Tarken Glacier

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Shanking Sharax

The Sharax are found in the north of the zone in the pathway leading up to the Mount Sharax raid portal.
The entrance to the path way is at /setwaypoint 4738 2186
simply make your way up the path killing all the Sharax and then switch shard at the top and go back down again, repeat until you have 300 dead!

Frystfal Fauna

The wolves, spiders, tigers and barr in Frystfall Trench count towards this cheevo.
Move along the horizontal area of the trench killing all the animals, then switch shard and kill some more!

Getting Ahead in Tarken

Near the Mount Sharax portal is a large dead creature half buried in the ice.


The reward for this cheevo is the Sharad X9 minion card.

The creature has 4 distinct heads.


You need to climb up onto each head and /dance on top of them!
It is very useful if you track the cheevo by ticking the little circle, this will put the cheevo on your quest stickies so you can make sure you are stood in the right spot when you /dance, if you are stood correctly then one of the heads will tick as complete, if you are on top of a head and you /dance and nothing ticks off then try moving around a bit til you get a tick.

NAYOLLANARF: /setwaypoint 5397 2289 — (lower head)
ETELLAATHO: /setwaypoint 5326 2367 — (lower head)
YOGHOGGHO: /setwaypoint 5367 2297 — (upper head)
SFAGOLGOG: /setwaypoint 5327 2355 — (upper head)
You can climb up the side of the creature to get to the upper heads at /setwaypoint 5257 2212


Shark Jumping in Tarken

Around the Nightmare Tide zones are mystical circles that you need to jump through while mounted on a Thresher mount.
At each location you will see a circle in mid air that you need to jump through and  a white patch of light on the ground behind it where you need to land.
Some of the locations require you to jump perfectly and land exactly on the white circle, others give a bit more leeway.
You may need to practice the jump several times before you get that perfect attempt!

Quick Guide

Circle of Gryfnill – /setwaypoint 6636 3449
Temple of Aia – /setwaypoint 3544 3424
Skarntinn Shelf – /setwaypoint 4118 2817
Port Scuddra – /setwaypoint 6553 4134
The Big Dig – /setwaypoint 3376 4411

You can find information about which mounts will work for this cheevo on the main Nightmare Tide cheevo page.

Circle of Gryfnill

/setwaypoint 6636 3449
A nice easy jump off the side of the bridge.

Temple of Aia

/setwaypoint 3544 3424
Drop down onto the large boulder from /setwaypoint 3513 3434

Skarntinn Shelf

/setwaypoint 4118 2817
Use the Bulbous Bouncer at /setwaypoint 4218 2816 to get up to the first platform
Move across the first platform to the second bouncer at /setwaypoint 4131 2725
On the third platform move ahead to the next bouncer at /setwaypoint 4039 2721
On the fourth platform go to the next bouncer at /setwaypoint 3939 2627
On the fifth platform go to the bouncer at /setwaypoint 4098 2623
From here you can drop down to the very large platform below and then across to the smaller one where the jump is.

On the map..

Blue dot = Bulbous bouncer
Red line = Bulbous Bouncer jump
Grey line = Walking
Orange = Mounted jump
Purple star = Shark jump location

The second mounted jump may not be possible for some, there is a bulbous bouncer nearby that you can use instead.

Port Scuddra

/setwaypoint 6553 4134
Jump from the bridge above Port Scuddra.

The Big Dig

/setwaypoint 3376 4411
This jump requires some very careful jumping.
To get to the first spot you need to go all the way around the back of the area to /setwaypoint 3353 4377
Then jump onto the boulder jutting out of the cliffside.

The next jump is very tricky. There is a tiny jutty outty bit of rock that you can see coming out of the cliff… but there is actually a much larger invisible landing platform!
You can see clearly in the video that your character will be ‘floating’ in the sky stood on an invisible platform.
Some players may want to aim for the jutty outty rock that is closer (seen below with a twisted artifact on top) and then walk around the cliff-face, on the invisible ledge, until you reach the correct spot.

Zoological Mountaineering

Take the Octus Monastery portal into Tarken and head to the bulbous bouncer at /setwaypoint 4769 3061
Once you land go left towards the bottom of the slope at /setwaypoint 4739 3321
From here you need to climb up the mountain heading towards /setwaypoint 4644 3316
There are a couple of little jumps on the way along with some stepping stones up the cliffside.
At the end point you will drop down into a cave, inside this cave you will also find ‘Ali’s Third Purse’ I highly recommend you grab the purse first (as shown in the video) before then clicking the sign that will teleport you up for the Zoological Mountaineering cheevo.

Rust Bucket 2

These chests are all hidden in the ships just off the docks in Port Scuddra.
The chests contain level 65 dungeon ready gear.

Captain's Chest

/setwaypoint 6859 4488
Use the gangways to get to the first and then the second boat.
From the second boat jump down onto the chain at /setwaypoint 6782 4487
Make your way along the chain and onto the third boat.

Swabble's Chest

/setwaypoint 6809 4472
This one is found in the lower decks of the second boat.
You can access the lower decks by going through the doorways at /setwaypoint 6858 4436
Drop down the holes in the deck until you are in the water below the ship. Then head to the waypoint at the very back to loot the chest.

Bosons's Chest

/setwaypoint 6816 4506
Jump onto the roof from the upper deck at /setwaypoint 6844 4500

First Mate's Chest

/setwaypoint 6819 4459
This chest is under the second boat, accessed through a hole in the hull. You can find the hole at /setwaypoint 6821 4451 swim into the hole and turn right to find the chest

Midshipman's Chest

/setwaypoint 6783 4525
This one is on a spike sticking out of the third boat.
Jump from the deck onto the upper spike at /setwaypoint 6781 4524
From the upper spike you need to drop carefully to the spike below. Walk backwards off the upper spike aiming for the tip of the lower spike.

Coxswain's Chest

/setwaypoint 6834 4395
On a ledge on the first ship.
Walk backwards off the banister above to land on the ledge below.

Cabin Boy's Chest

/setwaypoint 6798 4476
Jump from the water onto the large pipe and then use the smaller pipe to step up into the hole in the hull.

Purser's Chest

/setwaypoint 6739 4442
Jump up to the horizontal post then walk along til you are nearly above the chest. Drop down to the railing near the support structure, then drop down into the space under the post to loot the chest.

Staying Frosty

A selection of daily quests available from the various quest hubs in Tarken Glacier.

Kill it with fire – Picked up from the Ghar Station Tau portal
Lost Research – Picked up from the Ghar Station Tau portal
You should really seek some help – Picked up from the Ghar Station Tau portal
Signs of the return – Picked up from the Ghar Station Tau portal
Forced interference – Picked up from the Octus Monastery portal
Menhir Hunting – Picked up from the Octus Monastery portal
Observations at the edge – Picked up from the Octus Monastery portal
Ever higher – Picked up from the Port Scuddra portal
Roll the bones – Picked up from the Port Scuddra portal
Sacred Sea – Picked up from the Port Scuddra portal
Rifts of Tarken Glacier – Picked up from the Tarken Ascent portal

Trudging Through the Tundra

The reward for this cheevo is the Kithlik minion card.

1. Tarken Ascent
2. Remains of Kamoho
3. Port Scuddra
4. Loddyr Floe
5. Circle of Gryfnill
6. Seeping Basin
7. Ghadaul Tundra
8. Sharax Fortress
9. Unsteady Expanse
10. Ghar Station Tau
11. The Zoo
12. The Big Dig
13. FARV
14. DSM13
15. Temple of Aia
16. Frystfall Trench
17. Octus Monastery
18. Prison of the Old Gods
19. Skarntinn Shelf
20. Tenebrean Craters
21. Izbithu’s Demise
22. Mount Sharax
23. Chillsworn Sanctum
24. Twin Spikes
25. Aegmir’s Pass
26. Logical Crossroad
27. Immutable Ridge