Nightmare Tide Farseers

Meta cheevos found in H > Zones > Nightmare Tide
The Three Zone cheevos are found in their respective zone section.

This page has guides for the three Tideseeker cheevos, one found in each of the main Nightmare Tide Zones

When you get to the location simply walk right next to the farseer and ensure it ticks off your list before moving to the next one!
You should get a message on your screen and in your general chat that says: Discovered farseer [name]A lot of the farseers are up high or down low or in caves, so i have sometimes included the Y co-ordinates as well, to use these, go to the waypoint in game and then type /loc into your chat box, this will give you the full X,Y,Z co-ordinates of where you are stood, so you can see if you need to move up or down to find the farseer.
You can create a target macro if you wish << tar farseer >> however it really isnt needed.
Some of the farseers are in easy to get to locations while others are not! On the more difficult to reach ones I have included screenshots and/or videos to explain how to get there.
Now that Opie and the Jetpack are available in the game it is a lot easier to get to most of these locations!

Goboro Tideseekers

You can find a full explanation for how to get to each waypoint below. Click the name of the Farseer to quickly jump to that part of the guide.

Farseer Tirin – /setwaypoint 3700 6360
Farseer Solazi – /setwaypoint 4328 7222
Farseer Rylayd – /setwaypoint 4389 6699
Farseer Irothi – /setwaypoint 3903 7075
Farseer Tyfale – /setwaypoint 2964 7479
Farseer Hisina – /setwaypoint 3887 6476
Farseer Nalani – /setwaypoint 2635 7687
Farseer Iona – /setwaypoint 4312 8334
Farseer Ravann – /setwaypoint 3283 5902
Farseer Drann – /setwaypoint 1698 6329

Farseer Aeny – /setwaypoint 4178 6491
Farseer Aviale – /setwaypoint 3908 5881
Farseer Ashll – /setwaypoint 3441 7655
Farseer Kilane – /setwaypoint 4417 7760
Farseer Endayo – /setwaypoint 3088 6651
Farseer Lyduna – /setwaypoint 4010 7907
Farseer Yradi – /setwaypoint 3336 7031
Farseer Lysidi – /setwaypoint 2423 7003
Farseer Larair – /setwaypoint 2966 7164
Farseer Hyceas – /setwaypoint 2101 6315

Farseer Tirin

/setwaypoint 3700 6360
climb up from the rock behind at /setwaypoint 3738 6315

Farseer Solazi

/setwaypoint 4328 7222
Climb up the coral and rocks starting at /setwaypoint 4399 7174
Then move along the cliffside til you reach the Farseer, as shown in the video below.

Farseer Rylayd

/setwaypoint 4389 6699
An easy rock to climb.

Farseer Irothi

/setwaypoint 3903 7075
You can climb up the spire at /setwaypoint 3878 7085 or the spire at the other end at /setwaypoint 3908 7050
Climb/jump up til you hit the same level that the farseer is on, then move along the ‘bridge til you reach him.

Farseer Tyfale

/setwaypoint 2964 7479
Drop down onto the large mountain at /setwaypoint 2955 7342 make your way along the top and then drop down onto the pillar where Tyfale is. Shown in the video below.

Farseer Hisina

/setwaypoint 3887 6476
Start at /setwaypoint 3897 6440 and spiral your way up the rock as seen in the video below.

Farseer Nalani

/setwaypoint 2635 7687
An easy climb up the hill.

Farseer Iona

/setwaypoint 4312 8334
Go up the slope at /setwaypoint 4275 8262 you will find Iona in the hut.

Farseer Ravann

/setwaypoint 3283 5902
Go up the winding path into the fortress then up the large slope.
You can then jump down from the upper ledge to the platform where Ravaan is at /setwaypoint 3255 5901

Farseer Drann

/setwaypoint 1698 6329
Easy to get to, up near the top of the water.

Farseer Aeny

/setwaypoint 4178 6491
You will find Aeny on the top of a large pointy rock.
You can climb onto the side of the mountain behind the rock using the sloped area to the east – /setwaypoint 4240 6345 – and then move along the ledge til you reach the rock above Aeny’s location, then just jump down to her.
You can also access this spot fromt he west from /setwaypoint 4068 6447

Farseer Aviale

/setwaypoint 3908 5881}
Climb up the hill from behind then drop down the rocks til you reach the ledge where Aviale is.

Farseer Ashll

/setwaypoint 3441 7655
Start from the back of the rock at /setwaypoint 3438 7718 then climb up the various platforms til you reach the farseer, as shown in the video below.

Farseer Kilane

/setwaypoint 4417 7760
Climb up from the back of the rock at /setwaypoint 4368 7747

Farseer Endayo

/setwaypoint 3088 6651
Start on the rocks to the East – /setwaypoint 3356 6551 and make your way west towards the farseer.

Farseer Lyduna

/setwaypoint 4010 7907
Jump onto the nearby wall and then up onto the roof.

Farseer Yradi

/setwaypoint 3336 7031
Yradi can be found all the way down and along the cave at the bottom of the Atragarian Well – /setwaypoint 2977 7050.
Swim down the well and into the tunnel, follow the path heading east til you reach the final large cave.
You need to swim up to the very top of the cave where you will find an air bubble, jump up onto the ledge in this air bubble to find Yradi.

Farseer Lysidi

/setwaypoint 2423 7003
A nice easy rock to climb up.

Farseer Larair

/setwaypoint 2966 7164
Towards  the end of the spike.

Farseer Hyceas

/setwaypoint 2101 6315
Easy to get to, swim across from the Luminous Passage portal.

Draumheim Tideseekers

The Ocean Above. You can reach pretty much any spot in Draumheim, including the tops of the many many buildings by jumping up into the ocean above and then dropping down again above where you need to go. To jump up into the ocean you need to find a Bulbous Bouncer, thankfully, you can find one next to every portal! Mark the waypoint that you want to go to on your map, then go to the nearest portal on the map and use the Bulbous Bouncer you find there, this will shoot you up into the ocean above. You can now swim across to the waypoint and drop down.

You can find a full explanation for how to get to each waypoint below. Click the name of the Farseer to quickly jump to that part of the guide.

Farseer Hudraer – /setwaypoint 5162 5249
Farseer Erfolg – /setwaypoint 5181 6049
Farseer Slevius – /setwaypoint 5829 5484
Farseer Roslarb – /setwaypoint 5698 7268
Farseer Provyrus – /setwaypoint 5717 5141
Farseer Favnir – /setwaypoint 4790 5117
Farseer Hirador – /setwaypoint 5480 6316
Farseer Galzra – /setwaypoint 4914 4464
Farseer Uraka – /setwaypoint 5098 6667
Farseer Cuphes – /setwaypoint 5419 5854
Farseer Koronee – /setwaypoint 5417 6101
Farseer Ith – /setwaypoint 5688 5475

Farseer Leneth – /setwaypoint 6615 6119
Farseer Gretiem – /setwaypoint 5163 4880
Farseer Jeruth – /setwaypoint 4393 5005
Farseer Zyvera – /setwaypoint 5463 5310
Farseer Santus – /setwaypoint 5485 5459
Farseer Arroyo – /setwaypoint 6065 5988
Farseer Tratain – /setwaypoint 6513 7161
Farseer Dathan – /setwaypoint 6770 6588
Farseer Soreth – /setwaypoint 5155 4542
Farseer Tulvir – /setwaypoint 5636 5151
Farseer Ali – /setwaypoint 4608 5344
Farseer Saphira – /setwaypoint 5979 5208

Farseer Hudraer

/setwaypoint 5162 5249
Drop down from the ocean above.

Farseer Erfolg

/setwaypoint 5181 6049
Drop down from the ocean.

Farseer Slevius

/setwaypoint 5829 5484
Slevius is on a bridge high above the crafting area. If you drop down from the ocean too close then you will be ported down to Margle Palace. You will need to drop down  at /setwaypoint 5814 5437 then walk along the taller wall and drop down when ytou reach the bridge.
This is shown in the video below.

Farseer Roslarb

/setwaypoint 5698 7268 – height = 511
This one is actually in a cave!
You will find the entrance at 5725 7232 – height = 526
The route is shown in the video below

Farseer Provyrus

/setwaypoint 5717 5141
Tucked up behind the wall. Its best to drop down, aiming for the roof nearby.
If you miss, then you can get into this alcove by walking through the gap at /setwaypoint 5713 5164

Farseer Favnir

/setwaypoint 4790 5117
Drop onto the large rocks nearby then drop down to the platform.

Farseer Hirador

/setwaypoint 5480 6316
Really easy to get to, just take the portal to Ghar Station Rosh and go into the water behind the portal.

Farseer Galzra

/setwaypoint 4914 4464
Although it is easier to just drop down to this one, you can walk here from Headfell Farms.

Farseer Uraka

/setwaypoint 5098 6667
Drop from the ocean onto the large rock above then jump down to the lower rocks at /setwaypoint 5061 6648 make your way across til you are above the farseer and drop down.

Farseer Cuphes

/setwaypoint 5419 5854
On a small ledge between all the roofs. Drop down from the ocean onto the roofs nearby and carefully make your way to the ledge.

Farseer Koronee

/setwaypoint 5417 6101
Drop down fromt he ocean, there is a nice big rock to land on and then you can jump onto the mushroom.

Farseer Ith

/setwaypoint 5688 5475
On the ground floor just behind the little hut, no need to drop down to this one.

Farseer Leneth

/setwaypoint 6615 6119
Underground, entrance to building is at /setwaypoint 6630 6100
Go all the way down the spiral staircase and then jump down into the lower floor and around the tunnel to the farseer.

Farseer Gretiem

/setwaypoint 5163 4880
A nice wide wall to drop down onto.

Farseer Jeruth

/setwaypoint 4393 5005
Drop down from the ocean above. This is quite a small landing spot, you can jump onto the large circular roof of the building and then drop down.

Farseer Zyvera

/setwaypoint 5463 5310
On a circular platform sticking out from the wall. Drop down form the ocean above, aim for the wall nearby or for the platform.

Farseer Santus

/setwaypoint 5485 5459
No need to go into the ocean for this one, you can just drop from the platform.

Farseer Arroyo

/setwaypoint 6065 5988
Drop down from the ocean above.. The ledge can be a little hard to land on, you may find it easier to land on the circular platform just behind the ledge and then drop down.

Farseer Tratain

/setwaypoint 6513 7161
An easy drop down from the ocean above.

Farseer Dathan

/setwaypoint 6770 6588
Found under the archway of the bridge leading up the gates of shadow scion.

Farseer Soreth

/setwaypoint 5155 4542
In the tunnel under the house.
The entrance is under the front porch at /setwaypoint 5111 4544
(not the basement area of the house)

Farseer Tulvir

/setwaypoint 5636 5151
Drop down from the ocean above.
There are lots of nice sloped roofs which gives you a large landing spot.

Farseer Ali

/setwaypoint 4608 5344
At the top of a large rock. Easy to drop down to from the ocean.

Farseer Saphira

/setwaypoint 5979 5208
An easy drop down from the ocean above, or you can walk through the alley to get here.

Tarken Tideseekers

You can find a full explanation for how to get to each waypoint below. Click the name of the Farseer to quickly jump to that part of the guide.

Farseer Syrilth – /setwaypoint 6847 3676 – hard
Farseer Farrell – /setwaypoint 3366 3276 – medium
Farseer Yefefiah – /setwaypoint 3423 3974 – easy
Farseer Ninarth – /setwaypoint 4912 3551 – hard
Farseer Ohm – /setwaypoint 5374 3275 – easy
Farseer Gilta – /setwaypoint 3756 3974 – hard
Farseer Solana – /setwaypoint 5319 2349 – medium
Farseer Menotius – /setwaypoint 5863 4398 – medium
Farseer Rothilion – /setwaypoint 4437 1823 – medium
Farseer Baribal – /setwaypoint 4585 2625 – easy
Farseer Geila – /setwaypoint 6661 4329 – easy

Farseer Sarhingar – /setwaypoint 5058 2816 – easy
Farseer Frianul – /setwaypoint 5348 3753 – medium
Farseer Arzlag – /setwaypoint 5923 3616 – medium
Farseer Duzrug – /setwaypoint 5786 2854 – easy
Farseer Ralnor – /setwaypoint 3989 2509 – easy
Farseer Vuzashi – /setwaypoint 4898 4111 – easy
Farseer Eevina – /setwaypoint 3800 3319 – medium
Farseer Almedha – /setwaypoint 4145 1943 – easy
Farseer Phoippe – /setwaypoint 3712 4662 – medium
Farseer Vezius – /setwaypoint 4742 3737 – medium
Farseer Sollix – /setwaypoint 4682 4216 – easy

Farseer Syrilth

/setwaypoint 6847 3676 — Y=1187
Here is what it looks like on the map..

Start by going up the bridge at /setwaypoint 6525 3310
Then continue along the second bridge at /setwaypoint 6653 3355
At the end of the second bridge, go into the alcove at /setwaypoint 6799 3462

Keep following the crevice until you reach the end, when you look up you will see a row of ‘steps’
Climb up these steps to reach the plateau.
Then travel all the way along to reach the farseer at /setwaypoint 6847 3676

Farseer Farrell

/setwaypoint 3366 3276 — Y=1005
Travel up to the upper platform and head to /setwaypoint 3378 3281 then jump down to the platform below.
Jump down again and you will find Farrell in a small alcove in the cliff-face

Farseer Yefefiah

/setwaypoint 3423 3974 — Y=1090
Start at the bottom of the hill at /setwaypoint 3442 3853 climb up at find Farseer Yefefiah in a small alcove.

Farseer Ninarth

/setwaypoint 4912 3551 — Y=1010

Travel to the top of the bridge to /setwaypoint 4914 3574
You need to jump down from the bridge onto a platform below where the Farseer is.

Looking south you will see a dip in the edge of the bridge, walking backwards off of this edge will land you on a triangular shaped rock ledge below…

Follow the edge of the cliff-face until you reach Farseer Ninarth.

Farseer Ohm

/setwaypoint 5374 3275 — Y=1009
Climb up onto the bones at /setwaypoint 5295 3259
walk along them carefully until you reach Farseer Ohm.

Farseer Gilta

/setwaypoint 3756 3974 — Y=1053
Travel up the mountain from /setwaypoint 3420 3863 to /setwaypoint 3727 3960
From here you can clearly see where the farseer is!

At this point, feel free to use the jump ability from Opie or Jetpack to get there nice and easy! – You can also use one of the targeted racial jump abilities if you happen to be a Bahmi or High Elf!
Otherwise, you will need to jump carefully across the buildings til you reach the Farseer as shown in this video..

Farseer Solana

/setwaypoint 5319 2349 — Y=1283
You need to climb up the frozen monster and make your way to one of the upper heads, then drop down inside the mouth of the head.
Start at /setwaypoint 5252 2215 then climb up the monster till you get to the right side upper head at /setwaypoint 5331 2358
You need to drop down to one of the large teeth poking out of the mouth – Walk very carefully backwards to drop onto the tooth
then walk into the mouth to find Farseer Solana.

Farseer Menotius

/setwaypoint 5863 4398
Take the port scuddra portal into tarken and head to /setwaypoint 6023 4444 keep going til you reach the edge of the large boulder at /setwaypoint 5881 4367
Zoom in on your mini map to use these locations effectively, or just watch the video below!
Best to do these jumps dismounted!
Jump up at /setwaypoint 5881 4367
Then again at /setwaypoint 5885 4382
Then again at /setwaypoint 5878 4381
Then walk up to the Farseer.

Farseer Rothilion

/setwaypoint 4437 1823 – Y=1514
Climb up the hill at /setwaypoint 4550 1803
Then get behind the skulls at /setwaypoint 4466 1771
Move along and then drop down to the farseer from /setwaypoint 4444 1816

Farseer Baribal

/setwaypoint 4585 2625 – Y=1159
Go behind the jelly healer at /setwaypoint 4650 2682
Follow the edge of the rocks til you reach the base of the rock spire at /setwaypoint 4621 2649 then make your way to the top

Farseer Geila

/setwaypoint 6661 4329 – Y=893
On the bridge above Port Scuddra

Farseer Sarhingar

/setwaypoint 5058 2816 – Y=1164
You can climb up the back of the rock from /setwaypoint 5032 2818

Farseer Frianul

/setwaypoint 5348 3753 – Y=1020
An easy climb up the hill starting from /setwaypoint 5331 3695

Farseer Arzlag

/setwaypoint 5923 3616 – Y=989
Due to the jump bug this rock is now very easy to climb!

Farseer Duzrug

/setwaypoint 5786 2854 – Y=959
Jump down from the cliff above at /setwaypoint 5791 2888

Farseer Ralnor

/setwaypoint 3989 2509 – Y=1204
Go up the hill at /setwaypoint 4279 2439 then carry on across the hill til you reach the farseer.

Farseer Vuzashi

/setwaypoint 4898 4111 – Y=875
An easy drop down from the cliff above. Stand at /setwaypoint 4878 4104 and walk backwards off the cliff.

Farseer Eevina

/setwaypoint 3800 3319 – Y=1065
Go around the back of the Temple of Aia and jump onto the roof from the cliff at /setwaypoint 3901 3278 then move along the roof til your reach the farseer. (as shown in the video below)

Farseer Almedha

/setwaypoint 4145 1943 – Y=1348
Climb up the hill starting from /setwaypoint 4200 2068

Farseer Phoippe

/setwaypoint 3712 4662 – Y=985
Start at /setwaypoint 3647 4696 – Climb up the hill and then across the bridge.

Farseer Vezius

/setwaypoint 4742 3737 – Y=1090
With the current jumping bug pretty much all of this mountain is climbable, just keep spamming that space bar!

Farseer Sollix

/setwaypoint 4682 4216 – Y=907
Really easy to get to, no climbing involved!