Cadrift Maze 2022

We did the thing!

The Cadrift Maze 2022 was run on Saturday 18th June at 8:30PM EU server time.
A huge thank you to everyone who came along and had fun with us!

6 REXs were given out as prizes.

Winner – Maze 1 – Euclave
Winner – Artifacts – Goshootkarlykovo
Winner – Maze 2 – Kelamazerunner
Winner – Maze 3 – Moiran
Winner – Maze 4 – Scamigo
Winner – Maze 5 – Euclave

Goshootkarlykovo kindly donated their REX back to Cadrift, this will be used as a prize in a future competition.

There were some technical difficulties with the stream, so I’ve chopped up the bits that worked and popped them in a video for those that want to watch it.

MAZE 1 - Artifact Maze

The first maze availble on entry to the dimension. This maze awards 2 REXs, one for the player who finishes first, and another for the player who picks up the most artifacts!

Winner – Maze 1 – Euclave
Winner – Artifacts – Goshootkarlykovo

MAZE 2 - Dropsalot

Find the holes in the carpet to drop down to the next level. A REX will be awarded to the first player to reach the bottom and then cross the finish line!

Winner – Maze 2 – Kelamazerunner

MAZE 3 - The Floor is Lava!

Work together to find the route across the carpets, but don’t hold back too much or you wont win! The first player to cross the finish line wins!

Winner – Maze 3 – Moiran

MAZE 4 - 2 Layer Maze

Race to find the exit!
Cross the white line to win!

Winner – Maze 4 – Scamigo

MAZE 5 - Black Squares

Make your way through a maze of objects!
First one to the finish line… wins!

Winner – Maze 5 – Euclave


  • Keep an eye on the chat box! Important info will be conveyed in the chat, including countdowns to the start of each maze so you can be ready to run!
  • There is a viewing area for each maze. You are welcome to come along and just watch! You can then choose to join in with later mazes if you want.
  • The first player to cross the white finish line wins that maze.
  • In a ‘Photo Finish’ situation, the 2 players will be asked to /roll and the highest roll will be the winner.
  • On the first maze, there is a prize for most artifacts collected. When you collect artifacts in a dimension you gain a buff, each artifact collected gives you one stack of the buff, so the artifact collector with the highest stack will win. It will be up to the artifact collector to make it known how many stacks they have, use /yell or /say to tell us your score and then we can click on you and check your stacks to verify.
  • Players can win more than once.. If you happen to be first across the line in maze one and in another maze later on then congrats, 2 rexes for you!
  • Players must follow the route of the maze – Any player seen cheating will be disqualified – The mazes are set up to keep cheating possibilities to a minimum, however, dimensions can be funky sometimes!
  • Players are allowed to mount or use any other speed buffs/consumables that they wish – Except on MAZE 3
  • During maze 3, The Floor is Lava, anyone seen using jumping mounts or other jumping buffs will be disqualified, this includes leap forward/backward abilities and/or teleport abilities. The goal of the puzzle is to stand on each of the ‘correct’ rugs as you cross the lava, trying to cheat your way across is not good sportsmanship and will disqualify you.
  • You are allowed to group up within the mazes if you want to. If you don’t want to then set your group to private.
  • You are allowed to help each other!
  • If one of the ‘viewers’ is a friend of yours, then they are allowed to give you hints to help you finish the maze.
Joining the mazes
  • Between each maze there will be a short break where latecomers can enter the maze area to wait with the group for the next maze to open up.
  • There are coloured lines on the floor to direct these players to the correct area.
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