Darkening Deeps Cheevos

On this page you will find guides for; Conqueror: Darkening Deeps, Darkening Deeps, Expert: Darkening Deeps, Master: Darkening Deeps, Rapid Assault: Darkening Deeps, Achiever: Darkening Deeps, Fire Dodger, Squashing Mursh and Squersh, Raging Fire, Empathy, Stop the Madness, Soothing the Beast, All Wrapped Up, Cocoon Crush, Melted Sludge, Gedlo Gone, Fire Dancer and Pressure Cooker



In standard mode the bad guys are level 21-23 and there are 4 bosses.
In expert mode the bad guys are level 52 and there are 6 bosses.
In master mode the bad guys are level 52 and there are 7 bosses.
You can find the entrance in Gloamwood – At the bottom of the Darkening Deeps area – /setwaypoint 4892 2430

A level 70 player can easily solo all three modes of this dungeon.

Before the first boss you need to make your way down the spiral walkway, there are lots of adds and red aoe bombs will be thrown at random members of the group. This can be done quickly by a high DPS group, running the whole way and then killing the leftovers at the end. A low DPS group will want to take it slow and ensure everything is dead before moving on to the next pack of adds.

Boss 1 - Alchemist Braxtepel

Normal Mode, Expert Mode and Master mode.

The Alchemist starts off immune, you need to kill his two mates, Mursh and Squersh.
You should drag Mursh and Squersh out of the fire circles on the ground otherwise they get a buff to deal more damage.

Alchemist Braxtepel

Boss 2 - Emissary Villizar

Master mode only.

Casts Flame Javelin – This knocks the tank back.
Casts Radiating Pain – This puts a pulsing aoe on the player its cast on (usually the tank).
Casts Entwined pain – This puts a debuff on two player who need to stack up to remove it.
Casts Ruinous Strike – This is interruptable, if allowed to cast it will reduce incoming healing on the target (usually the tank)

Emissary Villizar

As you enter the room, on the right will see Michael in a cage, you need to speak to him to release him from the cage and start the encounter.

Boss 3 - Michael Bringhurst

Normal Mode, Expert Mode and Master mode.

Keep the boss out of the moonlight in the middle of the room and be ready to break free if/when he fears you.

Michael Bringhurst

Boss 4 - Tegenar Deepfang

Normal Mode, Expert Mode and Master mode.

The tank should grab the boss and hold him facing away from the group.
The group needs to stack in melee behind the boss.
Below 50% there will be groups of adds spawning, use aoe agro to bring them to the boss and Dps should cleave them down.
The boss will choose someone at random to be coccooned a high DPS group can simply cleave the boss to hit the coccoons as well to release the player, a low DPS group will need to switch DPS to the coccooned player to get them out as quickly as possible.

If you are soloing this dungeon as a level 70 and get cocooned before you can kill it, use
/cast last resort
to die and try again.

Tegenar Deepfang

Boss 5 - Glubmuk

Expert Mode and Master mode.

Glubmuk should be pulled to the end of the room and faced away from the group.
During the fight, big bubbles will appear on players, the player should move out of the bubble to avoid a knockback.
From the bubble, a Fetid Spawn will spawn. Pull them to the boss and cleave them down.

In master mode a laser wall will appear behind the boss and slowly move into the room, making the play space smaller, it will eventually reach the back wall and kill your group (level 50s) kill the boss quickly to avoid this!


Boss 6 - Gedlo Coucil

Normal Mode, Expert Mode and Master mode.

The council is 3 mini-bosses.
Whenever one of the council dies the others heal up to 100% – so cleave or splitting damage is wasted.
Focus fire on one target. Usual kill order is Shaman then Incinerator and finally the Warlord.

Casts Unholy Regeneration on any member of the countil under 70%, purgable.
Can put an absorb shield on the other council members, purgeable.
On one council member dying: Gains Searing Flame, powerful dps channel.
On two council members dying: Gains Wildflame Bolt, frontal AOE.

Ranged Fireballs and Arc of Glames (AOE frontal)
On one council member dying: 30s AOE on ground. Fiery Bonds curse that applies a dot.
On two council members dying: Gains a charge.

Melee attacks, Frontal Cleaves.
On one council member dying: Can stun for 1 second if not in meelee. Can use Bloodied Axe DOT fot to heal himself and do extra damage, purgeable.
On two council members dying: Gains Enraged Flamebolt, AOE.

Gedlo Coucil
Kill order

Boss 7 - Scarn

Expert Mode and Master mode.

Tank should face scarn away from the group.
The group should stand in melee range on his side.
A high DPS group can kill Scarn before he flies into the air for the first time.
If he flies, simply avoid the red aoe on the ground and keep hitting him til he lands again.
When he is on the ground he will breath fire and set alight the piles of bones on the ground, stay away from the fire to avoid damage.



Conqueror: Darkening Deeps

The meta-cheevo for the 3 cheevos listed.

Darkening Deeps

Kill the 4 easy mode bosses at any difficulty level

Expert: Darkening Deeps

Kill the 6 expert mode bosses.

Master: Darkening Deeps

Kill the 7 master mode bosses.

Rapid Assault: Darkening Deeps

In expert or master mode, kill all the bosses within 30 minutes.

Achiever: Darkening Deeps

Complete most of the cheevos listed below.

Fire Dodger

Recommend you do this on expert mode.
When you first enter the dungeon you have to go down a long spiral walkway.
Above you (to the left as you walk in) are Wildmages, that will throw bombs at players that explode into Ragefire. You can go left first to kill these mages to make your path down easier, or you can head right straight away and just avoid all the red AoE that lands as you journey down.
A Level 70 player can simply run all the way down the spiral solo avoiding the red circles.

Squashing Mursh and Squersh

Kill Mursh and Squersh within 10 seconds of each other, spread your damage between the two adds and keep them even.

Raging Fire

Its getting hot in here!

When the fight begins, red aoe fire circles will be thrown onto the ground. If Mursh and Squersh are stood in these circles then they will get the buff ‘Ragefire’ every second. Keep them in the fire til they both get 10 stacks at the same time (this may take 2 or more fire circles) then kill them both.
Be aware, the initial stacks of ragefire will fall off and you will not be able to get them back, they do NOT need to die WITH the stacks active, so as long as they had more than 10 stacks at the same time at some point during the fight then you will get your cheevo.


We should probably stack up..

You will need to bring a full group of 5 players to get this cheevo.
Entwined pain will be cast on two random players (its possible that it wont be cast on the tank, so its best to have the ability to swap tanks during the fight).
The two players will get a debuff and lights above their heads, the players need to stack up to remove the debuff (or just wait for it to fall off).
Every member of your party will need to have had the debuff before you can kill the boss and get the cheevo.

Stop the Madness

In the middle of the room is a shaft of moonlight coming down from a hole in the ceiling.
Keep Michael in this shaft of light til his stacks of Lunar Madness are higher than 20.

Soothing the Beast

Drag Michael out of the moonilight towards the edge of the room to slowly remove his stacks of Lunar Madness.
The tank needs to stay in melee range while dragging him.
Kill him quickly as Michael will occasionally run back to the middle to gain more of the buff.

All Wrapped Up

You will need to bring a full group of 5 players to get this cheevo.
During the fight random players will be targeted and cocooned by Tegenar.
Tegenar is unlikely to target the tank for this, so its a good idea to tank swap during the fight to allow both tanks to be cocooned at some point.
When all 5 players have been cocooned you can kill the boss.

If Tegenar is still refusing to cocoon your tank even after a tank swap then you may find it best to switch to 2 healers with 3 DPS instead, as long as they can keep the DPS that is ‘tanking’ alive and then the DPS can swap agro with another player that has already been cocooned to allow everyone to be cocoooned.

Cocoon Crush

During the fight random players will be targeted and cocooned by Tegenar.
Switch target to the cocoons and kill them within 10 seconds.

Melted Sludge

During the fight, big bubbles will appear on players, the player should move out of the bubble to avoid a knockback.
From the bubble, a Fetid Spawn will spawn. You will need to wait for 5 bubbles, and kill all 5 Fetid Spawns that pop. then kill the boss.

Gedlo Gone

Kill the bosses in different orders so the last one to die is one you need for the cheevo.
This will take 3 seperate runs of the dungeon.

Fire Dancer

The bones will catch alight from Scarns fire breath and from the fire circles dropped on players during the air phase.
Ensure you stay away from any burning piles of bones to get this cheevo.

Pressure Cooker

The heat index is a count of how many piles of bones are currently on fire.
There are two ways to set them alight..
When Scarn is on the ground he will breath a fire breath, aim it towards the bones to set them alight (make sure your group is out of the way!)
When Scarn is in the air, he will aim red circles at random players, get everyone to stand on the bones and when the red circles hit them and explode it will set the bones alight (try standing halfway between 2 or 3 piles of bones to set them all alight at once)
You need to kill Scarn after you have had 12 bone piles burning at the same time, so that he has 12 stacks of heat index.
Scarn does not need to have the 12 stacks at the time of death, just during the fight at some point.
Bones piles are only on fire for a short time before going out, you will need to keep moving scarn around the room so he breaths on them and make sure you stand near/on piles when he is in the air.