Craving for Caves

Hosted by Fwob with Kitasia, Killerloose and Salvatrix on 29th February 2020

On the 6th December 2019 Fwob made a post on the forums announcing a Cave Dimension Building competition..

Caves, caverns, grottoes, bunkers, underground rivers or houses, rock overhangs, you name it, it’s all good. Well.. I’m trying to sound inclusive here, but we also have to appreciate that a cave is still essentially a cave!

Players would have 3 months to build their Cave themed dimension, with a live stream to tour and judge them all happening on the 29th February 2020. The main competition was for new builds only, there was also a bonus side competition for peeps to submit existing builds.

Videos of the stream by Fwob

The winners were all announced at the end of the you tube upload video and on the main forum thread.

Screenshots below!

On this page you will find a list of all the Dimensions with a few screenshots of each one and details of where to find them in game.
The Dimensions are listed alphabetically by shard.

The very best thing about Dimensions is that they are 3D, you can walk around and through them, thus a 2D picture will never do them justice, you should always pay a visit to the Dimension yourself!

Ordered alphabetically by region, server and player

New Builds EU
The Moonstone – Warrior cats – (Evubetha)
Stuck at Rabbit’s House (Alli) – (Jaodya (Alliandre) –  First Place
Caduto’s Cavern – (Caduto)
How on earth did that get there? – (DarkDominion)
Loading Error 1st raid on Vdesha – (Dove)
Tomb Of Hoxacal – (Endoval)
Thamugadi – (Luci)
Hey Yoou Guuuys! (Dancingmoon) – (Melehta) – Salvatrix’s Choice
Fantastic Beasts and wtft (Lovey) – (Moanna) – Third Place

New Builds NA
It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! – (Bisou)
Twisting Hollow – (Cheychey)
“The Crucible Pt 2: Odyssey” – (Cattails (Cattrianna))
Moonshade Smuggler’s Town – (Rgi)
Rustic Rock Inn – (Staceyd)
Heaven to Hell – (Tiktaalik)
Alice in Underland – (Veleta) – Kitasia’s Choice
Study in Blue – (Arilike)
The Cavern of Wonders – (Glacia (Vieye alt)) – Second Place
Snjoholl – (Quna) – Fwob’s Choice
Kuula’s Demise – (Vasgama)
Olympus Mons – (Zemia)
Thorin’s Halls (LoTR) – (Jaedor)
Fairytail – (Valborgaa)
Visiting Friends – (Roslies)
The Way To Xibalba – (Melaren (Veylin)) – Killerloose’s Choice
Crystal Mine Cave in – (Zornar)

Pre-existing builds EU
Hoarder of Stories – (Chrystiel) – First Place
LiLe´s Unterwasser-Höhle – (LiLeToGirl)
Kill it with fire! (Alli) – (Luisa)
WGS-Moria (by chulia) – (Xaphiria)
Brimstone Quarry (Dancingmoon) – (Arrekelia)

Pre-existing builds NA
Hidden Escape – (Cheychey)
The Crucible Pt 1: Exodus – (One Cat Short of Crazy (Guild Dimension by Cattrianna)) – Second Place
Polygen Labs – (Prescott) – Third Place
Fairie Garden Glen(Nae) – (Anaemeah)
Lost Cavern – (Jaedor)
Chicken Little’s Nightmare – (Whirlygirl)
Plushie Manufacturing Plant No. 5 – (Roslies)
Escape from Halloween – (Unka (Zornar))

New builds on EU shards

The Moonstone - Warrior Cats

Shard: Brutwacht
Dimension: Mathosian Cascades
Owner: Evubetha

Favourite pasta shape: Macaroni

A small village with a cave on the outskirts where the Warrior Cats live!

Stuck at Rabbit's House (Alli)

First Place!

Shard: Brutwacht
Dimension: Mathosian Cascades
Owner: Jaodya (Alliandre)

Favourite pasta shape: Tagliatelle

Take the portal (above Pooh Bear) into Rabbits house!

Caduto's Cavern

Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Malluma Track
Owner: Caduto

Favourite pasta shape: Rigatoni

Walk through many different caverns and find the 3 waterfalls!

How on earth did that get there?

Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Shorewood Island
Owner: DarkDominion

Favourite pasta shape: Star shape

A luxurious modern house inside a calm tranquil cave.

Loading Error 1st raid on Vdesha

Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Karthan Ponds
Owner: Dove

Favourite pasta shape: Twisted

An entertaining take on a ‘cave’ with an awesome upside-down reflection aspect.

Tomb Of Hoxacal

Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Faen’s Retreat
Owner: Endoval

Favourite pasta shape: Lazani

A mixture of tunnels and small clearings, see if you can find the tomb!


Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Anywhere
Owner: Luci

Favourite pasta shape: Shells

A huge cavern with many little houses, areas and features.

Hey Yoou Guuuys! (Dancingmoon)

Salvatrix’s Choice

Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Shadow Scion
Owner: Melehta

Favourite pasta shape: Bucatini

An epic adventure through the land of the Goonies, following their path through the caverns until reaching the ultimate treasure!

Fantastic Beasts and wtft (Lovey)

Third Place

Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Castle Fortune
Owner: Moanna

Favourite pasta shape: Papadelle

A huge tribute to the fantastic beasts movie, with incredibly detailed creatures and scenes.

New builds on NA shards

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

Shard: Deepwood
Dimension: Octus Monastery
Owner: Bisou

Favourite pasta shape: Orecchiette

Its Supermans Ice Fortress!

Twisting Hollow

Shard: Deepwood
Dimension: Scarlet Gorge Cliff
Owner: Cheychey

Favourite pasta shape: Wagon Wheels

A cheerful corridor leading to a portal that takes you to a colourful cavern with a cute house and glorious garden waterfalls.

"The Crucible Pt 2: Odyssey" (tbc)

Shard: Deepwood
Dimension: Mathosian Cascades
Owner: Cattails (Cattrianna)

Favourite pasta shape: Angel Hair

Part 2 of ‘The Crucible: Odyssey’ story.

From a separate forum post.

“The Strazeri, once a proud and productive people, have fled their home of generations in fear. Fleeing, terrified of the natural wrath of the volcano they foolishly awakened in their quest for advancement and growth. Their continuing journey takes them deeper and deeper into the bowels of the volcano, fleeing the encroaching and devastating lava that threatens to entomb them all and wiped them from existence. With their very survival in question, join them in their Odyssey to the deepest depths of their known world and pray they find their way to safety and freedom from the evil they have brought unto themselves….”

Moonshade Smuggler's Town

Shard: Deepwood
Dimension: Edgestone Ridge
Owner: Rgi

Favourite pasta shape: None, prefers to stay woke

A huge miners town with loads of nooks and crannies to explore.

Rustic Rock Inn

Shard: Deepwood
Dimension: Azcu’azg Oasis
Owner: Staceyd

Favourite pasta shape: Tagliatelle

A pretty cave village on a lake.

Heaven to Hell

Ive been unable to visit this dim to get screenshots as it has been locked 🙁 you can still follow the link to see the video

Shard: Deepwood
Dimension: #
Owner: Tiktaalik

Favourite pasta shape: taco (haha) Ziti!


Alice in Underland

Kitasia’s Choice

Shard: Deepwood
Dimension: Dreamhive
Owner: Veleta

Favourite pasta shape: Fusilli!

Enjoy visiting many of the wonderful characters from Alice in Wonderland!

Study in Blue

Shard: Faeblight
Dimension: Subzero
Owner: Arilike

Favourite pasta shape: Tortellini

Take the lift down to this chilly cavern with terraced pools and glistening icy walls. Find the doorway to the top!

The Cavern of Wonders

Second Place

Shard: Faeblight
Dimension: Saint Taranis
Owner: Glacia (Vieye alt)

Favourite pasta shape: Broad Noodle

Go into the tigers mouth to find and Aladdins Cave of treasures. Go deeper to complete the story.


Fwob’s Choice

Shard: Faeblight
Dimension: Octus Monastery
Owner: Quna

Favourite pasta shape: Orzo

When you portal in there is an icy slope that goes around to the entrance, inside you will find some beautifully decorated rooms.

Tips: If you end up at the bottom of the dimension, the way out is in the southwest corner.

Kuula's Demise

Shard: Faeblight
Dimension: Kestrel’s Cry Ravine
Owner: Vasgama

Favourite pasta shape: Mafaldine

Take the path up the mountain to the cave above.

Olympus Mons

Shard: Faeblight
Dimension: Anywhere
Owner: Zemia

Favourite pasta shape: bowtie

Enter an underground mars mission base. Find crew sleeping quarters, common areas, a medical bay and indoor farm.

Thorin's Halls (LoTR)

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Everywhere
Owner: Jaedor

Favourite pasta shape: Penne

Discover the great expanse of the Halls of Thorin!


Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Stone Flask Tavern
Owner: Valborgaa

Favourite pasta shape: Campanelle

A fairytale cave with unicorns and plenty of sparkles!

Visiting Friends

Shard: Hailol
Dimension: Bogling Boggle
Owner: Roslies

Favourite pasta shape: Twists

Make you way down the stairs to find yourself in a gorgeous underground house.

The Way To Xibalba

Killerloose’s Choice

Shard: Laethys
Dimension: Tulan
Owner: Melaren (Veylin)

Favourite pasta shape: Mandala

Run the gauntlet of spinning blades to find the beautiful shining cavern within. Keep finding those hidden paths!

My dimension is based on Mayan mythology as described in the “Popol Vuh”. (I will try to keep this short.) Ruled by death gods and their helpers, Xibalba, “place of fear”, is the name of the Mayan underworld, a place beneath the earth. Despite being ruled by fearsome gods, Xibalba was once a place of greatness and its inhabitants received offerings from the people who walked the earth, above.

The entrance to Xibalba is believed to be through a cenote, a surface connection to a subterranean body of water, which may or may not be linked to an active cave system. The path to Xibalba is rife with tests and traps such as a river filled with scorpions. Xibalba is home to at least six deadly houses filled with trials. There is a “Dark House” that is completely dark inside, a “Cold House” filled with icy cold and hailstorms, a “Jaguar House” filled with hungry jaguars, a “Bat House” filled with terrifying bats, a “Razor House” filled with spinning blades, and a “Hot House” filled with blazes and dazzling bursts. The purpose of these houses was to either kill or humiliate people placed into them if they could not outwit the test. I combined a few of these ideas into distinct areas: the river of scorpions and the Jaguar House became my river of hellbugs, and the Dark House and Bat House were combined. Other areas I kept separate: Cold House, Razor House, Hot House.

Xibalbans enjoyed the worship and offerings of surface dwellers. In my “Dark House” I added a portal to the final destination with offerings to the Rain God, and at the bottom of my cenote are the remnants of offerings.

The downfall of Xibalba came about at the hands of the Maya Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalenque, who later became the sun and the moon. My dimension portrays the way to Xibalba prior to its downfall.

Crystal Mine Cavein

Shard: Wolfsbane
Dimension: Harrow Crypt
Owner: Zornar

Favourite pasta shape: Rotini

Watch as the boglings mine the crystals!

Background on Crystal Mine Cavein
From the Diary of Bilbo Bogling

“We couldn’t believe our luck when we cleared the collapsed tunnel and discovered the legendary Crystal Mine still filled with valuable crystals. We found the skeletons of the miners who had been trapped and worried about how they had died. We soon found out when the giant cave spiders attacked, killing one miner and cocooning others. The cocooned miners are being treated by the nurses. Good thing we brought the laser.

The chefs found the spider meat was a good supplement to the dwindling meat supply. The previous miners left behind a still that brewed an emerald liquor from the crystals. Most of us soon became addicted to it because it greatly increases strength and stamina, allowing us to work harder and much longer. The pace of work keeps the blacksmith busy sharpening and repairing the pickaxes and other tools.

When a cave-in trapped us too, we were confident we could dig themselves out with our automatic drill, diamond-bladed, motorized saw and manual labor. We will be rich if we do get out but I’m not so sure. At least we won’t suffocate because there is a good supply of fresh air coming from somewhere.

When I discovered a hidden pond filled with fish deep in the mine, I abandoned my mining duties to fish and live by myself. I like the fish much better than the spider meat.”

Note: The red spheres in the lower part of the mine are a guide to points of interest. Three spheres close together indicate a branch point.

Pre-existing builds on EU shards

Hoarder of Stories

First Place

Shard: Bloodiron
Dimension: Moonshade Pools
Owner: Chrystiel

A dragons cave with some hidden treasure and a cute little baby!

LiLe´s Unterwasser-Höhle

Shard: Brutwacht
Dimension: Center of Oblivion
Owner: LiLeToGirl

Favourite pasta shape: Tortellini

Lavishly decorated tunnels leading to carefully decorated underwater rooms.

Kill it with fire! (Alli)

Shard: Brutwacht
Dimension: Dreamhive
Owner: Luisa

Favourite pasta shape: Spaghetti

Welcome to the spider apocalypse! There are creepy crawlies everywhere in this cave!

WGS-Moria (by chulia)

Shard: Brutwacht
Dimension: Infinity Gate
Owner: Xaphiria

Favourite pasta shape: Lasagne

Take a trip through Moria, the underground kingdom beneath the Misty Mountains. Battle your way past the Balrog and out to safety!

Brimstone Quarry (Dancingmoon)

Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Moonriven Breach
Owner: Arrekelia

Favourite pasta shape: Spirali

A labyrinth of platforms, paths and firey pits.

Pre-existing builds on NA shards

Hidden Escape

Shard: Deepwood
Dimension: Bogling Boggle
Owner: Cheychey

Favourite pasta shape: wagon wheels

A gorgeous garden area leading to what seems to be a little cottage but is actually a huge 3 story home! Follow the path out the back of the house and into an epic back garden with an awesome cave waterfall.

The Crucible Pt 1: Exodus

Second Place

Shard: Faeblight
Dimension: Stone Flask Tavern
Owner: One Cat Short of Crazy (Guild Dimension by Cattrianna)

Favourite pasta shape: Ziti (phew!)

A massive story dimension with lots to explore!

As history will remember the Strazeri decided to build their civilization inside a dormant volcano. After milennia passed, they began to experiment with geothermal energy which led them to harnessing the power of the magma from the volcano. Harnessing this deadly and natural energy resulted in the volcano to once more become active after so very long, thus forcing them to flee and leave everything they knew and built behind. Journey in wonder as their legacy burns…

(RP) Polygen Labs

Third Place

Shard: Faeblight
Dimension: Octus Monastery
Owner: Prescott

Favourite pasta shape: Orecchiette

A super detailed underground labratory.

Fairie Garden Glen(Nae)

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Edge of Infinity
Owner: Anaemeah

Favourite pasta shape: Fettucine

A gorgeously detailed fairy garden.

Lost Cavern

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Malluma Track
Owner: Jaedor

Favourite pasta shape: Penne

Layers of a broken city cascading down, small but perfectly done!

Chicken Little's Nightmare

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Faen’s Retreat
Owner: Whirlygirl

Favourite pasta shape: Macaroni

A very busy village with many houses around an intricate cave.

Plushie Manufacturing Plant No. 5

Shard: Hailol
Dimension: Dormant Core
Owner: Roslies

Favourite pasta shape: Twists

Follow the arrows to the entrance and then around the factory interior.. take the portal in the safe!

Escape from Halloween

Shard: Wolfsbane
Dimension: Harrow Crypt
Owner: Unka (Zornar)

Favourite pasta shape: Rotini

A cave full of Skeletons and fire! Follow the skeletons as they make their way to the celebration area!

The cemetery was under siege by giant cave spiders so the caretakers put up giant cauldrons of poison to block the spiders, and hopefully kill them. It worked for a while as evidenced by some dead spiders in the cauldrons. Cemetery visitors used the jump pad to reach the walkway over the cauldrons. The spiders eventually tunneled around the cauldrons and invaded the cemetery. You can see lots of spiders surging out of the small tunnel on the cemetery side of the cauldrons. All the caretakers and visitors were killed as evidenced by piles of corpses and hanging cocooned humans, the latter especially in the elevated mausoleum.

The dead then rose from the grave, as skeletons with pumpkins heads, (the Halloween tradition for Rift) to kill the invading spiders and burn the nests. Many of the skeletons eventually tired of the hordes of spiders and trekked out of the cemetery to “Escape from Halloween” through Death’s Door.

The intent was to keep it as dark as possible for all the glowing Halloween decorations and give the atmosphere of a cave. The Pitch Black Sky Projector provided the low light and Izbithu’s Demise dimension provided the cave-like setting. In the polar climate found above ground in Izbithu’s Demise, it even makes sense to have a cave cemetery.