

Start DPSing Mann first during the fight.

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