Labyrinth of Confusion

Hosted by Caduto on 29th August 2020

— The Winner of the Labyrinth of Confusion —
— Grimoria@greybriar – 23mins 54secs–

Second Place – Doranbolt@deepwood
Third Place – Kutiie@greybriar – Killerloose

Fourth – Mega@greybriar – Megachronix@Brutwacht
Fifth – Dusterbrissol@greybriar
Sixth – Amafadya@laethys
Seventh – Mocha@greybriar
Eighth – Mrwidoes@Wolfsbane
Ninth – Yealink@greybriar
Tenth – Ladybacon@deepwood

— Player that collected the
most artifacts during the run —
— Dusterbrissol@greybriar with 20 artifacts —


On the Greybriar shard on the NA cluster.
In the dimension ‘Labyrinth of Confusion’ by Caduto, set in the Tenebrean Pocket Plane.


First Place: 3000 Credits + 2 Months Patron + 2 REX
Second Place: 2000 Credits + 1 Month Patron + 1 REX
Third Place: 1000 Credits + 1 Month Patron + 1 REX
Fourth Place: 1000 Credits
Fifth Place: 1000 Credits
Sixth to Tenth: 500 Credits

Artifact Collector: 1000 Credits + 1 Month Patron + 1 REX

Special thanks to Catrianna for donating 2 REX to the prizes!

Special thanks to Gamigo for donating Credits and patron time to the prizes!

Waiting to go into the maze
In the holding cell waiting for the door to disappear!
Down the passage into the maze!
Getting lost in Phase 1, the Maze of Light
Kutiie was the first to make it out of Phase 1
Runners starting the Butterfly tower
Runners still in Phase 1
Pretty lights and bubbles!
Grim and Kutiie make it past level 5
More runners make it to the elevator
More runners in the butterfly tower
Grim is the first runner in Phase 3
Runners at the top of Phase 1
Grimoria crosses the finish line
Grim has first place!
Runners near the bottom of the glass butterfly tower
Very close!
More runners in the butterfly tower
Runners getting stuck in Phase 3
A few runners getting stuck in the butterfly tower
Doranbolt makes second place
Duster collected 20 artifacts!
6 runners have now finished the maze
All the top 10 winners
All the top 10 winners
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