Return to Deepstrike

Cheevos found in H > Dungeons > Rift: Storm Legion > Return to Deepstrike


Location: Stonefield
Waypoint: /setwaypoint 4831 5396

There is no standard mode for this dungeon.
Number of Expert bosses: 5
Level of Expert bosses: 62

Solo at 70?: Yes
All cheevos while solo?: Yes

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this dungeon.
This guide is mainly designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.
If the content becomes ‘relevant’ again then I will expand the boss guides as needed and add more detail.

Note: This guide is for the level 60 Storm Legion version Return to Deepstrike Mines. Click here for the level 50 Mathosian version Deepstrike Mines.

A note about the trash

Seismic Anomalies

Upon entering the dungeon, you will be given the quest ‘Seismic Anomalies’ This asks you to speak with General Batua, you will find him in the entrance area, right click to speak with him.

You will then be asked to ‘Investigate Deepstrike Halls’. Go down into the dungeon area and kill all the things!

Objectives to kill all 5 bosses will be added to the quest, along with a ‘Destroy Teleporters x4’


In the first large room of trash will be a Teleporter with a clickable ‘Teleporter Control Panel’
Click the Teleporter Control Panel to destroy the teleporter. Find and destroy the other 3 Teleporters as you go through the dungeon.

Teleporter 1 – /setwaypoint 465 353
Teleporter 2 – /setwaypoint 347 362
Teleporter 3 – /setwaypoint 427 583
Teleporter 4 – /setwaypoint 461 642

These are shown with a red star on the dungeon map above.

The first Teleporter

Boss 1 - Ironclad Goliath - Expert Mode

There are a few abilities to watch out for…

  • Land Mines – Land mines will spawn around the room, avoid them! DPS them down if it gets a little busy on the floor.
  • Falling Iron – An AoE knockback that hits player in melee range.
  • Tractor Beam – Pulls a random player into melee and places a DoT on them that can be cleansed off.
  • Electromagnetic Burst – Should be interrupted – An AoE damage that hits everyone close to the boss and stuns them, this can make you walk into the mines and die.
Ironclad Goliath

Boss 2 - Jorthan - Expert Mode

This boss is a simple tank n spank, with some adds that spawn.

There are two types of adds..

  • Whirling Defender – These must not be killed or the boss will gain an enrage buff that increases his damage by 20%.
  • Unstable Constructs – These adds move slowly towards the boss, if they reach the boss they will explode, dealing large amounts of damage to anyone nearby. You can DPS them down before they reach the boss to prevent this.

The boss will pretty much just auto attack
If he has the enrage buff then he will cast ‘Sundering Fists’, this is a frontal AoE damage.


Boss 3 - Nemesis IV - Expert Mode

There are a few abilities to watch out for…

  • Precision Strike – Hits a single random player for big damage – Can be interrupted.
  • Salvo – Hits everyone, Places a snare debuff on everyone – Can be cleansed off.
  • Grenade Launcher – Throws a grenade towards a player, quickly move out of the red target circle before it lands.
  • Burst Fire – Cast on a random player (Possible it prefers the tank) – Fires 3 quick succession blasts at the player, this is gonna be painful if you are low level.
Nemesis IV

Boss 4 - Ionraic - Expert Mode

There are a few abilities to watch out for…

  • Double Pound – Ionraic pounds his fists on the floor in front of him, just heal the tank through it.
  • Sandstorm – A large swirling AoE around the boss (20m range) – Move out to avoid damage.
  • Forceful Gaze – Pulls a random player into melee range.
  • Adds – Around the room there are 3 adds in prisons, one of these will be released during the fight. – DPS them down – The add that is released is random with each pull.

Ionraic will go immune and 3% HP and head towards the large at the back of the room to open them. Stay away from the doors until they are open to avoid agroing the last boss.


Boss 5 - P.a.U.L.A. - Expert Mode

P.a.U.L.A. stands for Planet and Universal Lifeform Annihilator.

P.a.U.L.A. is the large blue crystal in the middle of this circular room.
Be careful not to get too close before your whole group is in the room, the agro range is very large and she will shut the door and prevent anyone not inside from entering.

During the fight there will be an energy bar slowly filling up. If it reaches max then your group will wipe.

There are a few abilities to watch out for…

  • Lightning Arc – A quarter of the room will turn red and then become a lightning AoE – Move out of that segment — This can also hit the whole room or half the room.
  • Add – Titanguard Sentry – Your tank should pick them up, they can’t be killed so no point to waste DPS on them.
  • Add – Repair Bot – This Bot will walk slowly to P.a.U.L.A., if it reaches P.a.U.L.A. then it will start to heal her. DPS this add down asap!

Achievements Available

Conqueror: Return to Deepstrike

Complete all the cheevos in Return to Deepstrike

Completing this cheevo unlocks the ‘Plutonus’s Mask’ wardrobe

Achiever: Return to Deepstrike

Complete the 4 cheevos listed in Return to Deepstrike

Expert: Return to Deepstrike

Defeat all the bosses in Return to Deepstrike on expert difficulty

Rapid Assault: Return to Deepstrike

Defeat all the bosses in Return to Deepstrike on expert difficulty within 25 minutes

Ironclad Goliath
Don't Mine Me

Don’t stand near the land mines.

No Shrapnel for me, Thanks

Slowly kite Jorthan around the room, so the Unstable Constructs don’t reach him.

Expert Collector

Around the room there are 3 adds in prisons, one of these will be released during the fight. – The add that is released is random with each pull, so if the wrong add spawns for your cheevo, simply wipe and pull again for (hopefuly) a different one. – This cheevo will take at least 3 runs of the dungeon to complete.

11th Hour

Allow P.a.U.L.A. to reach full Power Level and then kill her.
This cheevo requires a lot of precise co-ordination and careful planning.
You need to kill P.a.U.L.A. after her Power Level reaches 100%.
It takes 7-10 minutes for the Power Level to reach 100%.
During the fight, you will want to kill any repair bots that spawn and carefully manage P.a.U.L.A.’s health so that she is down to less than 5% when her Power Level reaches 100%.
You then have roughly 5 seconds to kill her. So you need to ensure your team has enough DPS to kill her quickly or she will kill you instead!

One of your main issues will be the Titanguard Sentrys, you will end up with about 10 of these to tank and they cannot be killed.
Balancing out the tank heals with the DPS required for the final push to kill makes this a very hard cheevo (for a low level player) good luck!

The Sinister Presence
The Darkness of Deepstrike

The Sinister Presence is found in the tunnel to the right, up the stairs from the second boss.
/setwaypoint 353 597
Kill the Tormented Titan to spawn the Sinister Presence and then kill it.

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