Realm of Twisted Dreams

Cheevos found in H > Dungeons > Rift: Storm Legion > Realm of Twisted Dreams


Location: Dendrome
Waypoint: /setwaypoint 3766 5490

There is no standard mode for this dungeon.
Number of Expert bosses: 5
Level of Expert bosses: 62

Solo at 70?: Yes
All cheevos while solo?: Yes

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this dungeon.
This guide is mainly designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.
If the content becomes ‘relevant’ again then I will expand the boss guides as needed and add more detail.

The 5th boss is in an instanced area, there is no actual map for this area. The portal to enter is at the end of the snowy peak. On the map you will be shown as being underground in an area to the south east.

Note: This guide is for the level 60 Storm Legion version Realm of Twisted Dreams, Click here for the level 50 Mathosian version Realm of the Fae.

Notes about the trash

There are a lot of ‘Sinister Presence’ mobs through the dungeon. Only the Sinister Presence found in the instanced area after killing the last boss will count towards the cheevo.

There are a lot of trash mobs between the first 3 bosses, Most groups will run straight through this trash and then either lose agro or wipe at each boss, this saves a lot of time!

Boss 1 - Swindler Maelow - Expert Mode

There are a few abilities to watch out for..

  • Flash Bomb – Swindler Maelow will emote ‘Look into my eyes!’, ‘Don’t turn your back on me!’ or ‘Look at what I’ve got for you!‘. – All players need to look away from Maelow. Anyone still looking at him at the end of the cast will take damage and receive a debuff called ‘Blurring Vex’ that can be cleansed.
  • Ricochet Axe – AoE ability, this can be interrupted. – Gives everyone a debuff that reduces movement speed.
  • Add – Lifeward Brae – A Lifeward Brae add will spawn and tether to the boss – While the add is alive the boss will gain stacks of Reckless Fury, this buff makes Swindler Maelow take 2% more damage from players but allows him to deal 3% more damage to players – The add also has a buff called Brae’s Rage, this will hit all players nearby and deal damage – If your healers can cope with the extra damage taken by players, then it may be worth to leave this add up as the boss will be taking extra damage! – Each time the Lifeward Brae add is killed, it will spawn back and deal more damage than before due to the buff ‘Brae’s Anguish’.
  • Add – Lifeward Celoah – This add will spawn at the location of Maelow and begin ‘drawing’ a Nightmare Ring around themselves – Move out of the ring before the circle completes to avoid damage. – The add cannot be killed, it will disappear once the cast is complete and the ring will disappear too.
  • Add – Poisonous Plant – The plants will spawn randomly throughout the fight – The plants will produce an expanding ring of AoE around them called Poisonous Pollen – Stay out of it! – They will eventually despawn, taking the AoE with them. – The plants cannot be attacked.
Swindler Maelow

Boss 2 - Twisted Greenscale - Expert Mode

At the start of the fight, Greenscale is flying nearby.. he is very hungry!
You need to feed him with the ‘Lil’ Luggo’ shambler mobs that are scattered around the area.
Stand near the Lil’ Luggo mobs to kick them towards greenscale, this can take a bit of practice! Note: there is no temp ‘kick’ ability, just move close to the Luggos and you will automagically kick them.
Avoid kicking them into the plants, as the plants will kill the Lil’ Luggos.
When Greenscale has eaten enough Lil’ Luggos (about 5 of them) he will fly down to near the pond and turn into his skeletal form.

Hungry Greenscale!

Twisted Grenscale has 4 main abilities/phases that he rotates through.

  • Tenderize – This is a tail swipe attack.. as with all dragons, do not stand behind him!
  • Spicy Cloud – Throws a cloud of spice at the feet of a player, this can be hard to see as it has no ground paint effect, its just an orange cloud of sparkles. – Standing in the cloud will give you the debuff ‘Seasoned’ which deals Damage over time – The debuff can be cleansed.
  • Roast – Greenscale breathes a cone of fire in front of him.. stay out of the fire! – Anyone caught in the fire will receive a debuff that reduces healing by 15% for 20 seconds.
  • Feast – Greenscale will deal big damage to anyone in front of him – This is a large 180° frontal AoE damage – All players (including the tank) need to move to his sides near the back
Twisted Greenscale

Boss 3 - Atrophinius - Expert Mode

There are a few abilities to watch out for..

  • On the House – A bunch of red drinks will appear in the area, they have a small blue circle around them – Run through the blue circle to drink the drink, this will give you the buff ‘Dreamshine Brew’ that increases your damage and healing done – You want to drink 4 drinks to get 4 stacks of the buff – Drinking a 5th drink will get you ‘drunk’ and you will be stunned for a few seconds and all your stacks will then fall off.
  • Binge Drinking – Atrophinious will begin a cast of Binge Drinking that gives him stacks of a buff called ‘Drinking Solution’. This buff increases his outgoing damage – Interrupt the Binge Drinking cast asap to keep his stacks of Drinking Solution low.
  • Last Call – Atrophinious will target and emote a random player. That player needs to LoS Atrophinious by hiding behind one of the nearby Kegs (Large Barrels) – Atrophinious will then charge the player. If the player successfully hid then Atrophious will be stunned for a few seconds and then will kill the Twisted Rabblerouser add on top of the Keg. – If the player did not hide correctly then Atrophinious will deal large amounts of damage to all players and put a DoT on all players that is very painful and can’t be cleansed.
  • Add – Twisted Rabblerousers – These adds stand on top of the Kegs and throw Flasks of Dreamshine at random players. – The only way to kill them is by getting Atrophinious to charge a Keg that they are stood on during the Last Call ability.
  • Flasks of Dreamshine – Thrown by the Twisted Rabblerousers – Places a DoT on any player that stand in the circle – This DoT can be cleansed off.

Boss 4 - Frozen Terror - Expert Mode

Head into the winter area. While in the winter area, you will have a debuff called ‘Blizzard Winds’. Blizzard Winds will cause damage over time that increases the longer you stay away from a heat source.
In the winter area are 3 frozen bonfires, these are marked with blue symbols on the map. You need to light these 3 bonfires. Kill the nearby Frozen Treants and they will drop Bundles of Firewood. Pick up the Firewood, target the Frozen Bonefires and use the Firewood to upgrade the Bonefires.
When the Bonefires are fully upgraded they will emit an orange AoE around them that will protect you from the Blizzard Winds.
Upgrade all 3 Bonfires to max to spawn the boss.

Kill the Frozen Treants
Pick up the Bundles of Firewood
Upgrade the Bonefires

The Blizzard Wind will stay for the duration of the fight, ensure you hop into the orange AoE near the bonfires to reset the Blizzard Winds debuff.. as it doesn’t show stack size there is no decent way to track this, so just watch your health, if it start to get low then move near the fire!

The boss has a few abilities to watch for..

  • Permafrost – A Buff on the boss from the start of the fight – Causes the boss to take much less damage – Move the boss near the Bonfires into the orange AoE to give him the debuff ‘Bonfire’s Heat’ – Bonfire’s Heat will make the boss take more damage – This will even out the damage taken so he takes normal amounts of damage.
  • Cold Snap – Interruptible – A knockback ability.
  • Flash Freeze – Targets a random player and freezes them in a block of ice – Target the ice and DPS it down to release the player.
  • Hoary Blast – Target a random player with a cone AoE of icy breath – The players need to side step out of it.
  • Frozen Rain – Small, red, AoE circles appear on the ground, move out of them.
  • Thermal Dissipation – A large blue AoE emanating from the boss – Any bonfires inside the AoE will be destroyed, this is when you need to move along to the next bonfire.
Frozen Terror

Boss 5 - Twisted Lord Twyl - Expert Mode

Head to the peak of the snowy area to find Lord Twyl, you can attack him for a short time before he creates a portal behind him and runs through it.

Follow him through the portal to get to the boss area.

Attack Lord Twyl, he will then go into the portal
Go through the portal to the boss area

Twisted Lord Twyl has two main phases with different abilities..

Abilities in both phases

  • Pool of Horrors – A black/purple circle on the ground – Cast at the feet of a random player – Move out of it! – Deals damage to anyone inside.
  • Nightmare Cloud – A frontal cone attack – Targeted on a random player and will move with the player til the cast ends. – Spread out to avoid more than one player being hit at the same time. If you are targeted then stay still and let the healer heal you through it!
  • Fel Faerie Fire – A large orange orb that is thrown at a random players location – Move away from the spot to avoid being hit.

Phase 1 –  100% to 50%

  • Twisted Dream – A buff on the boss that reduces his damage taken by 90% – Drag the boss into the large yellow/orange pentagram on the floor. – While stood in the pentagram, you will be given the ‘Enter Nightmare‘ temporary ability, click it! – At the same time, the bosses Twisted Dream buff will change into a Dread Prison debuff for 15 seconds, this will allow anyone who has entered the Nightmare to attack him for full damage. – After the Dread Prison debuff wears off, the pentagram will change position, run to it again and repeat!
  • Enter Nightmare – Click the Enter Nightmare temporary ability to enter the nightmare. – While you are in the nightmare, a Nightmarish Fae add will spawn every 10 seconds, the tank should pick up these adds.
  • Awaken – While in the nightmare, you will gain a new temporary ability called ‘Awaken’ – Use Awaken to exit the nightmare, or the nightmare will drop of after 30 seconds anyway. – Awaken is useful if there are too many adds on the tank.
  • Accursed Dreams – The boss can also force you into Nightmare mode – This is a different experience from entering using the enter nightmare ability – In nightmare mode, you will be taking damage from Accursed Dreams, as well as being attacked by Nightstalker adds and knocked back by Red Twisters – This lasts 20 seconds – Escape the nightmare mode by walking over the white circle/orb to gain the ‘Go into the light’ ability and click it.

Phase 2 – 50% to 0%

  • Eclipse of Terror – The Twisted Dream buff will be replaced with Eclipse of Terror – The boss will no longer take reduced damage, but he will summon more powerful adds.
  • Conjure Nightmare – 3 quarters of the room will turn red, with 1 quarter remaining safe – Stay in the safe area!
  • Add – Nightmare Drake – These will spawn when Twyl is around two thirds through his Conjure Nightmare cast – 3 drake adds flying above breathing fire all over the place. – try to stay away from the fiery breath.
Twisted Lord Twyl

Neutral Quests

This quest is available for Realm of Twisted Dreams and is for Guardian and Defiant Characters.

Realm of Twisted Dreams

Expert Realm of Twisted Dreams
PICK UP: The quest is picked up from Itoi Rinu in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12925 11518
TO COMPLETE: Enter the Realm of Twisted Dreams

The quest will complete when you enter the Realm of Twisted Dreams

Achievements Available

Conqueror: Realm of Twisted Dreams

Complete all the cheevos in Realm of Twisted Dreams

Completing this cheevo awards the companion pet ‘Sneeps’

Rapid Assault: Realm of Twisted Dreams

Defeat all the bosses in Realm of Twisted Dreams within 35 minutes

Swindler Maelow
Maelow's Breakup

Kill Swindler Maelow, this first boss

Waltz in the Park

Avoid all the bad!

Disattached Fae

Kill the Lifeward Brae adds very quickly!

Twisted Greenscale
Hungry, Hungry Greenscale

Kill Twisted Greenscale, the second boss

Ascended a La Carte

The Lil Luggos That get hit by the Roast ability will turn into Roasted Luggos
Be careful where you are standing, don’t go near the Roasted Luggos to avoid accidentally kicking them!
You can also move to the upper pond area to make this easier!

Short Order Cook

It seems to me that the Ravenous buff/debuff/ability has been removed from the game, after engaging the boss for a full 20mins and doing all the things, he never once received a ravenous buff. Every kill granted this cheevo, even if all the things were done wrong.
Kill the boss quickly and it is very likely that this cheevo will pop without you even trying.

The Perfect Dish

This cheevo will pop during the fight if you meet the requirements.

State of Atrophy

Kill Atrophinius, the third boss

Need for Mead

The Dreamshine Brews appear during the ‘On the House’ ability. Be careful not to get too drunk!

Draught Dodger

When you see a Flask of Dreamshine headed your way, get moving! It helps to keep the amount of Twisted Rabblerousers low.

Frozen Terror
Chill Out

Kill Frozen Terror, the fourth boss

The Cold Shoulder

Pull the boss away from the Bonfire before he casts Thermal Dissipation to prevent it from destroying the Bonfire.
This is generally right after a cold snap cast.

Made it Rain

Stay out of the small red circles.

Twisted Lord Twyl
Twisting Twyl

Kill Twisted Lord Twyl, the fifth boss

Survive the Night

Nobody dies!

Night Terrors

You can still go into the nightmare, but don’t hit the Awaken button to leave it, just let the nightmare time out after 30 seconds.

The Sinister Presence
The Sinister Presence

The Sinister Presence is in the instanced area after you kill the last boss, twisted Lord Twyl
/setwaypoint 1034 646
Kill the Tormented Bunny to spawn the Sinister Presence and then kill it.

The Sinister Pet

When you first enter the dungeon, look to the left and you will see a rocky wall that looks very climbable!

After you kill the last boss, a green portal will appear that will bring you back to the entrance area so you can climb up the rocks.

Make you way up the wall to find another Sinister Presence mob, kill this dude and loot the ‘Definitely Not A Sinister Companion’ item.
When you collect this item, it will go into your companion pet list, but this is a pet that you can place on other players, when you do so, a Sinister Companion will follow that player for 5 minutes!

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