Exodus of the Storm Queen

Cheevos found in H > Dungeons > Rift: Storm Legion > Exodus of the Storm Queen


Location: Iron Pine Peak
Waypoint: /setwaypoint 4632 1547

Number of Standard bosses: 4
Level of Standard bosses: 50-52
Number of Expert bosses: 4
Level of Expert bosses: 60

Solo at 70?: Yes
All cheevos while solo?: Yes

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this dungeon.
This guide is mainly designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.
If the content becomes ‘relevant’ again then I will expand the boss guides as needed and add more detail.

Exodus of the Storm Queen is part of Storm Legion, it was released a few weeks earlier than the Storm Legion expansion as a ‘teaser’ of things to come. For those few weeks, the dungeon was only available to players that had pre-ordered Storm Legion, after the expansion was released it was then available to everyone.

The trash before boss 1 - Hot Lead, Cold Steel

Before you can fight the first boss you will first need to kill all the trash. The trash is part of a trash encounter called ‘Hot Lead, Cold Steel’. Small packs of adds will break through the 4 doors into the room, you need to kill them before you are overwhelmed!

To start the trash encounter you need to stand near the Assault Frame, this will start the roleplay.
A high level group will be able to kill all the trash easily, a low level group will want some help from the Assault Frame, one of the players can click the Targeting Control console next to the Assault Frame, this player will then be able to tell the Assault Frame to attack the trash using special temporary abilities.

The player will have one single target ability (Red Mist Support) and one AOE ability (Metal Storm Support). Use the single target ability on CD to destroy the highest health add of each group (Preferably the Blackstorm Sorceress). The AOE ability can only be used once, save this for when 3 groups of trash has broken through the doors so it hits as many adds as possible in one use.

You will need to kill 6 groups of 4 to complete the encounter.

Click the console to control the mech
Kill them all!

Boss 1 - Dominax - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

Before the fight starts Dominax will hop inside the Assault Frame.
During phase 1 you will fight the Assault Frame until Dominax breaks out and then during phase 2 you will fight Dominax.

Phase 1

  • Razor Slash – A 180 cleave attack, anyone hit will gain a debuff that reduces max HP, this debuff can be cleansed – The group should stay behind the boss to avoid this.
  • Decimator – A one shot death ability to a low level tank, make sure you interrupt it! The player that rupts this cast will also gain a DPS boost.
  • Metal Storm – An AOE attack that hits anyone in the room, not too painful.
  • Crushing Blow – A big hit for a low level tank, be ready to heal!
  • Red Mist – Dominax will aim this at a random player, this player needs to get out of line of sight before the cast ends or they will die. There are plenty of pillars in the room, its best to be near one of these at all times to make it easier to LOS in a hurry.

Phase 2

Dominax will spawn in his air elemental state near the forge, grab him and take him to the orange circle marked on the floor, Dps him down to 10% then a player will need to click the nearby Capture Device. This will lock Dominax into a small blue crystal, grab the crystal and take it up to the forge, stand in the blue circle to complete the fight.

  • Storm Lash – Dominax will cleave 180, stay out of it! The group needs to be careful not to be in the way when the tank is kiting Dominax to the right spot.
  • Raging Tempest – An AoE ability that hits everyone for a small amount of damage, as the fight continues the boss will gain stacks of Blizzard’s Touch, this will increase the damage of Raging Tempest until it is unhealable.. be sure to capture him before that!
Dominax will hop inside the Assault Frame before the fight starts
Drag Dominax into the orange circle
Grab the small blue crystal
The capture device becomes active at 10%
Go up to the forge and stand in the blue circle
The device only works if Dominax is in the middle
Watch him melt!

Kill the trash in the next room and then go down the stairs to the room below.

Boss 2 - General Grim - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

When you first enter the room, General Grim will be fighting a bunch of good guys, just poke him to start the fight. The fight has two phases, in phase 1 you will fight the boss normally, when he reaches 40% health phase 2 will start. In phase 2 the boss will port into the middle of the room and a player will need to right click a banner near the boss and then use special temporary abilities to duel with the boss and kill him.

Phase 1

  • Reaper’s Touch – Two rotating scythes that move around the room, try to stay away from them cos they hurt! You can DPS the scythes down and they will drop a red AoE that when stood in will give players a DPS boost. Most groups will just stay away from the scythes and ignore them, they will disappear after a while.
  • Lightening Edge – Cast every 8 seconds – A frontal cleave that deals a lot of damage, the tank needs to face the boss away from the group.
  • Adds – There are adds all around the edge of the room, these adds will attack you if you go near them but they don’t deal much damage and just moving away will de-agro them.

Phase 2 – 40% health – A single player duels the boss 

  • Reaper’s Touch – Continues as in phase 1
  • Sinister Aura – Only the player in the duel area will hit by this – This deals damage every 5 seconds, the duelling player will need to have some self heals to be able to stay alive!
  • Adds – Adds will spawn during the encounter, these can be killed by the non-duelling group members, when 2 adds are killed a player will be given a temporary ability that can be used to heal the duelling player.
  • Rolling Thunder – A red cone AoE – All players need to move out of it.
  • Brutal Strike – Deals damage equal to 75% of your health – Avoid this damage by using the temporary ability ‘Brutal Strike Counter’ during the cast.
  • Subjugation – General Grim will channel this ability on the duelling player, the duelling player will have another temporary ability pop up called Subjugation Resist, this ability will need to be spammed for the duration of the cast.

If the duel fails and the duelling player dies, the fight can be savaged with a quick rez and a lot of healing. The group can then DPS General Grim down normally and he won’t enter the duel phase again. Some groups may choose to die and rez in this way to avoid doing the duel mechanic.

General Grim
Quickly click the banner at 40%
Use Brutal Strike Counter during
the Brutal Strike cast.
Get out of the bad!
Spam Subjugation Resist during
the Subjugation cast

Boss 3 - Valthundr - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

To activate the boss, go near the large doors where Valthundr is trying to break through.

Valthundr will cast these abilities in the same order during the whole fight.

  • Avalanche – A damage dealing knock back on the whole group – Most groups will stack up tucked into the curved table in the middle of the room to mitigate the knock back.
  • Frost Bound – A large blue circle will appear, covering the middle of the room, be inside it! Any player not inside the blue will take a hit of damage and gain stacks of a freeze debuff (Cleansable), if you get up to 5 stacks then you will be frozen and take a lot of damage.
  • Deep Freeze – An AoE that hits everyone for a little damage but also adds stacks of the freeze debuff, these will need to be cleansed.
  • Winter’s Fury – After doing the 3 above abilities twice, Valthundr will then cast Winter’s Fury – Valthundr will shoot a laser beam at every player, everyone needs to line of sight the boss before the cast finishes. Some players will also have a pulsing AoE around them that deals damage to nearby players. During the Winter’s Fury cast, players need to run behind the large bookcases to line of sight the boss, low level groups will need to co-ordinate this carefully as too many players with the pulsing AoE grouped together behind one bookcase will mean death! At the end of the cast anyone still in line of sight of the boss will die, also one of the bookcases will be destroyed, meaning next time you will have fewer places to hide.

After Winter’s Fury he repeats the above rotation for the rest of the encounter: Avalanche > Frost Bound > Deep Freeze > Avalanche > Frost Bound > Deep Freeze > Winter’s Fury.

Valthundr does not cleave so all players can stand in the same spot, tucked into the curve of the table, for the majority of the fight, and then run out to behind the bookcases during Winter’s Fury. Cleansing is very important, be sure to have a good cleanser and add a support cleanser if needed.


Kill the trash on the way to the ice where Chekaroth is. The trash around the sides of the building does not need to be killed, however they do have a chance to drop artifacts from the Exodus of the Storm Queen set, which can be quite rare ($$$$).

Boss 4 - Chekaroth - Normal Mode + Expert Mode

Before you fight Chekaroth there is a unique add phase. Waves of adds will spawn for you to kill. Each time you kill an add you will gain a buff that will stack up to 15, once you hit 15 stacks you will then get a temporary ability that you can press to kill every add that is currently spawned. This add phase is timed and lasts 2 minutes, you just need to survive the 2 minutes to pass and spawn the boss.

The boss fight is pretty simple, the tank will tank him where he stands and the group will usually stand on the large shard of ice jutting out of the frozen lake. Group members will need to pop down to walk into an orange orb when their stacks of freeze get too high, try not to go above 7/8 stacks.. bad things happen at 10 stacks.

  • Foul Wind – An AoE ability that hits everyone – Each tick will give you stacks of the freeze debuff. The freeze debuff can be removed by walking into the orange orbs that appear on the ice when Foul Wind cast finishes. The freeze debuff cannot be cleansed!
  • Storm Blade – A large spinning blade will move around the encounter area. You can just ignore it, it won’t hit you if you are stood on the ice shard. Or you can DPS it down and it will drop a red DPS buff circle like the 2nd boss.
  • Flash Freeze – Targeted on a random player, will give that player stacks of the freeze debuff. be sure to interrupt this!
  • Thunder Strike – A 360 melee cleave that hits everyone close to the boss. This is another reason for the group to stack on the ice shard!

Achievements Available

Conqueror: Exodus of the Storm Queen

Complete all the cheevos in Exodus of the Storm Queen

This cheevo awards the ‘Stormtouched Dragon Whelp’ Companion Pet.

Rapid Assault: Exodus of the Storm Queen

Finish Exodus of the Storm Queen on expert difficulty within 30 minutes of first combat

Expert: Exodus of the Storm Queen

Defeat all the bosses in Exodus of the Storm Queen on expert difficulty

Exodus of the Storm Queen

Defeat the 4 bosses listed, on normal or expert mode

Clear Skies

Kill Dominax in expert mode.

Red Missed

Ensure no one is hit by the Red Mist ability, line of sight when it is cast.

Scattered Showers

Be quick!

General Grim
Grim Demise

Kill General Grim in expert mode.

Line of Scythe

Stay away from the rotating scythes that move around the room.

King of the Ring

This may take a bit of practice! Have a look at the tactics above for how to survive the duel.

The Bigger They Are

Kill Valthundr in expert mode

Fahrenheit -451

Kill Valthundr quickly enough that he is dead before the 4th cast of Winter’s Fury.

Frosted Feints

Ensure you are inside the blue circle during the Frost Bound spell, be ready to move out from behind the bookcases very quickly when Winter’s Fury cast is finished.

The Ice Queen Cometh

Kill Chekaroth in expert mode

Shaved Ice

Kill the stormblades quickly so the next one can spawn, do this 5 times before killing Chekaroth

Three Heated

After Foul Wind is finished casting, orange orbs will appear on the ice, walk into them to ‘pick them up’. Agree with your group before the fight starts if you plan to grab 3 of these for yourself, as you may end up killing other players who cant then clear their stacks of freeze, you can just grab 1 orb each time Foul Wind is cast, slow DPS so there are 3 casts of Foul Wind allowing you to grab 3 orbs before Chekaroth is killed.

The Sinister Presence
The Dreams of Tyrants

The Sinister Presence mob can be found in the basement library near boss 2
/setwaypoint 730 537

Kill the Tormented Blackstorm Assassin to spawn the Sinister Presence and then kill it.

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