Kaleidoscope Dimension Challenge

Hosted by Loveyttsab, ran from September 27th to November 22nd 2020

On the 27th September 2020 Loveyttsab made a post on the forums announcing a Dimension Building Challenge.

Many artists on Instagram do the challenge: Draw this in your style. They make an artwork and ask creative people to make the same artwork but the way they think it fits their style. So I thought why not try this out in Rift.
For this challenge I made a dimension called: *Kaleidoscope*. Sometimes people say to me: “I wish I could see in your head”. So this dimension is what you can expect to see in my head, only in real it’s even more worse…
there is no item limit!

Players would have 2 months to build their Kaleidoscope themed dimension, with judging taking place from the 22nd November.
Each winner received 1 REX.

The winners were all announced on the main forum thread.

Screenshots below!

On this page you will find a list of all the winning Dimensions with a few screenshots of each one and details of where to find them in game. There are also pictures of Loveyttsabs original dimension that sets the style for the contest and the lovely comments that Loveyttsab had to say about each of the dimensions and their builders.

The very best thing about Dimensions is that they are 3D, you can walk around and through them, thus a 2D picture will never do them justice, you should always pay a visit to the Dimension yourself!


Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Anywhere
Owner: Stcler

Comments by Loveyttsab

Almost all dimensions from Stcler are nature related. She is the Queen of gardens! The combination of water, rocks and the unexpected surprise of colours are always exciting for me. She can put items together in a way I could never imagine. The dark green, blue and yellow leading to the orange flower in this kaleidoscope is a perfect reflection of Stcler’s style. Beautiful!!!

Dust to Dust

Shard: Laethys
Dimension: Anywhere
Owner: Crowgirl

Comments by Loveyttsab

Crowgirl has an amazing eye for detail. She always has logic behind her creations and there is always a good story to follow. She is not afraid to play with different patterns and put them together in a perfect way. Love that! She very carefully thought out the colours of this build. You feel love and hope when you look at the perfectly build morph of the Angel. Just breath taking!

Brighter than the Sun

Shard: Laethys
Dimension: Xarth Mire
Owner: Melaren(Veylin)

Comments by Loveyttsab

I fell in love with your dimensions long before this challenge. Your dimensions are mind blowing to me. You are a master of light effects and texture combinations in a way I’ve never seen in any dimension before. And you amazed me again with the *In memory of Stephen Hawking* kaleidoscope… how did you come up with that idea? Brilliant! I can’t describe the feeling of staring inside and outside of the kaleidoscope… and thinking: what is this for item?… where is the light coming from? I don’t have words for how much I love this dimension! P.s. I am a big admirer of S. Hawking myself.

Lovey’s Challenge

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Tulan
Owner: Phynae(Nae)

Comments by Loveyttsab

Most of the dimensions I know from Rhynae (Naerhya) are built with bright, strong, contrast colours and texture. Modern homes and furniture with clean lines. Love the way her style reflects in the kaleidoscope. Bold, daring and at the same time sweet and fun colour and item combinations. Gorgeous!!! We need more colour in this world! Nae, we have work to do

Inventor’s Conservatory

Shard: Greybriar
Dimension: Mathosian Cascades
Owner: Xaii

Comments by Loveyttsab

Xaii, I’m sorry didn’t know many of your dimensions, so I toured all of them, I think, to know your style better. You have undeniable talent for architecture, is it Castle or is it a little cottage or collaboration of premade buildings… everything you do in that style is the best I‘ve seen! The proportions and materials you use are just perfect in every dimension! And you make it more strong with good landscaping. So now I understand your brilliant building in this challenge. And all the little morphs you made… wow! Love them all! Clever, inventive and beautiful!


Shard: Typhiria
Dimension: Anywhere
Owner: Divastation (Loveyttsab)

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