Empyrean Core

Cheevos found in H > Dungeons > Rift: Storm Legion > Empyrean Core


Location: Kingsward
Waypoint: /setwaypoint 5824 8699 (Upper Portal)

Number of Standard bosses: 5
Level of Standard bosses: 59-60
Number of Expert bosses: 5
Level of Expert bosses: 62

Solo at 70?: Yes
All cheevos while solo?: Yes

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this dungeon.
This guide is mainly designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.
If the content becomes ‘relevant’ again then I will expand the boss guides as needed and add more detail.

Note: This guide is for the level 60 Storm Legion version Empyrean Core. Click here for the level 65 Nightmare Tide version Return to Empyrean Core.

Trash Before First Boss

There are 3 ‘Ambitious Novitiates’ in the small room, low level groups should pull them one at a time as they will summon more adds when you engage them.
When the trash is clear, pull one of the 3 levers to summon the boss, it doesn’t matter which lever you pull!

Boss 1 - Baird - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

The boss has a few abilities to watch out for..

  • Manic Assault – Targets a random player and channels this for 10 seconds, it hurts! This can be interrupted.
  • Red Floor – A few seconds after Manic Assault the floor will be split into quarters and the opposite quarters will turn red, this effect is centred from where the boss is stood, so be sure to stand near the boss so you don’t have to travel too far to get out of the red. The red halves will then switch positions, so move back to the other quarter to avoid death.
  • Power Core Explosion – After the red floor mechanic, the boss will do another Manic Assault and then he will teleport to one of the power cores around the room. He will activate the power core to make it explode, this is shown with a red pulsing bubble emanating from the power core. You need to line of sight the power core before it explodes, using the pillar in the middle of the room. The boss will make 3 cores explode, one after the other, move around the pillar to LOS each one as it explodes.
  • Blighted Aura – A 5 second long DoT on a player that will damage anyone stood nearby. This can usually be outhealed, if not then the player will need to move away from the group.

Boss 2 - Kaliban's Bodyguards - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

Mercutial and Strauz, otherwise known as Kaliban’s Bodyguards, are 2 bosses that you fight at the same time. They each have different abilities. While fighting them, you should aim to keep their health equal so they die at roughly the same time, as when one dies, the other will gain a buff that makes them deal 200% more damage.


  • Draining Field – Strauz places a red circle at his feet, the longer you stand in it the more damage you will take. Move out of it!
  • Siphoning Vortex – Needs to be interrupted! – If you allow the cast to go through then Strauz will pull all player to his location, likely killing a low level group due to Draining Field.


  • Finger of Desiccation – A 3 second cast followed by a 10 second channel – This targets a random player and deals a lot of damage, to mitigate this, the targeted player must line of sight Mercutial, use the barrels on the sides of the room to LoS.
  • Stygian Dart – Targets a random player and deals 3500 damage, this can be interrupted but its best to put your interrupts on Strauz instead, this ability is also used a lot so you will miss rupting most of them anyway.
  • Enter the Warp – Places a purple circle around herself, all players must be inside the circle before the 3 second cast finishes or take damage. (Can one shot a low level player)
Mercutial and Strauz

Boss 3 - Mad Doctor - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

The Doctor begins this fight with 6 stacks of a shield buff called ‘Impenetrable Barrier’. This shield can only be removed by guiding ‘Unstable Experiment’ mobs into the boss, these mobs looks like white water elementals.

Quite a few adds will spawn, the tank should pick up as many as possible, the group will spend most of the time running around the boss in a wide circle. This will help the group avoid getting hit by the adds while also guiding the Unstable Experiments into the boss.

Once all the shield stacks are removed, the boss will then be vulnerable to damage, NUKE HIM!

  • When Unstable Experiments spawn they target a random player and follow that player. If they reach the player then they explode causing damage. You have to keep moving in a circle around the boss and this will guide the Unstable Experiments into the boss to remove his shield.
  • Lightning clash – Don’t stand in the red circles! (They hurt)
  • Gripping Goop – Don’t stand int he purple circles either! (They will slow you)
  • Noxious Exhalation – A frontal cone of red that the boss casts and then rotates on the spot. you can either run away from it or run through it. Most groups choose to run through it and thus will be running anti-clockwise until the shield is down.
  • Low level groups will need to be careful of the ‘Elixir’ mechanic, this will make a Dissolving Mutant chase a specific player. DPS should prioritise killing the Dissolving Mutants, while using slows/stuns if possible.
Doctor Perfidus

Boss 4 - Prevent the Core Meltdown - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

The next encounter is really a trash pack, though it is considered a boss by the cheevos, so we will treat it like a boss too!

Enter the room and kill the 3 Irradiated Monsters.
When they die, they will drop a Broken Core. You need to pick up the Broken Core and head down into the water, find the damaged core under the water and right click to repair it. Swim back up and out before the radioactive water kills you! Don’t return to the water until the debuff has ticked away.

When all 3 Broken Cores have been used on the Damaged Core the encounter will complete and you can continue to the next boss.

Note: You click the same Core all 3 times, this is the one that looks broken on the west side of the pool.

Prevent the Core Meltdown

Boss 5 - Kaliban - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

The boss has a few main abilities..

  • Growing Corruption – Places a patch of mushrooms (Corrupted Growth’s) on top of the tank, the tank needs to move out of them.
  • Wrath of the Beastlord – Deals damage in a frontal cone, move out of it!
  • Vitality Leech – Kaliban targets a random player and does a 10 second channel of health stealing!, you need to interrupt this!
  • Trample – Starts with a knockback and then channels for 7 seconds, he ‘glares’ at a player and at the end of the 7 seconds that player will be charged at.
  • Pestilent Elixir – Targets a random player and places a 7 second debuff on them, this debuff will radiant from the player dealing damage to anyone nearby. This can be cleansed off.

Neutral Quests

These quests are available for Empyrean Core and are for Guardian and Defiant Characters.

Investigate the Core


The quest is picked up from Princess Isabella in the Tower of Dawn throne room
/setwaypoint 5859 8707
This quest can only be picked up after you have completed the Kingsward Questline.

Enter the Empyrean Core

This quest will autocomplete as soon as you enter the Empyrean Core Dungeon.

Shared quest (Picked up at different points)

Achievements Available

Conqueror: Empyrean Core

Complete all the cheevos in Empyrean Core

This cheevo awards the ‘Mad Doctor’s Syringe’ trinket.

To use it, equip it to your character, then drag it to an action bar, click the action bar button to use it.

Using the trinket will Infuse the selected player with one of Doctor Perfidus’ elixirs. This will transform them into a baddy! You can also select yourself to be transformed. The monster will be random each time the trinket is used.

Rapid Assault: Empyrean Core

Finish Empyrean Core on expert difficulty within 30 minutes of first combat

Expert: Empyrean Core

Defeat all the bosses in Empyrean Core on expert difficulty

Standard: Empyrean Core

Defeat the 5 bosses listed, on normal or expert mode

Bio Break

Ensure everyone Line of Sights the power cores while they explode!

Grin and Baird It

Don’t Interrupt the Manic Assault cast. Make sure the healer is ready for this!
This cheevo is on the first boss, Baird.

Kaliban's Bodyguards
Past Expiration Date

Its usually easier to kill Mercutial first and then wait over 45 seconds before you kill Strauz.
Be sure Strauz’s ‘Siphoning Vortex’ ability is interrupted during the 45 second wait. The tank should kite him around the room while the group stay still in the middle to avoid anyone being hit with the Draining field.

Note: Any time over 45 seconds will be fine, you do not have to kill on 45 seconds exactly!

Warp Thrive

Make sure all players are inside the purple circle cast by Mercutial.

Mad Doctor
Goop There It Is

Drag the mutants through the purple circles on the floor, don’t kill the mutants!

Medical Schooled

Kill him fast!

Prevent the Core Meltdown
Don't Forget Your Towel

Do the first 2 cores as normal. On the third core, the whole group needs to jump into the water and stay in the water while one player places the final Broken Core on the Damaged Core.

Taint Misbehaving

The Corrupted Taint is the damage dealt by the mushroom patches (Corrupted Growth’s) when you stand in them. Stay out of the mushrooms! You will need to kill the boss pretty quickly and be super careful about positioning, especially when the boss does his knockback.

Barreling Monkeys

Here you need to use Kalibans Trample ability to your advantage. When he casts Trample, the player that is ‘glared at’ should go to a Core at the edge of the room and allow the boss to charge them. The boss hitting the core will make it explode, run out asap as the explosion hurts! Do this 3 times to grant the cheevo.

The Sinister Presence
An Empyrean Haunting

The Sinister Presence is found in the room where the 2nd boss is after you have killed the 2nd boss.
/setwaypoint 466 476
Kill the Tormented Drudge to spawn the Sinister Presence and then kill it.

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