10 Year Census

During the 10 year Rift Anniversary (April 2021), Cadrift ran a survey to gather data towards creating an infographic about the playerbase, and to gain some feedback about the Cadrift site.
Below you will find visual representations of the data collected, as well as some responses to questions and statements that players made.

452 players filled in the survey. The data from these players gives us a general idea of ratios, but be aware the data is not a complete picture of the player population.

We also drew a random name from those that filled out the survey and that player has won a REX, congratulations [email protected]!


You can right click the image to save it and then open it on your PC to be able to zoom in.

Questions and Statements

Which guides would you like Cadrift to cover that are not already here?

Many players asked for quest guides, especially guides for the Saga Questlines. I am currently creating guides for all the questlines in the game, starting with Mathosian zones, this is going to take a long time, I started in February of 2021 and its now May, I have completed 10 of the 45 zone pages so far. I am aiming to be finished with quest guides by the end of 2021!

A lot of players asked for Raid and Dungeon guides – As I go through the zones creating the quest guides I am also writing dungeon cheevo guides for the dungeons in the zones. Raid guides are on the ‘list’.

Also on the ‘list’ are: Chronicles, Crafting, Fishing, Other planar guides, PBN artifacts, Macros, Vostigar Intel Caches, and a Companion Pet guide.

A few players asked for guides in different languages, unfortunately I only speak english! Feel free to rewrite the guides in other languages for your guild/friends. If you write a guide in another language and pop it on the forums or on your own site then I will happily link to it from my resources page.

A lot of players requested guides that already exist.

  • A guide for finding minion cards – The Minion Card Database is linked to from the Resources page.
  • Where to get wardrobe skins from – You can find info about where to get wardrobe skins on the Cadrift Wardrobe Skins page. There are also 2 other databases linked on this page.
  • Guides for which add ons to use – You can find a full list of recommended add ons, and easy set up guides for my 5 most recommended add ons, on the Add ons page.
  • Maze of Steel Quest (last quest in VP) – There is a full guide to the Maze of Steel quest on the Vostigar Peaks questline page.
  • Links to other sites/information – There are many other sites linked to from the Resources page, if you know of one that isn’t listed then please let me know.
Do you have any comments about Cadrift, things you like or dislike..

It was awesome to read how many of you are finding the guides useful! Thank you all for your kind comments and a special thank you to those of you who continue to support Cadrift on Patreon, the site would not be as big as it is today without your generous donations.

  • After being gone for a long time I was grateful to find the cadrift site, there isn’t a lot of info about rift this site is a godsend
  • It’s A LOT more detailed than other sites for Rift information that I’ve seen. Very helpful.
  • Cad you are awesome and we are forever grateful for your contribution to Rift and the community. <3
  • Thank you caduto for all of your hard work putting the site together.
  • I highly appreciate the work that goes into the site, it has helped me on many an occasion!
  • Love the wbesite! Great help when I’m stuck sometimes.
  • Awesome Site. Made the game more enjoyable and I kept discovering new things to do from Cadrift that I wasnt even aware existed. Bounty hunting / artifacts / unstable squirrels etc
  • THANK YOU! It’s a great site, I just signed up to Patreon.
  • Love the puzzle section. I had never even heard of some/most of those puzzles, and the guides made it easy to complete them.
  • I love your site thank you for all your hard work:)
  • Couldn’t have gotten all my achievements without your guides. THANK YOU!!
  • I just really appreciate that someone/somebody dedicated much time and effort to make detailed guides for RIFTers! Keep up the good work!
  • Love the website! Great help when I’m stuck sometimes.
  • Thank you for all the info you provide on this site & in game. I truly appreciate it, it really makes playing Rift more enjoyable!
  • I like having the all the info available in this type of format. Thanks for all your work.
  • Its a masterpiece.
  • Love the work you put into your site for the good of the game. Thanks for all your efforts!
  • Overall a must visit rift site, especially for new players.
  • I love this site and tell everyone I know to use it.
  • Thank you for great work Caduto.
  • I am thankful for all the information that Cadrift supplies. It has been very helpful when I don’t know what I’m doing for Battle Pass quests.
  • Love the Purple!
  • Best source of info I have found for Rift. Thank You for your time and effort.
  • It’s just swell.
  • Keep up the good work! Cadrift is great to have at hand when playing RIFT!
  • I appreciate the work you’ve done to put this together.
  • THANK YOU! It’s a great site, I just signed up to Patreon.
  • Love your site, makes Rift more fun.
  • It’s awesome.
  • There are too few catto pictures!!!
4th Anniversary Infographic

Here you can find the 4th Anniversary Infographic, which was created by Trion with their internal data.