Racing Dimension Contest

Hosted by Fwob, ran from 25th January to 30th April 2021

On the 25th January 2021 Fwob made a post on the forums announcing a Dimension Building Challenge.

It’s time to build a race course!

I had always aimed to do two dimension competitions, so this will be my second and final one. It’s going to be hard to beat Craving for Caves, as my expectations were completely dwarfed by the quantity and quality of those builds. Of course, however, I’m sure I’ll be surprised once again as I do with every other competition! Will I get as many entries this time? Probably not, but I’m hoping this one might attract those who may not dabble much in dimensions. The prizes are decent, you don’t have to be an artist, and who doesn’t love a good race?

Players would have 2 months to build their Race Track dimension, with judging taking place from the 30th April.

Screenshots below!

On this page you will find a list of all the Dimensions with a few screenshots of each one and details of where to find them in game.

The very best thing about Dimensions is that they are 3D, you can walk around and through them, thus a 2D picture will never do them justice, you should always pay a visit to the Dimension yourself!

Builds on EU
Forest and meadows racetrack by Basille
Hamster Racetrack by Wolfexin *Second Place*

Builds on NA
Thunder Valley Raceway by Lendion (NightShift1) *First Place*
Furnace Apocylaps by Phonybologna
Life, the Universe & Everything by Xaia (Xaii)
Hyperion Alien Race way by Shumagorrath (Korvac)
Infernal Fortress Racetrack by Melaren

Watch the stream!
Forest and meadows racetrack

Shard: Brutwacht
Dimension: Anywhere
Owner: Basille
Mount: Not recommended – Wings

Hamster Racetrack

Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Anywhere
Owner: Wolfexin
Mount: Avoid levitation, and big stuff!
*Second Place*

Thunder Valley Raceway

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Mathosian Cascades
Owner: Lendion (NightShift1)
Mount: Crimson Arclight Rider
*First Place*

Furnace Apocylaps

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Fortress of the Apocalypse
Owner: Phonybologna
Mount: A fire resistant one!

Life, the Universe & Everything

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Anywhere
Owner: Xaia (Xaii)
Mount: Spider or Sharkie!

Hyperion Alien Race way

Shard: Laethys
Dimension: Anywhere
Owner: Shumagorrath (Korvac)
Mount: Anything Sci-fi!

Infernal Fortress Racetrack

Shard: Laethys
Dimension: Everywhere
Owner: Melaren
Mount: levitation type mount (or one that will not obstruct your view)